"Rrgrgh,curse my inefficient need for food"-Traxx

Traxx is one of the Irkens who was left behind during the Irk-o-pocalypse. His PAK was permanently damaged while on Planet Vertec. The damage caused his PAK to no longer generate proteins and minerals, forcing Traxx to eat and drink regularly, similar to a human.  


Traxx was an Irken Elite who participated in the Alemus war. Long after the war,Traxx was on planet Vertec. HE got there before Is99exploded,to report for another mission. When he landed in the Central city of Vertec,the Vertec Control brain exploded. The shockwave knocked Traxx and his spaceship into a nearby building,damaging his PAK and causing injuries. His PAK damage caused his PAK to cease production of food,forcing Traxx to eat and drink more often then other Irkens. Months later,Traxx eventually healed and lived on Vertec for many years. Eventually,he repaired his ship and left Vertec. He traveled across the Robloxian Universe,repairing his ship and training himself. Meanwhile,he often ran into mercenaries tasked with butchering Irkens. He is currently on planet Akitophar,living in an abandonded Irken base.


Traxx is often very resourceful and persistent,not hesitating to harm or kill the enemy.  He also will push himself to deal with threats,even if it means risking his life. Although he's very helpful to his fellow Irkens,he will abandon his companions if they get in his way.


Traxx is of average Irken height and wears a standard Irken Elite uniform. He also has purple eyes and long,thin antennae. His PAK is covered a thick metal shield for protection.


During the Irk-O-Pocalypse,Traxx upgraded his elite suit and created many technogically advanced gadgets.  Traxx has a metallic helmet he can deploy from his PAK,this helmet can give Traxx Thermo vision and night vision. 

He also has 2 deployable plasma cannons connected his PAK,2 plasma rifles,and acid grenades.


  • If Traxx does not enough food,his mind will begin to lose clairity and focus.
  • Traxx can only survive 2 days without food and water.
  • He's traveled all over the Robloxian Universe,including Robloxia .
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