The Order of the Dragon is an evil cult created to pull revenge on the Irken Empire and destroy Planet Equestria. It is lead by Arektoo.


The symbol of the Order of the Dragon is a swirling black dragon. Members of the Order of the Dragon have the symbol on their head and spikes on their boots and gloves to mark them as cultists.


  1. Arektoo
  2. Vastrekploo
  3. Blastrotoo
  4. Gard
  5. Tirk
  6. Gastrastos
  7. Lazapox
  8. Goontostros
  9. Lagratak
  10. Hen
  11. Gantron
  12. Lastant
  13. Catastros
  14. Yardnark
  15. Larmark
  16. Wat
  17. Lart
  18. Grat
  19. Necpolon
  20. Testrentousglados
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