aka the baddest meme queen all around

  • I live in america
  • I was born on January 28
  • My occupation is social justice and theater and shipping and writing and reviewers and bullshit
  • I am a conversation

Me, on my first INVASION!!!

Disregard my general name. MightyMewtron is how I disguise myself on this foreign site.

In reality!!!

Currently invading the planet Serpentia, with the help SIR, of course! hehe...who else would be helping?!?!


I would never have anyone non Irken on my team, my Tallest...

I will report my adventures on the Planet of Snake Dragons every other da-BUNS! Stop playing that game and help me plan! Don't make that face at me, young lady!

Anyway, I'll be blogging the Adventures of Invader Myu when I can, as soon as I have provided information to you about my travels. You know, the annoying Serpentians, including the vile Nio. Which reminds me: I must go trap Nio before he discovers my base!

Now I finished Serpentia, so I plan to invade a NEW planet! I hear there's a planet full of redundancy and battle that is so distasteful, Invaders can't handle it. I AM NO NORMAL INVADER! (or normal at all...) but I still worry about Nio or Mika and everyone, plus the dreaded Irken Rockets can appear at any time!

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