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The Irken Armada is the mighty Irken Empire's vast military fleet which expands the Empire through planetary invasions. After a planet marked for conquest's weakness is revealed or the inhabitants of the doomed planets civilization have been annihilated by a single Irken Invader, the Armada arrives in and performs the organic sweep bombarding the planets surface from above in space with giant plasma lasers wiping out any remaining lifeforms or bacteria below.

During the progress of the organic sweep, the Irken symbol is burned on to the conquered world and is visible from space for all other races to see and know that the planet is now part of the Irken Empire. Although sometimes total extinction of the conquered race is not necessary and they are enslaved to work in whatever the planet is to be converted into by the Planetary Conversion Team, like the Vortian race who are now conquered and work as slaves and must create new Irken weaponry.

It was also Vortian scientists who ironically created the flagship of the Armada, The Massive when Irk was once in alliance with Planet Vort. The Massive is by far the most powerful and largest ship in the Irken fleet and is the personal vessel of the Almighty Tallest Red and Purple.