W1. Buttah(Eaten alive by yours truly)

2. Near future Menami(Transformed into a ZOMBIE MENAMI zombie )

3.  Near future Invader Jib ( Brainwashed and given a lobotomy ,later boiled alive and turned into DELICIOUS soup)

4. Future Lurk (Suffering severe dementia and memory loss,along with brain damage,not a threat)

5. Optimus Prime (Killed)

6. Isosceles (Wanted)

7. Far Future Jib (Killed by isosceles)

8. Near Future Mario (Currently being brainwashed)

9. Near future LIR (Unknown,wanted)

10. Averii (Being brainwashed)

11. Hatbot (Wanted)

12. Moorio (Murdered by his brother Looweegee)

13. Papcorn (Burned alive)

14. Fionna (Dead,due to unspeakable horrible things done by past lurk)

15. Dusq (Unknown,huge threat level,wanted)

16. Bill Cipher (Gone rouge,wanted)

17. Nearly 300 people turned into brainwashed slaves,1000 killed while trying to stop the Dank army. Glory to Dankia

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