Trine Fenfine (also known as Invader Trine) is an Irken Invader who was assigned to the planet Earth. The Tallest assigned him to Earth
Zim's donation to Trine

Trine's Army Of Evil

because they knew Zim couldn't possibly take over Earth. Trine was not given a SIR Unit. Instead, he was given the first GINE unit (Gunfilled Irken Neutral Eater unit) and had an advanced PAK. He leads an army called Trine's Army of Evil.



Trine and Peach have only kissed two times, both being on the lips. But only one time did their lips touch as the other time Trine was wearing his disguse.


Trine thinks Gine is okay. He believes Gine makes a very good sidekick and just needs a little more training.

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