Invader Tsuki

aka Tsuki

  • I live in Planet Irk i live where i was born
  • My occupation is Earth.....ugh and I'm NOT liking it
  • I am Female
Invader Tsuki

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Invader Tsuki

Invader Tsuki


She always wears a blue uniform unless she feels to wear something else, example in her human disguise she reminds of that girl called Gaz. her eyes are blue as the night or sunrise,


She is mostly to shy to speak to you but if you gains her trust she will talk to you. due to her being pretty short she knows a lot.


she is somewhat interested in what these so called humans makes by iron and such. she also likes a male think she dare to tell you? you better find out youreself!


Being forced or abused (this may result in her turning to her demon form) humans who try to experiment on her


She was born in a broken batch where she got her demon form. something was wrong with the robot arm so it accidently abused her by hitting her without meaning it. luckily an older Irken managed to get her away. now she is living in Irk traning and trying not to get into trouble.

Name meaning

When she was born she had this moon jewel on her head so she got the name Tsuki (which means moon)


She dont have one. but heres a hint who she likes. he has a scar on his left part of the head

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