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This is the season finale of Irken Conquest: Season One

After Vax was abducted by Knox, Vex is infected with a deadly disease of the mind, and Knox is soon going to unleash wrath upon the universe, not without the help of Nightmare Zyl. Jib, Plixx, LIR, and NT-01 must travel to Earth to stop the impending destruction of the universe.


  • One day, in Vex's laboratory, a week after Vax was abducted by Knox, yet centuries later*
  • 7:35Invader Jib(Who is gonna record)
  • ?
  • INVADER VEX(I guess I can.)
  • 7:35LIRLIR
  • He hears tetris playing somewhere*
  • 7:35Invadervax(BRB)
  • 7:35Invader Jib(...LIR, who are you being in this?)
  • 7:35INVADER VEXPlixx: Sir, you need time to recover... You need rest!
  • 7:35LIRLIR(LIR)
  • 7:35Invader Jib(Ok.)
  • 7:35INVADER VEXVex: No, no, I'm fit enough.
  • Plixx: Sir, please... Another week at least would help...
  • 7:36LIRLIR
  • the tetris music is louder, and it seems to be coming from a closet*
  • YourFavoriteFangirl has left the chat. 
  • 7:36INVADER VEXVex: Perhaps, but by now, Vax might be... What is that?
  • 7:37Invader Jib(Now, LIR, try not to force LIR's inclusion.)
  • 7:37INVADER VEXPlixx: *opens the closet door*
  • 7:37Invadervax(BACK)
  • 7:37LIRLIR(I'm not. Its funny. XD)
  • there is nobody inside, but when he turns around LIR is hanging upside down and grinning at him*
  • 7:38INVADER VEXPlixx: Uuh.... Sir, we have a short robotic visitor...
  • 7:38Invader Jib(Fungos)
  • ( Fungos )
  • 7:38INVADER VEXVex: *turns to see LIR* LIR, what have I told you about breaking into my base?
  • 7:38LIRLIRLIR: *coig
  • 7:38Invadervax(Jib, look on your talk page.)
  • 7:38LIRLIROops
  • 7:39Invader Jib(I know, Vax. I'm not interested in Cowlord's nonsense.)
  • 7:39LIRLIRLIR: *coughs blood onto Plixx's face*
  • LIR: Uhh.. new.. dri k

Heh. Sorry

Plixx: Eew...

LIR: *turns to Vex* Hi, Vex!

Vex: Hello LIR. Plixx, do you have the results from the Irken Care hospital on Vort?

Plixx: Yes sir. Comatose is making a recovery, and your blood samples say there is no infection.

LIR: Hmm. What did i miss?

Vex: A week of slow, boring recovery...

LIR: *jumps down from hanging and stands up* Nice.

Vex: Jib isn't faring well either... He's been in the study all week... VIR brings him his meals, but... He doesn't eat much... I think the incident in England rattled him quite a bit... I think it has something to do with Vax, but I was unconscious at the time.

LIR: Ah. Eggplant told me about Crazy Syringe Guy and how he wanted Woodchuck Nunchuck to join him..

Vex: If I knew what that meant, I might agree with you.

LIR: He likes to give nicknames to people. Vax is Woodchuck Nunchuck.

Vex: Alright. *vex tries to move around on his chair, but LIR sees his shoulder pop and Vex falls back into the chair again*

LIR: That looked painful

Vex: UUUGGGHHHHhhhh....

Plixx: May I please ask you to leave? I must relocate his shoulder...

  • Plixx ushers to the door to the study*

9:10 LIRLIR LIR: *quietly walks to the study more silently than usual* *shakes his head* He's not an injured gerbil! He's Vex! 9:12 INVADER VEX

  • he spots Jib sitting in a huge Hogulus-leather chair and VIR standing in the corner*

