The SCP Foundation is an Earth foundation that is run and founded by open-minded humans. It is dedicated to containing anomalous things. They once tried to contain Zim, GIR, and Minimoose.


The SCP Foundation stands for "Secure, Contain, Protect", and contains foreign, anomalous, and even horribly deadly artifacts and lifeforms, which are called "SCPs". They contain many supernatural things such as a filthy giant lizard, some sort of hideously ugly killer statue, and at least 1,998 other things--even a giant blob of orange jelly. The foundation has facilities in every province and country on Earth. They even have one on the moon. Each anomalous thing contained will be known by a combination of number such as "SCP-173" for example, and will test them with lowlife human prisoners known as class-D's. They once tried to contain Zim and his two cohorts.

The hideous statue thing (SCP-173)

Invader Vax has done some recent studies on this place. He has discovered that some of the SCPs here may be either of alien species from unknown planets, mutants, creatures from other dimensions, or even demons.

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