Irken Empire Wiki

The Rift Vortex is a planet infested  with anomalies. This planet is missing it's other half and is badly damaged. The anomolies on this planet are most likely keeping it together. 

It is the source of Anomaly 856-1CB. The event currently lies dormant within the planets core. 


It's surface is made up of mountains, deserts, and caves. It's nights last longer than it's days, bringing darkness across it's surface. Most of its surface is hot and lacking in vegetation, but there are some rocky cooler regions.

The main inhabitants of this planet seem to be strange etheral energy beings, known as "Shriekers". They emit howling crys that seem to cause anyone near it to suddenly feel incredibly disturbed. They seem to live in the caves and moutains of the planet. It is unknown were they originate from, but they most likely originate from another dimension. Legends and Myths say that they are the haunting spirits of creatures that used to live there. Another theory is that they are the creation of the creature Abathur. It is also said that if a person hears mutiple shrieker calls, they can be driven insane just from hearing them.  

Most of its surface seems to be mountainous and barren, however there are a few deserts on this planet. 


The planets atmosphere strangely has a sweet smell to it, similar to vanillia. There is also extremely strange weather here, such as:

  • Green hurricanes that emit energies presumably of extrauniversal origin, lasting from several hours to days. Its effects are unpredictable.
  • Short pink storm clouds that rain giant rolly polly esque beasts, along with chunks of what seems to be blue ice that taste like copper. 
  • Tremors 
  • Sandstorms 
  • Storm clouds that rain sharp crystal shards(Rarely)
  • Geysers that produce giant multicolored bubbles that produce extreme pain when touched. Sometimes painful enough to be fatal. (Only in the rocky regions)

The source of this strange weather is unknown. 


  • It is unknown how the planet was formed.
  • This planet has many moons,all of them are asteroids that orbit the planet.
  • There are often mutated abominations in the cooler regions of the planet, created by the hurricanes.