Basically I'll be sticking links to work-in-progress pictures so that people can give me their opinions on them, hopefully.

Comments/feedback are appreciated/are vital to me actually finishing things! Also, please provide honest feedback.

Primary Characters

The characters that will mostly appear in the pictures I make.

  • Averii - My main character, a somewhat failed Invader and successful Elite, Ave will likely be in most of these. Blue eyed Male. Decent height.
  • Entra - A Combat Technician and Ave's best friend/girlfriend, they were unable to really go anywhere with their relationship after she went missing some time ago. Will likely appear occasionally. Character design still in flux. Blue eyed Female, triangular antennae curls, taller than Ave.
  • BLU - Battlefield Longevity Underminer, currently appearing very rarely outside of basic reference images and his roblox concept model.
  • Lurch - Green Eyed, Square-headed/jawed male. Overconfident, shortish. I recommend giving him an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. Appears more rarely; he died a while back by Ave's hand.

Works in Progress

  • 'Tensions and Taunting' - Averii and Lurch in a training simulation, prelude to the 'Grudge Match' image I made (Posted on dA, and somewhere in Averii's article). Concept drawn, digital lineart incomplete. Two characters. No link available.
  • BLU MK2 - Reference image for BLU MK2. Roblox Concept created, drawn version unavailable. Link unavailable.
  • Entra MK4 - Latest design for Entra. Still being concepted on paper. Link unavailable.

Completed Works

Most of my completed works will appear in my DeviantART gallery. However, there'll be a gallery window here for the ones I've got up.

Personal Favorites

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