The Race changer was a device invented by Zeerk, later upgraded and improved upon by Lurk.

What it DoesEdit

The race changer changes the race of the person using it,hence the name. 

It has many settings,the creatures it can turn you into are creatures that Lurk and Zeerk encountered on their travels.

The sentient creatures the user can turn into to only last 2 hours,if the user stays  in a sentient form for more then that,they will stay in that form forever. Also the sentient mind will consume the user. However,non sentient forms are capable of ulimted use.

  • Pony setting This setiing allows the user to be transformed into an Earth pony,a pegasus,or a unicorn. It does not have an Alicorn setting because Alicorns are too powerful to change into.
  • Brainsucking Grood bat setting This setting morphs the user into a Brainucking Grood bat,one of the universe's most deadliest creatures. This creature looks like the combination of a fire ant and a giant wasp,has 5 eyes,irken looking antennae,bat wings,4 stingers,and it can also breathe fire. It is as tall as a spittle runner.
  • Penguin setting This setting turns the user into a sentient penguin.
  • Robloxian setting This setting turns the user into a Robloxian.
  • Human setting This setting turns the user into a human.


The race changer looks like a grey TV remote with three green glowing circles on the top of it, has an irken symbol painted on the back of it,and a screen that shows a silhouette of the species you want to morph into.


The original race changer and copies of it were destroyed when an Irken bunker in a robloxian desert exploded during the "Slyzor attack".

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