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This is the timeline of the Multiverse.

Other Fanon Timeline[]

This is the timeline for any fanon that does not have its own series. Note: This does not apply to everything non-Irken conquest related.

4.56 billion Years Ago[]

  • Coron race forms,gains sentience
  • Earth forms

??? Million Years Ago[]

26 Million Years Ago[]

5 Million Years Ago[]

  • Dimension full of horrible talking wigs forms.

Modern Timeline (Irken Conquest )[]

1336 A.D.

  • Vax is born on Irk.

1337 A.D.[]

  • (Insert Timeline Stuff Here)

1728 A.D.[]

1998 A.D.[]

2016-2018 A.D.[]

  •  Date of a legendary propechy that foretells the end of the universe. (Summer 17th,2017-2018?)
  • (2018) Foreshadowed great event happens that changes Z-14 forever.