Plot SummaryEdit

This is an episode of Irken Conquest: Season One

When King Nark, an inter-dimensional villain bent on conquest, opens a portal to Foodcourtia, Vex, Vax, Jib, LIR, and Lurk must close the portal and defeat Nark's armies. When VIR and LIR enter the Nark dimension to save Vax and Lurk, some rebels help them, and their own universe, become free of Nark once and for all.


King Nark:Is it ready? 

Irken Guards:Yes,it's just behind the palace,in your "everything-snack bar-backyard" 


  • two big blue robots walk through the warpgate. The portal ripples like water as they go through*
  • the portal flashes as they leave* 

King Nark sits in his throne wondering* 

King Nark: =_0 0_= >_0 0 >=  

  • the two robots come out of a portal in Foodcourtia's orbit,they start to enter Foodcourtia's atmosphere*
  • meanwhile* 

Vax: *Is in tea shop having a cup of Irken tea*

Vex: *walks in and plops down in a chair* 

Vex: *orders a cup of super caffeinated tea* 

Zanite: Nobody's ordered that in years. Are you sure you want it? 

Vex: Ugh, yeah. I have a lot of work to do... 

Amborox: Okay, coming right up. 

  • the ground starts to shake* 

Amborox: *Walks into kitchen, a lot of racket is heard* 

Vex: *pulls out a prototype handgun* 

  • vax's tea ripples,giant footsteps are heard*

Vex: What was that? 

Vax: Earthquake? Or Foodcourtiaquake? 

  • an explosion is heard outside* 

Vex: That's no Earthquake... 

  • metal clanking noises are heard*
  • the building shakes* 

Vex: *pulls out another handgun* 

  • the roof flies off,and a giant robot head is seen above the building* 

Vax: What the-? 

  • a crowd of aliens in the shop look at each other for a moment* 

Crowd: AHHH! 

Vex: Agh! *runs behind the counter*

  • the crowd scatters*
  • the robot pushes it's hand into the shop* 


  • it hits tables and crushes people*
  • the robot's eyes flashes* 

Zanite: That's an Earth thing. 

  • it scans Vex and Vax* 

Amborox: Oh, yeah. 

Vex: *shoots a robot and it explodes with a ray of Blue electricity* 

Vex: It... WORKED! *a bunch of smoke comes up* 

Vax: Hmmm...? *the smoke clears,the robot's damaged "fingers" grab Vex by his head*

  • the robot bursts it's 2nd arm into the side of the building and grabs vax* 

Vex: Agh! *shoots it again* *the gun makes dents and holes in the robot's arm* 

Vax: *Gets angry* RRRRRGH! *It keeps moving* 


  • a voice comes out it's mouth* Voice:WHAT?!! VAX AND VEX?! I thought I got rid of you during the invasion! 

Vax: ...? 

Vax: You? Got rid of us? 

Voice: Ahaha,don't you remember me,ol Vexy? 

Vex: Is that...? 

Vex: Lurk? 

Voice:"The four sages will forgive us" Ahaha! 

Voice:Correct,but actually,no one calls me that anymore. I am King Nark! 

  • the two robots stomp through the city* 

Vex: Why have you attacked this planet?

  • they hit tons of vehicles during their rampage* 

Vax: What? Wrong Vax, you little idiot! 

  • the 2nd robot fires missles at a giftshop* *it implodes,destroyong tons of cheap useless expensive stuff* 

Vex: *pushes a button on his implant, and teleports off of the planet*


  • the robot uses it's now empty "hand" and moves it towards vax* one of it's fingers split in two* 

Vex: *aboard the plague runner* Computer, find those robots and analyze them. I want to know where these things came from... 

Computer: Yes sir.  

  • a drill comes out of the split finger,it drills into Vax's head* 

Vax: AAAARRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • the robot's "drill" converts into a lazer pointer and heals the drilled spot* 

Vax: What do you want from me? 

  • the nark bot thrashes through the city* 


King nark voice:Oh nothing...really. 

Vax: What have you put into my head? 

King Nark voice:Just a little something to stop you from escaping. 

  • the nark bot's back opens up,a giant rocket comes out*

Vax: Hmmm... *the other does the same 

Vax: Impressive... *the rockets blast off and the robots fly into the air*

Xav: *Runs towards Vex*

Vex: Xav? How did you get aboard my ship?

