aka Xen

  • I live in CA
  • I was born on October 22
  • My occupation is Trainee
  • I am Female

full body pic of me

Dual blade

Ma babies

6820244 std


Irken rebellion emblem by irken trad-d338t19

rebellion symbol

hi im Xenathu (zE-nA-thu) or Xen (zen) for short...that is all

homeworld: Irk

rank: trainee

gender: female

eyes: amber

height: 5"5


clothes: usually wears dark blue jeans with a black or purple t-shirt and a necklace with a sky blue gem on the end.

personality: I enjoy speaking my mind even if what i have to say isn't all that nice. I'll be honest, i'm not sure if i'm a loyalist or a resisty 

weapons: duel blades

equipment: standard PAK

SIR unit: Yuen (made him myself, so he's probably defective lol)

number of planets conquered: 0

affiliation: Irkens

notable: I like chocolate and if you see anything on my profile thats spelled incorrectly, feel free to corect it...if you want :)

Favorite snack: chocolate candy bars (take 5, kit kat, twix, ect.)

Relationships: Yuen: freinds and (hopefully) future work partners Nex: freinds(?) in a way. Conversations we've had: Nex: thats irelevant me: your face is irelevant! Nex: what? -_- me: lol I don't know Wepa: BFFs

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