Invader Twylyt (pronounced TWILIGHT) is the "abusive" owner that Nightmare DIR; RID, belonged to. It turns out Twylyt isn't abusive. RID had fallen off a building, breaking her eye off, but then Twylyt used it for a frying pan. He is actually a real Irken, who wears lead-lined clothing so that he doesn't corrupt. He is an Invader that was sent to the Nightmare Dimension. He doesn't have gray skin like normal Nightmare Irkens, but he rubs tuna (seriously, don't ask) on his face, making him look gray. He also has contact lenses to make his eyes look yellow, but since his eyes are red it makes it look orange-ish. No one knows his real Irken name.

Invader LiAnn knew him before he was assigned to the Nightmare Dimension, but since Twylyt is a master of disguise, she knew him as "That Dude".

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