Aww, It's okay. She can live on in your clothes.
— Tyron, ???

Tyron is a hitman of mysterious origin who is known for having succesfully commited at least 30 murders across the Irken Empire, and other species. Very little info was gained among those who intercepted her, outside of her gender apparently being female. Regardless, most of those who do know of her regard her with fear and caution, due to her ruthless and unempathetic tendencies. 

While her actual species is unknown, she seems to resemble an Irken.

Personality Edit

Tyron is disturbingly affable when interacting with her victims, even as they are about to die. However, she is particularly stubborn when it comes to finishing off her targets, and will partially drop the act if she is absolutely obstructed from doing so.

Themes Edit

Undertale - Your Best Nightmare (Orchestra & Choir Remix Arrange)

Undertale - Your Best Nightmare (Orchestra & Choir Remix Arrange)

Final Battle Theme

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