9:12 Invader Jib

  • Jib is aggressively flipping through the pages of an old book*

9:13 LIRLIR LIR: *shakes his head again* Oh. Hi, Jib. 9:13 INVADER VEX VIR: LIR, master Jib is quite distraught. Why have you come in here? 9:14 Invader Jib Jib: *Is mumbling something about Vax and Knox while flipping through the pages* 9:14 LIRLIR LIR: I had to go in here because Vex dislocated his shoulder and he's, well, screaming. I wanted to put him out of his misery and eat him. 9:15 Invadervax Splack: *Knocks on the door* 9:15 INVADER VEX VIR: What?!?!? Are you kidding! That could lead to court marshal! 9:15 LIRLIR LIR: Well, he looked more like injured prey. *sighs* 9:15 Invader Jib Jib: *Turns head up from book* OH, YEAH, because eating is a GREAT way to die, LIR! *Rolls eyes and continues flipping the book* 9:16 INVADER VEX VIR: *Walks over to the door and opens it* 9:16 Invader Jib

  • getting eaten

9:16 Invadervax

  • It is Splack and Muz*

9:16 LIRLIR LIR: Well, i was hungry!! 9:17 INVADER VEX VIR: Foolish little.... Ugh.... Hello, gentlemen. What brings you to Vex's study? 9:17 Invadervax Splack: We need to stay here for a while... 9:18 LIRLIR LIR: Please tell me you have food! 9:18 INVADER VEX VIR: Your master's abduction has landed you without a home, huh?

  • VIR throws a microwave burrito from a kitchenette at LIR*

9:18 Invadervax Muz: Yes... 9:19 LIRLIR LIR: YES *munches on it* 9:19 Invader Jib Jib: *Mumbles* Foolsrelyingonafailingscientist 9:20 INVADER VEX VIR: Master Vex has three rooms unoccupied by crew as of now... Shall I lead you to those? 9:20 Invadervax Splack: Ok... *Holds head* 9:20 LIRLIR LIR: and don't let me see anyone injured at the moment. LIR: *bites into the burrito* 9:22 INVADER VEX VIR: *walks out of the room and leads the two to a room with two lounge chairs, a television, and a kitchenette* Will this work for you? It is a guest room, and is better than the others, 9:22 Invadervax Muz: I guess... Vax's voice: Jib... 9:23 INVADER VEX

  • VIR hands them a cafeteria key card and walks out of the room*

9:24 LIRLIR LIR: So.. Jib. Whatcha doin'? 9:24 Invader Jib Jib: Hm..tryingtofigureoutthisbook.. 9:24 LIRLIR LIR: Read it. 9:25 Invadervax Vax's voice: Jib... 9:25 Invader Jib

  • Vax, wherever he is, recieves a PAK message saying "SHUTTHEHHECKUP"*

9:25 INVADER VEX VIR: I had better check on the master. Jib, make sure they don't blow anything up please. 9:25 Invader Jib Jib: *nods* 9:26 LIRLIR LIR: *looks at the book while sitting on Jib's head* LIR: What is it? 9:26 Invadervax Vax's voice: Jib...I need to tell you something... 9:27 Invader Jib Jib: *Blocks PAK messages, preventing Vax from doing that* 9:27 INVADER VEX

  • Vex walks, with a sling, already a bit bloodied, into the room*

9:27 Invader Jib Jib: *Takes notes on the book and circles part of a page with a pen( 9:28 Invadervax Vax's voice: I am not talking to you through PAK messages... 9:28 INVADER VEX Vex: Ugh... Hello Jib. I see LIR is... *looks at LIR on Jib's head* Keeping you company... 9:28 LIRLIR LIR: *Looks up at Vex and sees the blood, and gasps* 9:28 Invader Jib

  • Jib's shear anger makes it impossible for Vax to talk by magic-based means.*

9:28 LIRLIR LIR: Uh 9:29 INVADER VEX Vex: Whoa! Hey, now! *takes the book from Jib* This is the first known edition of the History of Irk! 9:29 Invader Jib Jib: No it isn't. 9:29 Invadervax Vax: Jib...Listen to me... 9:29 LIRLIR LIR: Eeeeg 9:29 Invader Jib

  • The book has no visible title*

9:30 INVADER VEX Vex: Oh... Sorry, I can't see too well... *Jib sees that Vex's eye is bleeding in the corner, with pink mixing with the blue liquid* 9:31 Invader Jib Jib: *Dusts off the front of the book, and the title reads "Mythology" GAH! *Throws the book into a wall* and I though I was onto something.. 9:31 Invadervax Vax: I am now a being of pure consciousness...I am in this room...Right next to you, in fact... 9:31 LIRLIR LIR: Hi, Vex. You look.. tasty- NO! I meant to say prone-No! Vunerable-ah, Uh.. Cool!! 9:32 Invader Jib (Vax..can you not have Vax as a consciousness? It screws up the plot.) 9:32 INVADER VEX Vex: Umm... *moves quickly to the medical section of his lab, clutching his eye* 9:32 LIRLIR LIR: Hehhe heh hehh 9:33

