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A lone Shadow Person.

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The Brink.

"WE are the rightful owners of the shadows.." - A Renderer to The Entity

"A shadow does not cause fear. It hides what causes it. We.. are... HOSTS..." A Renderer.

The Shadow People are a mysterious race of beings.


The Shadow People, also known as the Brink and the Renderers, are bipedal and similar in overall shape to humans, but they are entirely black with just white pupils.  Sometimes their pupils are black,too. They vary in height and have strange abilities that are not given to all of them, but are very diverse. Some examples are telecommunication, and telekinesis, or just visual effects such as a whispy outline or a crystal clear outline. Every Shadow Person can teleport at will and speak. Nothing is known about their origin, but they are often seen protecting certain people or just watching them.


The Shadow People's apparent homeworld, or at least meeting place, is the planet Hidentia, a strange, entirely black planet shrouded in dark fog. It's capable of teleporting instantly. However, other sources claim Planet Unnu is their homeworld.


The spoken language of the Renderers is not entirely known, but it's sounds are explained plainly in their written language. It seems the symbols are based off of 'first impression', or the feeling given when it is first seen.

A translator is found here:

Renderers can also speak other languages as well.

Known EncountersEdit

-Xisenin was taught (or given) the secret of the shadows by The Renderers, which allowed him to escape.


The Entity- The Renderers despise the Entity and will stop at nothing to impede in it's plans.

Nightmare Irkens- The Renderers also hate Nightmare Irkens, and will not hesitate to help fight them. 

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