  • slowly they reach space* 
  • the robot turns it's head to a swirling vortex over Foodcourtia*

Xav: That's not important right now.

  • it's rockets blast blue fire and blast towards the portal*
  • the robots fly through*

Vex: Well, I'm busy trying to figure out how to stop this attack, so whatever it is, it had better be pretty important.

  • the robots fly out of a vortex* 

Xav: Vax's fate, my fate, and the fate of the Time Dimension lies in our hands.

Vex: Ok... 

  • the Plague Runner starts to come into Foodcourtia's system* 

Plixx: Sir, we have reached Foodcourtia. 

Vex: Keep us in high orbit. 

Xav: If Vax dies, I die, and if me and Vax are both dead, there will be no one to stop the things that are threatening the Time Dimension. 

Vex: You think I don't know that a lot is at stake here? I have a plan. 

Xav: Right behind ya. 

  • Vax recieves a transmission* 
  • Vax recieves a transmission* 
  • Vax sees the back of a strange castle,there are lights all over it and two bunny ears infront of it* 
  • the robots kneel as guards come outside to the yard where the robots are* 

Vax: Hmhmhm... *the robot's "claws" flick Vax onto the ground* 

Vax: Interesting... 

  • Jib comes onto the screen in the plague runner* 
  • a familiar black silhouette walks down concerete stairs*

Vex: Jib! Hello. 

Vex: Need to be teleported up?

Jib: Sure.

  • a teleporter beam hits Jib, who is teleported up to the plague runner*
  • the irken guards get in straight lines on the sides of the stairs* 

Vax: Join you? HA!

  • the Silhouette comes into the light*
  • it reveals Lurk,his disguise is fused with his irken form,creating a hybrid irken,he also has a crown on his head* 
  • Lurk is wearing a black robe and holding a staff* 

Vax: Oh, look, a walking blob of bird poop with a crown. 

  • he has one eye contact and his other eye is Irken* 
  • an irken guard tazers him* 

Vax: RGH. Yep, uh-huh. 


  • nark whacks him with his staff upside the head**Nark spazzes his arms in anger*

Vax: Whatever.

  • Another person comes up behind Nark*
  • Nark hits him with the staff repeatedly* 

Irken guard:Sir! Look behind you! 

Man: Sir, with all do respect, we need him alive and well... 

Nark:Not now,I'm too busy hitting this little nerd burger?

  • nark turns around* 

Nark:Who the flop are you? Vax:  

Man: Sir, I am one of your engineers... I've worked here for years... 

  • nark kicks vax in the squeedly spooch quickly*

Nark:Oh....well umm...

Nark:Hm,we do need him alive,yes yes we do.

Nark:Wait,one more hit. 

Man: Shall I then escort him to a cell, your greatness? 

  • nark whacks vax in the face with his staff,sending him into a patch of grass on the ground* 

Vax: *Sticks tongue out at Nark when he isn't looking, and keeps it in mouth when he is looking* 

Nark:"Your greatness?" Great compliment! You deserve a PRRRROMOTION! 

Nark:In 2 years of course. 

Nark:Yes,send this filth to his cell,HE AHAHAA HOHAHAHA *cough* BBBVNKUGGKH *spazzes* 

Man: Let's go. *grabs Vax by the arm* 

  • guards follow the engineer*
  • nark smiles and takes out a remote*
  • he presses it,Vax gets shocked*
  • they go into the lower levels of the palace*

Vax: Yep, uh huh.

  • meanwhile,over foodcourtia*
  • Vex sees a vortex near his ship*

Vex: That must be where the rift is... 

Jib: *Has Mep and FLIR with him* 

Xav: Yeah... 

