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The time lords are the rulers of the Gallifreyan civilization. The Time Lords are the inventors of the Time And Relative Dimension In Space (TARDIS time machine). They aparently are destroyed in The Last Time War, but really they were transported at one bubble universe. The Time Lords managed to return at this universe thanks at the effort of The Doctor.

The irkens send an invader named Ganx, but Ganx were disapeared. The Irkens then send more invaders, but all of they are disappeared. Then half of the Irken fleet goes to investigate. The planet named Gallifrey are sieged by 10 millions of UFO's. The UFO's are the ships of the Daleks. The Daleks restart the Time War, but, this time Gallifrey had alieds: Sontaran, The silence church, Bad Wolf, the humankind, Protoss...

The Battle Edit

The Dalek fleet orbite Gallifrey with millions of ships, but, the protoss came to fight them, and the sontaran fight at the surface. The Silence Church try to start negotiations, but nobody wants stop the war. Then the Irkens atack to the daleks and the protoss. The protoss strikes back at the Irkens, the daleks too. Some daleks get into the irken ships, in few minutes millions of irken spaceships were doomed. Only 1 ship escaped. The ship goes to the last position of the main irken fleet, then the irkens don't goes to this sector in some time.

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Some time later the time lords and his allies won the battle. The daleks were forced to flee, and the Time lords allies return to their homes. Some months later the irken main fleet goes to the planet Gallifrey, but the Time Lords defeat they and the Irken Tallest's were forced to sign an non fire pact.

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