Zim: dang, we have to go back to school

Skittles: yeah, summer went by fast. But, this is our last year of school that is mandatory of course, we could go to college

Zim: but, I thought you were only thirteen

Skittles: Irken years

Zim: uhh, but, wouldn't that still make you an ninth grader

Skittles: skipped some grades

Zim: then why would you want to go college

Skittles: to make me look smart

Zim: you would finish it in a minute. Now, hurry, we're going to be late

  • ring*

Teacher: it seems two students seem to be tar-

  • crash through window*

Skittles and zim: are we late?!

Teacher: *sweat drop* no. hello my name is Mr. Doe

Pd: that's a very generic name

Mr. Doe: well my first name is john-

Pd: john Doe? Doesn’t that apply to men that don't have an identity; the female name is Jane Doe. Is that your wife's name

Mr. Doe: *embarrassed* actually, yes

Pd: I knew it! You’ve been brain washed

Skittles: very deceptive

Mr. Doe: * eyes open* my memories, they're coming back to me. My real name is-

  • alarm*

Voice: it is a code red, a code red!

Dib: what does a code red stand for?

Pd: the regaining of memory

Skittles: remember, it was during the school election in sixth grade

Dib: oh yeah, but a least it made Willy smarter

Zim: I remember, oh, *sarcastically* and I still give you my thanks for that

Dib: I hate you

Voice: brain washes the students, too

  • powder*

Zieta: what, what happened?

Old kid: I don't remember where I live

Skittles: that didn't affect me

Zim: or me

Pd: how idiotic

Thorn: tell me about it

Dib: what, what happened?

Skittles, zim, Pd, thorn: *roll their eyes* humans

Mr. Doe: hello my name is mister doe

Pd: here we go again

Thorn: don't say anything or I will shove my hand down your throat and rip out your vocal chords

Pd: we don't have any, Irken only have one organ

Dib: really? Isn’t it a seedy smooch?

Zim, thorn, Pd: squeedly spooch

GIR: i'mma sammach

Zim: go home GIR

Mr. Doe: you know the rules zim, no pets

Zim: go home GIR

GIR: okkkkkaty

Thorn: oh-kat-ay?

Pd: can I just go home so that I can go back to killing zim

Skittles: trying to kill zim

Pd: shut up

Thorn: if you want to go home, come outside at recess

  • At recess*

Thorn: light this match

  • Pd throws it into the skool*

Thorn: *shocked* I wasn't going to do that at all!

Pd: what were you going to do then?

Thorn: smoke a cigarette to get suspended

Pd: oh well, now there won't be skool for a couple months

Dib: knowing how cheap this school is, more like a couple weeks

Zim: let’s go home

  • walk away, skool on fire, people screaming*

Thorn: that was fun

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