  • the vortex has tiny galaxies all over it,it also has light dots of all colors*
  • it swirls slowly, and the vortex crackles eletricity,showing unstability* 
  • A small Spittle Runner comes into view, and enters the Plague Runner's hangar* Vex: That'll be Zag. /*the vortex makes vibrating noises* *vib vib vib* Jib: Who? *the vortex grows a few inches bigger* *Zag walks into the bridge* Vax: *Spits on the man* Man: Hey, what the? Vax: *Is suddenly gone*Guard?!! You let him get away?!! Man: Guards, get him! Guard:Catch him! We need that irken for King Nark! You don't want the "story" punishment do you?! Guard: Aagh! Yeah, get him! *the man gets an image in his mind of King Nark reading poorly made fanfictions of him meeting Fionna,in the stories he's a mary sue* Vax: *Is behind Nark, and punches him to the ground when he looks back* Man: *comes up to Vax and stabs him with a syringe**Vax falls to the ground* *guards come and carry Vax by the arms*7:33InvadervaxVax: *Gets up and kicks the man in the face*7:33Mysteriousjillguy*they drag him across the floor* *the guards throw Vax into a old fashioned prison cell* *there are metal bars in the cell* Man: *grabs the fallen guard's taser staff, and stabs Vax in the central PAK spot* *ironically the metal bars fall apart and a high tech lazer gate replaces them*Vax: Thanks. *Spits on the man**AGAIN* Man: *drags Vax into a cell* You're welcome. *shuts the door* *vax sees a flag behind him ,it's black with a red silhouette of Fionna's head* *there's a dusty old bed behind him* *The man is wet from Vax spitting on him* Man: Guards, leave us. I'd like to have a word with the prisoner. *guards leave* *The man comes up to the bars, and Vax gets his first good look at him* *King Nark in his throne* Vax: *Smiles* King Nark:Is the smile in his cell? Guards:Yes.7:38InvadervaxVax: Yep.7:38MysteriousjillguyKing Nark:You! *points to random guard*7:39INVADER VEX*The man has no legs, and instead has a repulsorlift apparatus, mangled antennae, and life support tubes in his neck*7:39Mysteriousjillguy*the guard sweats nervously* Nark:Other..guards! Send this guard to the "STORY ROOM" Guard:NOOOOO ANYTHING BUT THAT! THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IS HORRRIBLEEE Man: Vax... That's a name I haven't heard since... 53 years ago... Vax: Hm...? Vax: Do I know you...? *the guard gets sent to the story room to hear horrible fanfictions* Man: You aren't the Vax I knew, no... King Nark:Now.......I have Vax,and now to set the trap....for the others... Vax: You just have't gotten to my good side... King Nark: presses a button on a remote* Vax: Now, who are you?  *a hidden panel in the backyard of the castle opens,a strange looking satilite dish comes out* Man: Nark plans to enslave your dimension and harness yours and my Z-14 dimensional self's tech... King Nark:Ehehe....Ehahaha....Ahaha HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA *his evil laugh echos across the castle* guards shiver in fear,so do the Nark bots outside* King Nark:AHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA EHAHAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Man: You have to warn them before they are drawn into the trap.7:44InvadervaxVax: That doesn't answer my question...7:44Mysteriousjillguy*vex's ship recieves a distress signal from the vortex* Vex: A distress signal... Coming for the vortex... Vax: What is your name? Man: I am no longer permitted to have a name. I am NT-001. Vax: Sorry, what WAS your name? *blue eletrcity sparks on one of the cell wallls* *a vortex similar to the one over foodcourtia rips open* *Lurk flies out of it onto Vax*Lurk:GAAAAAHHHH!Lurk:Oof! MNehk! *Lurk gets off of Vax and stumbles* Lurk:Vax?! Vax: Lurk? Lurk:Vax! Where are we?!Lurk:*takes out his PAK spider legs* Lurk:Is this a trick to turn me in...? Vax: No... Vax: I don't see you as a fugitive... *Lurk glares at Vax* *he puts his spider legs away* Vax: But just a lost one... Lurk:I was sleeping in my cave shouldn't know my