The Ultimate Annihilator was an Irken
The Ultimate Annihilator

The Ultimate Annihilator

superweapon invented by former Emperor Xeno. It was a massive weapon capable of erasing things from existence and wiping out entire galaxies.


No one knows how Xeno created the U.A., but it is assumed that he used dark magic of sorts or simply studied the matter in the universe and how to destroy it.


The Ultimate Annihilator was destroyed when it self-destructed. This resulted in Emperor Xeno being erased from existence except for his soul which was contained in a jar.
Robotropolis explosion

The Explosion of the U.A., which nearly wiped out Irk

The Ultimate Annihilator
General Information
Previous Event

The era of fear

Next Event

The release of Dusq

Time it happened

The death of Xeno

Characters Invovled

Emperor Xeno, Emperor Kodos, Krenzo.

Where It Took Place


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