Invader Tilex was a normal Invader until what happned to him on Planet Fuse. He is now thought to be dead, and has built a base on Planet Dot Dot Dot.                                                           



Tilex has a blue uniform and blue eyes. After he was almost killed by Reant, his legs were cut off and were replaced with a wheeled object, has a wooden arm, and has a large scar on his face.

As an Invader

Invader Tilex has conqured Ten planets.  He was one of the Invaders fighting in the Fusion War on Planet Fuse, and he even sacrificed his own life to help the other Invaders escape. Strangely, he did not die when the ship exploded, but he was mutated, and can now predict everything that is going to happen, though he is often wrong. This new abillity caused him to go insane and turn on the Irken Empire. During the Fusion War, he hijacked an Irken ship and flew to Planet Dot Dot Dot where he built an underground base, which appears to be just a hole from the surface. He built ships for the Dotians just for fun.

Tilex often disguises himself as a different Irkens, in order to acomplish his twisted goals. For example, he was the one who spilled red bull on Reant's robot chip.

Later on, Tilex was captured by Reant. He was brutally injured and almost killed by Reant, but managed to escape by climbing through a tube that led to the surface of Irk. He was found by a wondering Irken, and sent to an Irken Hospital. Afterwards he was sent to the Loony Bin.


Invader Tilex is completley insane. He talks very calmy even to his enemies, which makes people think he is a weirdo.  He constantly gives non-sensical replies to questions.

After he was almost killed by Reant, his personality changed drastically. He has supposedly  given up on his insane goals,(not really) and is much calmer.



"Everl" is the disguised  he used to destroy Reant. He wore a red, stripless uniform, with an eyepiece similar to Meen's. He pretended to be extreamly clumsy while wearing this disguise.


"Your very existance must end."

"You dont apreciate what i've done for you, Jib? You don't apreciate all..all of those times I saved you from being stranded on some weird planet? The least you can do is die...If I have to destroy you myself...So be it.

"I don't believe we've met, Zyl. How about...I take that PAK? Does that sound FUN?"

"You should be afraid, FLIR. You should be very afraid.."

"...Why do you run? Aren't you having fun?"

"I help you now....but that's just part of the fun. Eventaully you'll have to be destroyed, that's just the way it is"

"Hello....Let's play a game....*Takes out a sword*"

"Your death is inevitable."

"......Isn't this...Fun?"

"Yes that is true!"

"Yep. Uh-huh." *loop*


Jib-Invader Jib first suspected something other than the Dotians might be on Planet Dot Dot Dot when his ship was mysterioussly repaired. Jib had investigated this for about an Earth month. Jib discovered he was real when he recieved a message from Tilex on his comunacaitor saying that Tilex has FLIR kidnapped in his base. Jib teamed up with Zyl who was also on the planet, and saved FLIR.

Zyl-Tilex hates Zyl more than anyone, as Zyl was a member of the Fusion Army at the time Tilex survived a ship crash and went insane. Tilex threatened to rip Zyl's PAK off and hide it in has base, which made Zyl decide to team up with Jib to stop him.

Jantron-Him and Jantron are both insane (though to a lesser extent with Jantron). They have a strange relationship that could be described as friendship. They first met in the Fusion War.

Reant-Since Tilex caused his insanity, they are mortal enemies, although Tilex doesn't really care.

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