VIR: *comes to guard the door so no one can leave* 9:34 LIRLIR LIR: whjsud *falls over onto the floor*

Jib: Gah..that idiot left me at the edge of a blade, just to help his little scientist buddy.. 9:35 LIRLIR LIR: Job 9:35 INVADER VEX VIR: I know what it is like to be left alone in battle... Helpless... 9:35 LIRLIR

  • typo

9:36 Invader Jib Jib: All for the sake of his little theories about the Nightmare dimension.. 9:36 LIRLIR LIR: Guys.. Vex.. looked so helples and vulerable. 9:36 Invadervax Muz: *Throws a knife at Jib* VAX IS NOT AN IDIOT! 9:36 Invader Jib Jib: *Closes the doors to Muz's room and locks it* 9:37 LIRLIR LIR: How many walls did that knife go through? 9:37 INVADER VEX VIR: None. 9:37 Invadervax Muz: *Is not in the room* (Muz ran out of her room.) 9:37 INVADER VEX

  • VIR pulls the knife out of the wallpaper and puts it in a case*

9:37 Invader Jib (...Why?!)

  • to Vax

(She couldn't run to the other room that fast..) 9:38 Invadervax (She heard Jib call Vax an idiot.) 9:38 Invader Jib Jib: *Shoves Muz into her room and locks the door* 9:38 LIRLIR LIR: aww. I wanted the knife! 9:38 INVADER VEX VIR: Hmm... *circles LIR, studying him* 9:39 Invadervax Muz: That knife was Vax's, by the way... 9:39 LIRLIR LIR: 9:39 Invader Jib Jib: SHUT UP, MATH TEACHER! Jib: *Continues studying the book* 9:39 LIRLIR LIR: E (Darn it) 9:40 INVADER VEX Graf: *walks in at the same time Jib says "SHUT UP MATH TEACHER"* 9:40 Invadervax (LOL) 9:40 LIRLIR LIR: What are you doing? (LOL) 9:40 INVADER VEX Graf: Uuh... *grabs a book and backs out of the room* 9:40 Invader Jib (LOL) 9:41 LIRLIR LIR: VIR.. what's going o

  • on?

9:41 Invader Jib Jib: *Sighs and puts his head down, now silent* 9:42 INVADER VEX VIR: Well after Vex and Jib have recovered, I would assume we go after Vax and Knox, but... I don't know of a plan. 9:42 LIRLIR LIR: I WANT THE KNIFE.

VIR: Why? VIR: *takes the case with the knife in it and locks it in a closet* 9:43 LIRLIR LIR: Uh.. if there's any meat around i'd make a.. Sandwich! 9:44 Invader Jib Jib: Don'tgiveittohim, theguysapysco 9:44 INVADER VEX VIR: Uh huh... *activates his taser, and in a swift motion he opens LIR's head and shocks his circuitry, making him fall over* 9:45 LIRLIR LIR: *shuts off and wakes up in a solitary confinement room thing*

INVADER LIR: What? Where am i? *there is no visible door, and his nanobots have stopped working at the moment* THREE DAYS LATER 9:52 INVADER VEX Vex: *walks in with a mechanical arm brace* So, LIR... Am I the gerbil you think I am? *punches the glass viewport so hard It makes LIR's "ears" ring* AM I THE WEAK FOOL YOU WOULD LIKE TO DEVOUR? 9:53 LIRLIR LIR: e_o You.. have a weakness still. 9:53 Invader Jib Jib: *Sigh* Everyone does, LIR. Hey, it's called logic. Look it up. 9:53 INVADER VEX Vex: ALL YOU DO is BREAK MY EQUIPMENT, EAT MY FOOD, AND NOW YOU INSULT ME AND MY CREW?!?!? You are not a guest, you are a PLAGUE!!! *hits the glass even harder* 9:54 Invader Jib Jib: He also demolished half of my base.. 9:54 LIRLIR LIR: Oh, i'm sorry for that. Hunter's instincts. 9:55 INVADER VEX Vex: YOU ARE A ROBOT! You were programmed to OBEY THE IRKEN EMPIRE! You are not a hunter... 9:55 LIRLIR LIR: *smiles eerily* No LIR: I'm a predator. 9:56 INVADER VEX Vex: FOOL! YOU ARE NO MORE THAN A FRAME OF METAL, WIRES, AND A FAKE INTELLIGENCE YOU WERE GIVEN... you are nothing but the creation of a race that you have so negligently shunned. 9:56 Invader Jib Jib I don't think you realize the pathetic life you live in, LIR. We, or any irken, could turin you off permanently with the click of a button. The only thing that keeps you alive is your equally pathetic master.

