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Trinthrax is an Irken with the rarest condition on Irk - he was borne with three heads.


The main head of Trinthrax is always trying to keep his cool, being nice to other people and following orders. His right head is extremely rude and makes fun of everyone he meets. His left head is comedic, arrogant, and constantly arguing with the right head. Trinthrax is often annoyed by his two extra heads, and often wishes he didn't have them.


The main head of Trinthrax has blue eyes and regular antennae. The right head of Trinthrax has red eyes and crumbly antennae. The left head of Trinthrax has green eyes and abnormally long antennae. Trinthrax wears the standard soldier uniform, and is 5'5. His abdomen is overweight, being so that it can fit all three heads on it. Thanks to this, he has three sets of organs. One for each head. He also has three PAKs, one for each head.