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  • ButterflyMask

    this just in

    July 9, 2016 by ButterflyMask

    old articles embarass me and i have lots of things to clean character wise

    and re-establish

    ill try and fix some stuff and move it to ic wiki soon 

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  • ButterflyMask


    April 9, 2016 by ButterflyMask

    does anyone know the solution to being super upset

    it would really help if


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  • ButterflyMask

    Miz's Art Blog

    October 3, 2015 by ButterflyMask

    Just a page to show off random things I've created on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, among other things.

    I've made a new tumblr blog to follow a Touhou sprite-holding character trend. It'll be a bunch of photoshops mostly, so why not put it here?

    Feel free to send in asks/requests for Reimu to hold or "exterminate" something, just nothing NSFW (lookin at u lork). Similar to the Doremy Sweet Holding Things one and other accounts.

    This is Misty's by the way, too. Yay for duo characters :D

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  • ButterflyMask

    i got bored so

    September 15, 2015 by ButterflyMask

    i decided to put picture proof of men in touhou

    im looking at you kreb pretty much this whole page

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  • ButterflyMask 

    As of 12:56 this afternoon and earlier in the morning, there have been cars backed outside my house for miles on end, something that hasn't happened in 40 years. ._. 

    This includes the bridge by our house, and that's kind of scary.. I could virtually bike down the road if I wanted to, and that would be faster. They're moving at a pace of like a little bit per minute.  And they're all tourists heading to the beach.. I could make a lemonade stand profit off of this, lol. 

    I guess I won't be leaving my house today. 

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