location. *the vortex closes behind Lurk with a thunder clap* *Lurk is startled and his hair goes up*Lurk:*cough* Ermm uhh well *his hair goes down*Lurk:So,where are we? Vax: I don't know... Lurk:I came out of a this must be the normal universe? Vax: I don't think so... Lurk:Where I just came from,they call your universe Z-14..well..erm....well,that's what I CALL IT anyway. Vax: Hm... Lurk:Wait..I don't remember any dungeons in Z-14..Lurk turns around and sees a flag* Lurk:Is that....Fionna...?Lurk:Is this a prank of some kind? *glares* Vax: *Uses PSI to burn the flag* Vax: That'l get you to focus. Lurk takes out a lazer gun and shoots the burnt remains of the flag,he puts it back in his PAK* Lurk:Hmph,whoever made that flag must have the same interest as I do. Lurk:Who owns this castle?*Vax thinks about how Lurk and Nark look similar* LUrk:Or building..or..wherever we are. Vax: A man who is half you and half someone else... Lurk's pupil shrinks* Lurk:Oh no... Lurk:Vax....we're either in the future or another dimension. Lurk:This is horrible... Vax: What makes you say that...? Vax: What makes you say that...?8:04MysteriousjillguyLurk:I just came out a portal..a special portal...Lurk:Vax,the entire Omniverse is DECAYING. Lurk:While I was in that other dimension,portals opened up in random places,I studied them and came to a conclusion... Vax: I know... Lurk:The Omniverse is decaying,portals are opening up willy nilly. Lurk:The more portals open,the more it decays. Lurk:I don't know what the outcome of this situation is...wether the Omniverse is destroyed or not... LIR: *looks out of the ship at the parts of the Narkbots*LIR: Where do you suppose those came from? LIR: Uhh, are we going to follow where those... things... came from?8:16INVADER VEXVex: I'll check it out. LIR, I'd like you and VIR to go into that portal and see what's going on. If need be, you can escape into the LSD.8:16LIRLIRSure.*LIR: 8:17INVADER VEXVex: Okay, I'll prep an escape pod.*Vex walks down the hall, followed by VIR and LIR*8:18Mysteriousjillguy(AGGH)8:18INVADER VEXVex: *opens an escape pod door* Ok, this pod will shoot you into the vortex. LIR: Ok. *climbs into the pod* LIR: Well, here goes.. uh... Something? VIR: Indeed. *closes the door*Vex: Fire!8:19Mysteriousjillguy(It's basically Child's play but with a leprecaun.)8:20INVADER VEX*the pod is launched into the Vortex* LIR: WHOAA8:20INVADER VEXVIR: Brace for impact! *metallic boom*8:20INVADER VEX*the pod crashes into the side of the palace**bang* King Nark:What was that?!8:20LIRLIRLIR: That certainly wasn't soil VIR: *blows the door out! knocking over two guards* GO GO GO!!!8:21LIRLIR*Which side is the door on?*8:21INVADER VEX(The side on the inside of the building)8:21LIRLIR*k*8:22InvadervaxAlternate Vax: Heheheheheh... It's coming...8:22LIRLIRLIR: *uses BM to make himself invisible, and senda a tracking link to VIR so he knows where he is* *runs with VIR* VIR: Now, let's get to the bottom of this. First, we should disable their security systems.8:22LIRLIRLIR: *looks around* I like security cameras.LIR: Ok.8:22INVADER VEXVIR: *Finds a control panel and hacks into the cameras, and they all fall still*8:23LIRLIRLIR: How exactly do we do that-LIR: *sees VIR with the wires*8:23INVADER VEXVIR: Well, now we just have to avoid the guards.8:23LIRLIRLIR: OK. that happened.8:23Mysteriousjillguy*a bunch of guards come out of an entrance*8:23LIRLIRLIR: VIR, wouldn't disabling the security alarm the guards, so there'll be twice as many here? VIR: Yeah, the screens will now show an image from one minute before I hacked the cams, though. Guards:What the?! SIR units?8:24LIRLIR*The guards hear the air talking, when it's actually LIR* *VIR shoots a few of them down*8:24LIRLIROk.8:24MysteriousjillguyGuards:Agh8:24InvadervaxAlternate Vax: Two little SIR Units have entered the castle... LIR: *snarls, and tackles a guard*Guard:AUGUGUGH! LIR: *snarls, and tackles a guard*Guard:AUGUGUGH!8:24Mysteriousjillguy*the guard whacks LIR with his