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I AM VEX! I am an admin on this amazing Wiki of ours, and very dedicated to its success. If you need help with anything, please contact me!


Invader Vex, a former Engineer and top scientist back on allied Vort, is a cunning and witty invader with a customized PAK (customized by himself, of course) and a synthetic skin disguise. The defective but capable Vex is always ready for a challenge.

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I am always accepting requests for pictures of characters, spaceships, SIR Units, or anything else. Please contact me on my talk page if you would like to make a request, and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. I have drawn over 250 pictures for members of this Wiki, and would be more than happy to create one for you.

Vex with handguns!

Invader Vex performing reconstruction surgery on Zyl.

Vex working on his ship's ion converter.

Vex's fully equipped PAK