UKI is Liz's malfuncting SIR unit. She has the personality of GIR, only girlier.

Personality Edit

UKI loves pizza, jokes, piggies, tacos, biscuits, lava lamps, hair dryers (she likes the wind), cool socks, candy, TV, bubble gum, and many other things. She often messes up Liz's plans like when she broke the wires to Liz's computer. She is best friends with GIR, like her master is best friends with Zim, though it is shown that she may have a crush on GIR.


UKI looks pretty much like GIR, except she has pink parts and a pink bow where her antennae should be. When

UKI in her normal appearance

she's in duty mode, she turns red, including her bow.
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