This is the timeline of the Multiverse.

Other Fanon Timeline

This is the timeline for any fanon that does not have its own series. Note: This does not apply to everything non-Irken conquest related.

Timeline (Irken Conquest)

60 Centillion years Ago

Omniversal disaster,starts omniversal collaspe

56 Centillion Years Ago

Multiverse settles from disaster,but is still horribly distorted from it

20 Centillion Years Ago

Universes begins to form,Higher Dimensional energies are created. Octodecillion

26 Quindecillion Years Ago

"Gods" form,along with several magical realms and dimensions

15 Quindecillion Years Ago

Hell and that cloudy place full of good stuff forms.

10 Quindecillion Years Ago

A god like being forms and indirectly creates Z-14

10 Quindecillion Years Ago and one day later

After one day of trying to create stuff,the god like being becomes lazy and ignores it ever since.

Satan is given authority over Z-14,barely does anything.

5 Quindecillion Years Ago

Z-14 is left as primordial universe,and constantly resets for unknown reasons,along with Hell and Heaven

20 Tredecillion Years Ago

  • Several alternate universes form. 
  • Z-14 collides with another universe,chaos ensues

14 Tredecillion Years Ago

  • Z-14 settles from collision,but is heavily damaged. Mutiple universes become strangely connected to it.

8 Tredecillion Years Ago

  • Z-14 collides with another universe,but then settles again soon after. 
  • Higher Dimensions begin to leak into Z-14

65 Undecillion Years Ago

60 Undecillion Years Ago

  • Unknown disaster occurs,damages several universes,including the Vohhedrion Dimension
  • Vohhedrion Dimension caught in the blast,severely damaged

45 Octillion Years Ago

  •  "Life" forms in the Vohhedrion Dimension,along with other universes
  • First example of "magic" forms

10 Octillion Years Ago

  • Creation of Voheddrion race. 
  • First sentient life forms in a universe neighboring Z-14

5 Octillion Years Ago

  • Vohhedrions become civilized. 

85 Septillion Years Ago

  • Vohhedrions form civilization,and rapidly advances due to their study of rifts and higher dimensions.
  • Vohhedrions travel across the multiverse in advanced ships.

24 Septillion Years Ago

  • Rift activity rises 
  • Vohhedrion Dimension begins to become a hotspot for rifts.

18 Septillion Years Ago

  • Vohhedrions suffer from rift activity,and most become horribly mutated.

5 Septillion Years Ago

  • Vohhedrions split into different factions,and fight for control of their dimension.

64 Sextillion Years Ago

  • Vohhedrion's brutal war destroys a large percentage of their dimension. 
  • Factions flee to other universes.

24 Sextillion Years Ago

  • Time Dimension formed
  • First Space clown race formed in nearby universe,absolutely terrifying

700 Quintillion Years Ago

  • Time Dimension and Vohhedrions meet,both suspicious of each other
  • Life forms in Dream Dimension 

200 Quintillion Years Ago

  • Time Dimension and Vohhedrions form a weak alliance,racial prejudice and distrust sparks

17 Quintillion Years Ago

  • Vohhedrions and Time Dimension enter a short war,and then form an extremely weak alliance. 

5 Quintillion Years Ago

5 Quadrillion Years Ago

  • Birth of Isosceles
  • Vohhedrion/Time Dimension racial tensions rise,riots and terrorist attacks form on each other's side

3 Quadrillion Years Ago

  • Isosceles enters adulthood.
  • Vohhedrion-Time Dimension war forms,known as the "Time Wars".

2 Quadrillion Years Ago

  • Isosceles mysteriously dissappears
  • War ends,most of the Vohhedrions die
  • Vohhedrion Dimension is mysteriously isolated from the Multiverse

12 Trillion Years Ago

  • Isosceles returns,and goes insane.
  • Vohhedrion civil war started with remaining population,ends in half of the population destroyed. 

1 Trillion Years Ago

  • Pinkie the Hat,Devourer of Souls created,spreads it's terror across several universes
  • Hell gets a huge increase of damned souls. Satan rejoices with a party.
  • Z-14 collides with another universe. 

700 Billion Years Ago

  • Planet Mechanis forms,and life appears on it
  • Z-14 settles,but resets a bit for unknown reasons

13.8 billion years ago

  • Z-14 resets for the last time
  • Big Bang forms,present Z-14 forms

20 Billion Years Ago

  • Mechanian Race forms
  • Rift activity increases,several universes decay into nothing

12 Billion Years Ago

  • Rift Activity relaxes for a short peroid. 
  • Vok's dimension forms

4.56 billion Years Ago

  • Coron race forms,gains sentience
  • Earth forms

??? Million Years Ago

26 Million Years Ago

5 Million Years Ago

  • Dimension full of horrible talking wigs forms.

Modern Timeline (Irken Conquest )

1336 A.D.

  • Vax is born on Irk.

1337 A.D.

  • Isosceles escapes the Vohhedrion Dimension,Vax is sent after him.

(Insert Timeline Stuff Here)

1728 A.D.

1998 A.D.

2016-2018 A.D.

  •  Date of a legendary propechy that foretells the end of the universe. (Summer 17th,2017-2018?)
  • (2018) Foreshadowed great event happens that changes Z-14 forever. 
  • 2017-Death of Zeerk(However,predicted by Isosceles)


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