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The Unknown is a mysterious entity that is known to attack with little to know indication of its appearence. Its means of peforming these actions are entirely unknown, as well as its motives, but it has been known to take useful objects over valuable ones.

Appearence []

The Unknown wears a sort of cloak that covers its entire body, hiding its physical appearence entirely. It wears a blank, square, flat mask that covers its face. It consists of no physical features or even eyeholes.


The Unknown never talks. When it is doing something it wants to, it never wastes any time and does everything ASAP. This makes it extremely hard to capture. His true personality is not known, however, it has been said to be very malicious-likely due to it's sometimes violent behavior in carrying out it's plans.

Facts of Doom[]

  • It's motives confuse even the most intelligent-It's actions are entirely unpredictable, and it works alone always-rarely with affilation.