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The Nark king is by far the most powerful robot King Nark has ever created. He uses it in The Reign of Nark(Part three). It stands at nearly 20 feet.


The Nark King was created as a last resort if Nark's rule was ever severely challenged or threatened. Nark used his top engineers and hundreds of slaves to build it. It took atleast 4 Irken years to create and finish it. It is by far the most powerful robot Nark has ever created, it also uses the top technology on planet Fi.

The Nark bot runs on a Dark energy reactor in its back, it is covered in thick armor to protect itself from harm.


THis robot uses the top most advanced technology on Planet Fi. So it's weaponry are incredibly powerful. It's weapons are:

  • The Energy pulse rail gun(Top arm guns in the picture)-These gigantic guns fire energy bullets that are hot enough to melt metal. It is also capable of fiiring energy disks out of the small openings on the gun.
  • Misslehips-The big cylinders on the "hips" of the Nark king fire tracking missles at enemies. They're capable of doing great explosive damage.
  • Soundwave emitters-The oval shaped emitters on the "head" ov the robot fire soundwaves. These soundwaves are capable of badly damaging hearing organs,causing them to bleed furiously.
  • Lazer claws-The "claws" on the bottom arms of the robot are Lazer claws. These claws are capable of heating up hot enough to melt flesh. THey can also be used to smash or impale enemies when not heated up.
  • Claw toes-THe clawed "toes" on the Nark KIng's legs are capable of hovering off it's "feet". Then slamming into enemies,impaling them or crushing them horribly.
  • Shockwave stomp-If the Nark bot stomps on the ground hard enough,the clyinders on it's feet with light up and create an energy shockwave.
  • Chest beam-The huge oval on the King Nark bot's chest will light up and create a tractor beam. King Nark can use the tractor beam to hurl things at enemies or simply throw his enemies into walls.

Battle tactics[]

The KIng Nark bot is also capable of splitting it's head and body in two. Making the head a flying vehicle that can shoot down enemies,while the body is now a remotely controlled robot controlled by Nark in the head's cockpit.

THe Nark King is also capable of deploying King Nark's minions with the circular hatches on it's arms.


Metal Madness - Sonic Heroes Music Extended

The Nark king's Battle theme