The X-5 Quadrant is a collection of universes in the Z-Multiverse. It is at least 126,000,000,000,000,000 years old. It is where Z-14 and several other familiar universes exist. It has over 9,000,000 dimensions. There are three "regions", "The Collection", "The Lost", and "The End". 

Unfortunately this "infected" region is beginning to spread, and Z-14 is starting to become infected. 

Dimensions in "The Collective".Edit

The Collective is a region of universes not affected by rifts yet.

Dimensions in "The Lost"Edit

The Lost is a collection of Universes becoming soon "lost" to the plauge that is rifts.

  • Z-14
  • Z-?!? (Nearing Full Infection)
  • A universe where two horrible Earth info sites called "Encyclopedia Dramatica" and "Uncyclopedia" is completely correct.
  • Veyu dimension(Marios homeworld, damaged)
  • The Timeosphere(Unknown,rumored)
  • Minecraft Dimension(Rumored,not much known)
  • Mechanis(Not much known)
  • Fast Food Realms
  • Hell
  • The Marshmallow Dimension
  • Fury Dimension
  • Furry Dimension (Off-limits)
  • A universe where Earth has entered an apocalypse from the entire human population watching aSimpsons Marathon,containing every episode ever made,for days.
  • Z-3020,a universe where Elite Sniper Delta shouts "MLG No scope!" and "FaZe IRKEN ARMY" every single time he gets a headshot. 
  • Death Dimension
  • Heaven(Pocket Dimension)

Dimensions in the EndEdit

The End is a region filled with fully infected universes that are all beginning to break down. 

Places outside of the Quadrant Edit

Any universes beyond the Quadrant are unknown. However it is said they most likely lead to extremely damaged, warped dimensions. That and possibly gigantic rifts large enough to consume universes. It is said in legends that the outside also leads to the farther regions of the Area Of Doom.

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