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  • I live in all seasons (the midwest)
  • I was born on June 24
  • My occupation is feeling well
  • I am nostalgic

can you believe its been since 2015?

(april 22, 2018)

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i think there's beauty and purpose in many things; by that, things happen for a reason, and i believe that we all came here many years ago by huge interconnecting strands of fate, and everything that happened, and came of it, was as intended. those that came together either stayed together or split apart. the ones that stayed are truly the most wonderful people, and i'm glad to be with you.

i believe, if we meet again, it's for a good reason. it means that we've healed, become anew, and we can improve and integrate self care coming out of what used to be a wasteland.

don't punch yourself in the gut for what we've done here, we were all very angry, upset ~15 y/os, and that's okay. because we're different now. feeling guilt upon any past transgression in of itself is progress, so let's build upon it together.

reading this means that, in a way, we're still looking back on the past. reflecting. it's okay if you've stumbled upon this -- and even if there's no meaning to it for you in the context it was originally written in, this is a sign that perhaps you've healed, too.

just start recovering your own way from now on.

(june 22, 2019)

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