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The Spooky Realm is a realm of fear, horror, movie references, and spooky stuff. It is older and more dangerous than the Nightmare Dimension, and is rumored on some planets to have opera singing coming from the center. The Spooky Realm also happens to be connected to the Pig Realm, as well as the Realm of Eternal Screaming (and restlessness and...stuff).


The landscape of the Spooky Realm is full of dead trees, skeletons (which often come to life and start referencing random skits from the 1920s) litter the ground, and there are holes in the ground. If someone falls through one of these holes, he or she ends up in the void of nothingness. It is very rocky in the Spooky Realm, and there is a rumor that there are spooky green ghosts (possibly the ghosts of the people who fall through the holes) flying around in the Spooky Realm.


The Spooky Realm is inhabited by all sorts of demons (including pig demons). There have been many stories about demons on many different planets, but the demons of the Spooky Realm are a bit more spooky than most demons (they also happen to be really cocky).