tazer staff*8:25LIRLIRLIR: GUSUGUZUZUZT AHGHG8:25INVADER VEXVIR: *stabs the guard through the chest*8:25LIRLIRLIR: Turns self invisible, and uses metal binds to tie the guard to the wall*8:25Mysteriousjillguy*the guard screams in pain*8:26LIRLIRLIR: This.. is fun. VIR: We've got to run! There are too many to hold back forever! Find the cells and we can get out of here!8:26Mysteriousjillguy*Nark looks at a screen hovering above his chair*8:26LIRLIRLIR: Hang on.8:26Mysteriousjillguy*he sees all of this happening*8:26LIRLIR*turns and faces the guards* eyes narrow, the guards stop moving*8:26InvadervaxAlternate Vax: *Crawls in circles around VEX* Alternate Vax: *Crawls in circles around VEX*'8:27INVADER VEXVIR: *cuts a hole in the floor, showing a set of wires**makes the guards fight themselves, it' VIR: Hold them off, and I can hack into the Blueprints.8:27LIRLIRHeh. Like puppets. It's kind of boring to use my BM. Not enough blood.*LIR:LIR: Got it!LIR: RAAAAARGHHG *transforms hands into blades and charges at the guards* VIR: *displays a map of the building on a screen* There! Ok, go and get Vax and Lurk. I have something to attend to. Alt Vax: Heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh...8:29LIRLIRUh, Ok...8:29MysteriousjillguyKing Nark:You fartbuts! Send in the minions! *a bunch of guards run out of the the throne room*8:29InvadervaxVax: You're insane... Alt Vax: I know, isn't it great?LIR: HOW EXACTLY DO I DO THAT?! *VIR is already gone*LIR: Ughh. LIR: *wanders around the palace* LIR: Hey.. there- WHAHHHG *dodges*8:30INVADER VEXVIR: *jumps into the room above, and proceeds to the Throne room, shooting cameras along the way*8:31MysteriousjillguyMinons fly over LIR* Mionons: AHAHAHAHA *high pitched laugh*King Nark slams his hand on the throne chair*8:31LIRLIRLIR: Whaat...the?! 8:31MysteriousjillguyKing Nark: YOU FOOLS,TAKE CARE OF THOSE SIR UNITS! CAPTURE THEM!8:32LIRLIRLIR: Cmere, you! *jumps up a grapebots**at*the grapebot dodges LIR*8:32Mysteriousjillguy*a froggy jumps on LIR's back and slaps him repeadtly*8:32INVADER VEXVIR: *slips into the Throne room, kills the guards, blasts the control panels, and welds the doors shut* NARK! Get out of the throne or I will kill you where you sit...8:32LIRLIRLIR: OW! Quit it! LIR: GHAH! I've had enough of this! *engulfes the froggy in nanobots, turns it into a few throwing rocks* *throws at the Grapebots, knocking them down* LIR: AAAAAAAAHHH!!!! *runs around a corner being chased by minions*8:34MysteriousjillguyKing Nark grabs a remote slowly* VIR: Did I not make myself clear... *shoots the remote* LIR: Hey, a map! *grabs map of the wall and looks at it, unknowingly smushing the speeding minions* Alt Vax: *Starts cackling hoarsely* VIR: Now, step over here... Slowly... *starts to walk around to the other side of the chair* King Nark:Pfft,oh please VIR. You're just a cluncky little SIR. Obviously no match for my technology.8:36LIRLIR(Where is Lurk and Vax, anyways?)8:36Mysteriousjillguy(In the cell room)8:36LIRLIRLIR: Aha! The cell room.. is.. THIS WAY!!!8:36INVADER VEXVIR: Rrgh... *uses his BM to pin Nark to a wall*8:37Mysteriousjillguy*VIR sees a King Nark dummy*8:37LIRLIR*Actually, it's an Electron Manipulator, If VIR is making things float.)8:37Mysteriousjillguy*King Nark's cackling can be heard* ok.)LIR: *converts the floor into oxygen and jumps into the hole, tunneling toward the cell place*8:38INVADER VEXVIR: So much as flinch, and I will split your skull. Now, call off your guards.8:39LIRLIRLIR: WHEEEEEE---HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!8:39Mysteriousjillguy*the throne chair suddenly explodes**VIR discovers he's pinning a King Nark dummy* *VIR is thrown against a wall* *a panel opens up underneath VIR* *a cylinder shaped glass tube holds VIR inside it* VIR: *Transmission* LIR... Finish the mission.. I'm done for... Get Vax and Lurk, and get out... *the tube seals shut* OKAAYY... *bursts through ceiling of the hallways around the cells*8:41Mysteriousjillguy*the tube