  • turn

9:56 LIRLIR LIR: Are you on steroids with anger side affects? *smiles knowingly* 9:57 INVADER VEX Vex: Jib, teach him the meaning of pain. He only knows fun and games. *hands Jib a remote*

  • vex walks out*

9:58 LIRLIR LIR: I am a dimension ruler!! *warps to the LSD* 9:58 Invader Jib (Godmodder) 9:58 LIRLIR (Hey 9:58 INVADER VEX

  • the plating on the walls sparks! and LIR is back in the cell*
  • ,

9:58 LIRLIR Don't blow my favorite character up.) 9:59 Invader Jib Jib: *Presses a button, disabling LIR's ability to use his limbs.* (He won't blow up.) 9:59 INVADER VEX (We won't, LIR.) 10:00 Invader Jib Jib: LIR...I will show you the misery of being eaten. *Pulls out a jar of gross insects* Jib: These are Vraal-skith. They eat metals. 10:00 LIRLIR LIR: *is laughing* Pain? PAIN?!! I WATCHED MY MASTER SUFFER. I E 10:00 INVADER VEX Vex: *walks back in with some cortosis grabbers* 10:00 Invader Jib Jib: *Empties the jar into the cell, and they begin eating LIR* 10:01 LIRLIR WAS WITH HIM THE ENTIRE TIME! 10:01 Invader Jib Jib: EHEHHE...Not so fun being eaten by a lower lifeform, is it? 10:02 Invadervax (BACK) 10:02 INVADER VEX

  • Vex grabs one of the Vraal-Skith parasites and puts it back into the jar, where it starts growing and reproducing again*

10:02 LIRLIR LIR: SO IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW PAIN, VEX, YOU NEVER HAD MY KIND OF PAIN! 10:03 Invader Jib Jib: The sad, pathetic pain of pity. It takes little intelligence to know when something can't be helped, but there are still somehow those who don't get it.. 10:04 LIRLIR LIR: What's this? *his body keeps glowing white and the limbs keep reappearing* 10:04 Invader Jib Jib: I don't understand that...but either way, it only makes your pain eternal. 10:04 Invadervax (Guys, I have to go...) 10:04 Invader Jib (Dang it frj3ojfji23ojif3ojfoi43ifoi3fj3opdosk21023) 10:04 LIRLIR LIR: (K, bye!) (Lets just continue plz!) 10:05 INVADER VEX Vex: You think you know pain... You will wish for something as sweet as PAIN! *pulls a lever, and tendrils of green energy fly from the walls into LIR's eyes and mouth* 10:05 Invader Jib (We can continue a little bit. Some of it requires Vax, though.) 10:05 INVADER VEX (Yep.) Invadervax has left the chat. 10:06 LIRLIR LIR: *smiles and glows and then stands up* 10:06 INVADER VEX

  • the energy from the walls reaches his AI brain, and he is blown against the wall*

10:06 Invader Jib Jib: *Presses the button again, numbing LIR's limbs* 10:07 INVADER VEX

  • LIR's eyes start smoking, their lenses blown apart and blackened*

10:07 LIRLIR LIR: i have no idea what's going on.. *each part of him that's been attacked are replaced good as new in flashes of light* 10:08 Invader Jib Jib: Hm..*Sits back on the chair, and rips the book in half, and it's pages spill out and fall to the ground* 10:08 LIRLIR (It's the Existence) LIR: I.. would... never 10:09 INVADER VEX Vex: *turns a small dial on the wall, and the energy soon is sucked out of LIR and into the walls* I will harness this power even If it Is made by such a creature as you.

