Maz the Camhog

basically maz 2

Basically maz

basically maz


kreb as well requests weird things

Vok the sock


Sevn Nye the Science Gui

lurk is weird

Sevn the Science Kid

i dont understand but ok

Corgi Sloth

i just love the face

Squirrel Bird

its a chimera

Ordinary witch of love

marisa died and came back to life as a child


rayMOO hakooRAYYY


the wild hippo-lizard in it's natural habitat

Lurk Makanshoku

"i've killed more people than i've saved" "atleast the dead people can't sue the crap out of ya-"

Mario Kinagase

"let me tell you two important things" "one: ifeelnoregretsaboutlosinghatbotnotatall"

Sevn Inumuta

gay electronic child

Chris Brown Crisis

lurk tablet typos™

Zik Mikisugi

im done i need sleep i glowing nipple zik yes thanks mario going to go sleep now hh

Jib Makanshoku and Menami Matoi

disclaimer: i blame mario for this entirely

Vok Kiryuin

so mario wanted a kill la kill parody rp and then he said vok should be rainbow milf

Entra Kiryuin

the series continues, this time with entra the eyebrows

Hatbot Harime

"there is nani to be sore"

Just a page to show off random things I've created on
Bill Cipher Eye 2

The first version of another Bill Cipher eye I made for Lurk. It's interesting I suppose

Bill Cipher Eye 3

Made a brighter edit to the Bill Cipher Eye from before. Spoopy-

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, among other things.

Bill Cipher Eye

i got bored on photoshop one day and did this it appeases lurk so

Captain America Shield

it's kind of messed up, but it was the first project i made on illustrator. i like it tho uwu

Vector Lightsaber

This was my second project. It took me a couple days to. My teacher is such a nerd, he has DC/Marvel posters in his room lol

Mini Hakkero

This is the Mini-Hakkero from Touhou. I made it for fun over the weekend because I really like messing around on Illustrator-

Polygonal Superman Poster

It's supposed to be a 3D-polygonish Superman looking poster. I think it turned out alright

Space Scene

A space scene that took me 2 days on Photoshop. Real proud of it :3

I've made a new tumblr blog to follow a Touhou sprite-holding character trend. It'll be a bunch of photoshops mostly, so why not put it here?

Feel free to send in asks/requests for Reimu to hold or "exterminate" something, just nothing NSFW (lookin at u lork). Similar to the Doremy Sweet Holding Things one and other accounts.

This is Misty's by the way, too. Yay for duo characters :D

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