The War Of 15 Hours is a war that happened between the Irkens and the Zendrians .

The War Of 15 Hours
General Information
Time it happened

2010(Irken Time)

Characters Invovled

Commander Ritt

Where It Took Place

Planet Zendra 4



It started when the Irken Amarda recieved a distress signal from Commander Ritt,and sent a small fleet to take care of it themselves. The Zendrians declared war,and fought in ships for exactly 15 hours. The ships then exploded after hours of heavy fighting,and the Irken fleet bombarded the planet. 


In the end,the Irkens obviously won,and Zendra 4 was made into a vacation planet. The Zendrians are now extinct due to Irken hunting. 


  • It's name is a parody of the War of 100 Years.
  • It is known as one of the shortest wars in galactic history,third to the War of 30 minutes and the War of 12 seconds. These events will most likely never be explained fully due to how insignificant they are. 
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