The Yoozians Edit

The Yoozians are a peaceful race that inhabit planet Timeoutis.


The Yoozians resemble the "Cyborg Zombie Soldiers" from "Zim eats waffles!",except they have a light blue color scheme,three small tentacles on their chests for grabbing things and two robotic tentacles on their backs. Their eyes also come in different colors.

The enslaved Yoozians have brain probes screwed into their heads and have their back tentacles removed.

The Yoozians are mostly cyborg. They do have brains and souls, however.

The Yoozian mechanical body is so advanced that it "grows".

The Yoozians have excellant hearing and sight.


The Yoozians lived on Planet timeoutis in peace,they were lead by the tallest of their people,similar to the Irken race,although,unlike the irkens they had a less stricter government.

They had colonized their entire solar system. Irken Invader Lardnarconquered this planet in exactly 4 months.

The irken armarda quickly wiped out their planet. The Yoozians were then forced to serve as guards or have humiliating jobs. All life on the planet except for creatures that could be used to guard the prison were terminated. Some Yoozians escaped during the "Organic Sweep" of the planet. Their current whereabouts are unknown, but they could possibly be in league with the Resisty or the Meekrob.


The Yoozian language consits of clicks and high pitched hums.

They are also capable of speaking English.

Intelligence and technologyEdit

The Yoozian race was very advanced and intelligent,the invader who conquered this planet had to use a high tech disguise in order to remain hidden.

They had colonies on every planet/moon(Except gas giants) of their solar system,these colonies were quickly wiped out by the irken armada.

Facts of Star StuffEdit

  • The Yoozians may have evolved from Mollusks
  • The Yoozian homeworld was conquered during Impending Doom 2.
  • The Yoozians have a weakness,any loud music damages their hearing and hurts their ears,due to their excellent hearing.
  • Yoozians thrive on sea food and junk food.
  • All the land on the Yoozian homeworld was destroyed by the irken empire,it is now covered in layers of prison cells and metal,all that remains of the planet are it's oceans.
  • The entire planet is anchored to the metal part of the planet by giant metal cylinders implanted in the crust of the planet.
  • The original planet on the inside is used as an execution by drowning,due to it being covered in water.
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