lights up and shocks VIR*8:41INVADER VEXVIR: RRGH...8:41Mysteriousjillguy*it continues to shock him painfullly*8:41LIRLIRLIR: *lands on a guard*8:41Mysteriousjillguy*a floating screen appears out of the floor*8:41LIRLIRGuard: WHAT THE HECK?! LIR: Hello.8:42INVADER VEXVIR: What do you want from me, scum...8:42LIRLIRGuard: Uh.. Hello- SPLAT8:42MysteriousjillguyScreen:Did you think I didn't prepare for this kind of a situation? If my universe's Vex is advanced,I think yours would be to.Screen:Oh you'll be useful,that is,until your master comes.8:42LIRLIRLIR: *strolls down the hallway, looking into cells as I whistle* Screen:Did you think I didn't prepare for this kind of a situation? If my universe's Vex is advanced,I think yours would be to.Screen:Oh you'll be useful,that is,until your master comes.8:42LIRLIRLIR: *strolls down the hallway, looking into cells as I whistle*LIR: I should probably find a way to contact Vex.8:43INVADER VEXVIR: What makes you think I'll talk...?8:43Mysteriousjillguy*King Nark presses a button on a remote,the tube shocks him up to full poer*power*8:43INVADER VEXVIR: AAAUUUGGHHH!!!!8:43MysteriousjillguyKing Nark:You floobin flobit. I just need your master.8:44LIRLIRLIR: *Hears VIR screaming*8:44MysteriousjillguyNark:When he comes to *mocking voice* rescue youuu. he will be VERY useful.8:44INVADER VEXVIR: He wouldn't risk himself for me... Not a chance... Vex is too smart.8:44InvadervaxAlt Vax: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8:44LIRLIR*King Nark hears a voice in his head* Not a chance, you tyrant!8:44MysteriousjillguyNark:?8:44LIRLIRHeh.8:44Mysteriousjillguy*The screen looks around*8:45LIRLIRLIR: Lurk?!! VAX!!!8:45MysteriousjillguyNark: smirks and presses the remote again*8:45LIRLIRLIR: Where are you?!8:45Mysteriousjillguy*VIR gets shocked again*8:45InvadervaxVax: LIR! Lurk:LIR?! IS THAT YOUR VOICE?!8:45LIRLIRLIR: *runs up to lurk and Vax's cell*8:45INVADER VEXVIR: RRRGH.... Heh... Goodbye, fool. See you on the other side. *an antennae pops up from his head, and he falls over8:46LIRLIRYEs its me! VEX: And who... Are you?8:46Mysteriousjillguy*a cylinder tube on the ceiling splits open,a glob of smile falls from the ceiling*slime*8:46LIRLIRLIR:8:46Mysteriousjillguy*the slime forms into three FION slimes*8:46LIRLIRLIR: Oooh, JELLY!LIR: Ewww- oh, that's not jelly.8:47INVADER VEXVEX: Uh oh... *leaves the room right before the door closes*8:47MysteriousjillguyFion slimes:SKREEEEEEE *high pitched scream*8:47LIRLIRLIR: OWW.8:47Mysteriousjillguy*The fion slimes jump onto LIR*8:47LIRLIRLIR: BE QUIET!8:47Mysteriousjillguy*they mush together and cover his head*8:47LIRLIRLIR: AHGHHGMLGSGH LIR: *struggles against the slime*8:48INVADER VEXVEX: *comes back in and blasts them with a depolymerization solution* LIR: Vex?? LIR: I thought you were in the normal dmimenion? LIR: Thanks. *the Fion slime hiss*8:49LIRLIRLIR: *walks up to Lurk's cell*LIR: Lurk?! Alt Vax: It's god to see you, VEX...Good* Jab: Vex?  LIR: SO... Umm.. am I supposed to break you guys outta here?(faceplanet)8:13INVADER VEXVIR: Fools! *the antennas go back into VIR's head, and he falls over, inactive* VIR: Fools! *the antennas go back into VIR's head, and he falls over, inactive*8:13LIRLIR(LOL) Mysteriousjillguy has joined the chat. 8:14LIRLIR( I just love it when people crack and hurl an insult back at you, when you're not affected by it)8:14INVADER VEX(Vax, you need to do something about that.)8:14LIRLIRLIR: VIR! We have to help him!8:14Invadervax(I know.)8:15INVADER VEXAlt. Vex: Ok, ok. But first, we need to get them out. LIR: I'll release Lurk first/ Alt. Vex: Get Vax and Lurk out of that cell, of course.8:16LIRLIRLIR: *slices the bars of the cell off*8:16INVADER VEX(Nvm that.)8:16LIRLIRLIR: *picks up a bar* Rescources, people, rescources!8:17INVADER VEXAlt Vex: That will sound an alarm. Get Vax and let's get out!             

(See The Reign of Nark (Part two) for the next part in the story!)

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