The nightmare is a fan made episode that would be Nightmare Tak's debut.


The plot is for Tak to come to Earth to find Zim, but this time, she needs help from him. Tak tells Zim that there's a Nightmare Irken after her. Zim vows to protect Tak. (Even to know he at first thought this was a trap) Zim takes Tak into his base. They keep seeing a a black thing runing around really fast. Evantually, the lights go out. They hear a laugh. Zim pulls a light out of his PAK. They find a red eyed gray Irken that looks like Tak, only creepier. The Irken says that she is "Nightmare Tak", and that she's here to destroy Tak.

After a little while of fighting her, and hiding from her, Nightmare Tak absorbs a huge amount of energy, wich she uses to try and destroy Tak. Luckily, Zim manages to block the lightning and backfire it at Nightmare Tak, knocking her to the ground. They search for a way out. A man cloaked in a hood helps them escape. After reaching a point where they have lost Nightmare Tak, the man takes off his cloak revealing him to look like a classic green alien. He tells them that they have a difficult task ahead of them, and that they should head to Irk and find Lurk.

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