The Masked Man is an Irken legend that is actually true. The Masked Man is actually Invader Antonio. He is very mysterious and is similar to Slenderman.

Known StoryEdit

The most known story in this creepy legend is below.

"I had just got to my apartment on Irk. I felt a breeze hit me. I thought "It's just a windy day". But Irk isn't a windy planet. I told my SIR, KAKAK, to make sure that no wind was getting in. But as I went to the counter after he shut the window, I still felt wind. A light went out for a second. I heard a noise outside the building. The thought came to me that I was being watched. I looked out my window and saw a light. It was an Irken wearing a black uniform and a hood and mask. It would not take it's eyes off me. I ran from the window till I slipped. "I'm just hallucinating." I thought. But the urge to look back hit me. But when I looked back to where the man was, he was gone. The next day, I asked my friend if he had seen him, too. I haven't seen the Masked Man ever since."

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