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The Irken Core
General Information


The irken core was a group made in 2009,on was made to conquer of all ROBLOX.It was first led by Isee99.Over the years,it suffered tyranny,rebellion,also caused many castrophies,some including the destruction of parallel universes.It was based soley on everything from the show(OC's that don't defy the laws of the show,etc)It's two main purposes was to replicate every irken thing from the show to ROBLOX,and to conquer the ROBLOX universe   


The current logo

Irken symbol

One of the oldest logos from 2009


The irken empire began,when it was created by isee and 1xTOXICx1.                                                                                                   

Tox and isee were great leaders,during this time was a time of peace. Impending doom 3 had begun. However,one day a certain smeet joined the group,a smeet who would change the entire irken race forever. tHis smeet was named..Larkz. Larkz was a green eyed irken,whose dream was to become an invader,he requested this,isee accepted him into the invader ranks. Larkz took over atleast 1 planet,called Javion,then went on to infiltrate Planet Robloxia. Lurk ultimately failed in doing this,but during his infiltratration,he created many things for the core(buildings,weapons,etc). Isee saw potential in Larkz,so he turned him into..almighty tallest green,the golden age was about to end at this period.

choas period

During this time,isee was hacked,went insane from strees,and caused choas everywhere,along with Larkz,TOX,and a few other leaders.

Larkz started the great assigning,he created a conventia place,though it was poorly made,it was very useful. Only 3 people showed up,sadly. A few ROBLOX years after,the invaders had failed all their planets.Larkz was so ashamed of this,isee was worried,so he made another tall irken named slyzor,become tallest. All went normal after that. Until finally isee said the core is over,we had a big funeral,tox was there,and so was slyzor. After,100 years of the irkens in hiding,isee had returned,along with tox and slyzor. A new age had begun,operation impending doom 4.During this time,tech was vastly upgraded. Lurk was still green tallest of course. There were more invaders now,more activity. 3 planets were conquered. but after a while..isee had made another group called legion six,during the core's absence,he then said he was too old to lead the core. So he put Tox in charge,Tox did not do much. Once when larkz was on his conventis place for a meeting,Slyzor attacked several irken recruits,he then told Larkz to asassinate Tox,to get isee back,to stop the inactive ness. Larkz refused and attacked him. After a few years,Tox got angrier,he now had a short temper,refusing to follow the blueprints from the show for the armarda.



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