aka Krev Krevtovian, Champion of Textwalls.

  • I live in The cold, unforgiving Space.
  • I was born on February 28

Current Avatar - Solar Admiral Spire, WH40k.

Who am I? Edit

I am Cravitus, veteran of nearly two years of the series known as Irken Conquest.

A merit that, admittedly, pales next to the majority of my peers on this wikia.

I've written hundreds of thousands of words in a cycle of revision and enhancement, writing in a tone more serious, yet ironically rather adherent, to the predefined world of Invader Zim. I intend to keep writing for as long as I see fit, having been dabbling in the Invader Zim fanon since 2010 in numerous ventures.

However, it's rare that someone ever starts perfectly, with my earlier written ventures little more than garbage.

Today, my works tend to focus on characters such as Averii, a banished Invader, or Mydra, a Psionic Mercenary, aiming more to be character-driven than plot-driven. Not that it stops me from going the other route, however.

What am I like? Edit

I myself am a user bound to the currents of watersports, my duties to governing and developing for other fangroups, as well as my academic obligations. Sports, Groups, Schools; I've got a life, as do many others.

In short, I do have other priorities that can get in the way of my activity here.

I'm a bit sensitive to what I perceive as clichés, edginess, and generally poor writing, so be warned. I've been too lenient in the past towards those exhibiting these issues, letting them slip by without so much as a sound. I aim to raise my objections, now, yet I plan to do this in a way that will help fix those issues.

I do judge people. Everyone does, though, and I intend to help them with my judgements.

I'm also a bit sensitive to being flat-out ignored, and to go without feedback.

Without feedback, you have little to no grasp on your quality aside from your personal judgement, and personal judgement is too easily corrupted by personal bias, and at the same time easily made ineffective due to indecisiveness and a lack of trust in one's own abilities.

What I mean is, you can't improve if no one tells you what they think you're doing good - or doing wrong.

Notably, in terms of my social interactions, I tend to favor more casual conversation. I speak in the third person, use a diluted version of my own name, Krev, and throw almost any sense of punctuation and grammar out the window.

I'm normally pretty casual, and won't bother with grammar and all that garbage.

Be warned, if I even use a single instance of punctuation, capitalization, or any other structure-related item, I'm likely in a less than pleasant mood.

So, generally, I'm a guy with a life who can make critiques, doesn't like to be ignored, and I'm also normally casual. I've also got a decent vocabulary, and can argue for ages over something as small as feedback.

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Not a complete list.

Likes -

  • Invader Zim, Warhammer 40,000, Halo, X-COM, DOOM, Star Trek, Mass Effect, System Shock, TRON, ALIEN, Science Fiction overall
  • Unreal Tournament 1999, DOOM, Classical First Person Shooters
  • Hans Rudolph Giger, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Biomechanical and Surreal Art in general
  • Blood and Gore (When it makes sense/isn't super excessive for no reason)
  • Logic and Depth
  • Guitars, Classical Music, Synth music
  • Theater and Acting in general
  • Militaristic Themes
  • Swimming
  • Discussion and Feedback
  • Flaws
  • Females (Am Heterosexual)
  • Sarcasm

Dislikes -

  • Broad Fandoms of Undertale, My Little Pony, and Sonic the Hedgehog; Bad Fandom in general.
  • Social Justice Warriors (They make gender equality and all that look bad, ironically)
  • Plagiarism and Theft (If you're inspired by something, say so; but if you're copying something, stop there.)
  • Running (Bad ankles are a bad)
  • Dubstep, Techno, Bagpipes (Can you not)
  • Lack of Skill and Low Quality (There are standards. You should probably meet them, or get some help.)
  • Lack of Structure (Similar to before, there's a way to organize things. Disorder means you sift through a mess.)
  • Perfectionists and Condescending Asshats (Ironically I may drift into this category from time to time)
  • Pessimism (There's a point where you may cross the line and come across as negative for no reason)
  • Majority of Fetishes (Need I say more?)
  • Destiny (Game - I just don't like it, it felt overhyped.)
  • Call of Duty (Personification of oversaturated moneygrabs)
  • Excessive brutality for no reason (There's kicking ass, then there's shredding a guy out of nowhere illogically)
  • Nonsense and illogical acts (I don't like it when someone's being nonsensical for no damned reason)
  • 'Insanity' (People say this and apply it to characters and it's such a massive goddamn cliché they pull off badly)
  • Mishandling (Falls under other areas, generally the inability to do something right doesn't sit well with me)
  • Not knowing when to stop (The real issue that applies to things like violence, pessimism, perfectionists, etc.)
  • Males (Heterokrev)
  • Excessive Racism (There's a point where you're just being a bigot)
  • General corruption and idiocy

Take a look at some of the things I've done here on deviantart, if you feel you're up to a fraction of what I usually do.

Authored Pages Edit

Read: Cravitus Universe category.

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