Massive bridge

Bridge of the Massive.


Front and side profile of the Massive.

The Massive is the mighty flagship of The Irken Armada and is the most powerful warship in the Armada. In fact, it's so powerful, the ship's surface can endure millions of degrees at the center of a star without the ship's paint even flaking. The Almighty Tallests always reside on the ship and oversee the progress of planetary destruction and invasions. When a planet's weakness has been revealed by an infiltrating Invader, The Massive calls in with the Armada behind it to perform the traditional laser bombardment of the planet's surface--the organic sweep. The Tallests spend much of their time in the ship's main chamber, viewing incoming reports from the Invaders on screen, which are received from to the Massive's online long distance communication system. The bridge of the ship is never empty of pilots and navigators running the high tech computers. The ship is equipped with vastly powerful weapons which make victory all the more a certainty for the Irken race.  The Massive appears to be made up of different combinations of Irken ships like the Ripper, Spittle Runner, Viral Tank and Ring Cutter. The Massive's only structural weakness is its side pods, which are full of the Almighty Tallests' snacks. The building of The Massive was commissioned by former Almighty Tallest Miyuki and built on Planet Vort, back in Irk's alliance with Vort before the Vortians where conquered by the Irkens with the help of The Massive. The sheer size of The Massive was intended to terrify and strike fear into the hearts of those who dare resist the Irken Empire. In dire times, the Massive has a giant arc laser designed to cut nearly anything in half, as well as other formidable weapons.

However, The Massive does not seem to have the capability to land on a planet without proper docking mechanisms that have been previously installed. Zim does not seem to Realize this, as at the end of the Massive Offensive by The Resisty, Zim plans to land The Massive on top of Dib, essentially crashing it into the planet.  
Inside the Massive by Half dude
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