The Nightmare Dimension Conflict
General Information
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The Domination of Bryyo

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Battle for Cryos

Time it happened


Characters Invovled

Invader Meen, Dusq, Nightmare Meen, Invader A

Where It Took Place

The Nightmare Dimension


After Invader A was promoted to Elite Commander, he was assigned to Nightmare Irk, like all other extremely competent invaders. All before he had failed to destroy the Nightmare Dimension.

His target is Dusq, the leader of the Nightmare Irken Empire and the central lodestone of the Nightmare Dimension. He lands on Nightmare Irk, and soon finds that not only does the Nightmare Dimension sap your energy slowly, it corrupts you into a mindless zombie. In order to prevent his becoming a zombie, he invented the PUCRA, a special type of armor that slows the corruption.

Months later, Invader Meen returns to Earth after enslaving the Kirbys on Dreamland. He discovers a mysterious crystal called The Heart of Darkness, and takes it to his lab. It starts flying around after floating pointlessly for several hours and zaps Meen's PAK. It enters, and Meen blacks out.

When Meen comes to, he discovers that something is different. Eventually, he figures out that he has certain powers over darkness, and can resist Nightmare Corruption.

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