Basic Diagram of the T381.

Reliable, powerful, and inexpensive, the Stingray as most of it's users call it is an Irken-Designed Energy Weapon. With as many variants, modifications, and upgrades available, the T381 is one of the backbones of the Irken Arsenal, and will remain so for some time to come.

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Specifications Edit

See the T451 Ventilator's page for more information on Laser Function.

The stock T381 comes with only one fire mode, and one setting; High-Power laser bolts. Powered by a standard-issue small powercell inserted above the handle, the powercell is good for thirty shots before it must be switched out.

The weapon almost never overheats, but when it does excess heat is vented through the side-ports rapidly, and can restore the weapon to safe temperatures within mere seconds.

The weapon possesses no iron sights, but a laser pointer may be activated to assist in aiming should the weapon not interface with standard Ocular Implants properly.

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In the military, the T381 is standard issue to all soldiers as a sidearm, and is versatile despite a lack of effectiveness at long range and in certain atmospheric conditions.

See the T451 Ventilator's page for more information on potential Laser Usage.

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  • Stock
  • Officer-Issue

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