  • Vex pulls a syringe out of a tool bin, plugs it into a socket in the wall, and then stabs it into his shoulder*

10:10 LIRLIR LIR: I... Will never eat you.. 10:10 Invader Jib Jib: Hmmmphhh....*His head slouches on the side of the chair8 10:11 INVADER VEX Vex: RRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH....... *falls over, and Jib can see his shoulder glowing like LIR did, and then Vex is silent and unmoving* 10:11 LIRLIR LIR: Uhrhf. HOhsjw!! What happened? Is Vax OK? LIR: Is Vex ok too? 10:12 INVADER VEX Vex: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........... *he rolls over onto his back* 10:12 Invader Jib Jib: I don't care about Vax...*Walks over to Vex* 10:12 INVADER VEX Vex: *starts screaming* 10:12 LIRLIR LIR: I care. 10:13 INVADER VEX

  • The metal brace Vex was wearing is now molten and red hot*. *Vex throws it off of himself*

10:13 LIRLIR LIR: it's one of my prime directives. 10:13 Invader Jib Jib: *Stares at Vex in awe* What in the...? 10:14 LIRLIR LIR: Ugh! All i wanted was a sandwich and i get solitary confinement! 10:14 INVADER VEX

  • Jib sees Vex laying on his back, a chunk of molten metal lying on the ground, and Vex's coat has several burnt through spots and is starting to catch fire*

10:15 Invader Jib Jib: Uh?! *Goes and grabs a bucket of water, and dumps it on Vex in an attempt to cool him off* 10:15 LIRLIR LIR: No! WE HAVE TO SAVE HIM!! 10:16 INVADER VEX Vex: AAAAGGHH! *red smoke rises from the burn wounds*

  • Vex stands up, and Jib sees a glimmer of red liquid floating in his eyes*

10:16 LIRLIR LIR: Jib! Roll him around on thr floor- or not. 10:17 Invader Jib Jib: Uuh...Vex.. 10:17 INVADER VEX Vex: What is it?!? 10:17 LIRLIR LIR: Vex? You OK? 10:17 INVADER VEX Vex: OF COURSE I AM OKAY. SHUT UP. 10:18 LIRLIR LIR: How do i get out of here? 10:19 INVADER VEX Vex: RRGH... *punches out at the glass, and It shatters in on LIR* THERE. FIGURE IT OUT, DUMMY. 10:19 LIRLIR LIR: Uh. okay 10:20 Invader Jib Jib: Vex, uh...y-you're eyes.. 10:20 LIRLIR LIR: *flies and hides behind Jib, and sees that his nanobots work* 10:20 INVADER VEX Vex: WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?! I AM PERFECTLY FINE!!!

  • Vex storms out of the room and into his room*

10:22 LIRLIR LIR: *views his visual logs and sees what had happened to him and Vex* 10:22 Invader Jib Jib: uuugh...who cares...*Falls back into the chair with his head down* 10:22 LIRLIR LIR: How was that me?! 10:23 INVADER VEX Plixx: *walks in* Whoa... What happened in here? 10:23 LIRLIR LIR: Hungry.. *eats from a nearby pickle jar*

Plixx: Ummm..... *looks at the metal pool on the ground, and at the broken glass* LIR: Uhh. I think.. I'm going to go build something..LIR: *walks into a door*6:11INVADER VEXPlixx: Where'd Vex go? He said he would be in here.6:12Invader Jib Jib: Ugh..-Excuse me, I'm not in the best of moods right now-But, something is wrong with him...he had blood or something in his eyes, and he flipped out.. LIR: -through the door- Ask Jib, he knows.6:12INVADER VEXPlixx: Where did he go?6:13Invader JibJib: He didn't say.

  • There is banging through the door**

 Plixx: Hmm... *goes over to an intercom system* Would Vex please come to the interrogation room? Vex: *walks in* WHAT IS IT, PLIXX? I AM A VERY BUSY PERSON. LIR: Me, too!Welcome to the Irken Empire Wiki chat 6:17INVADER VEXPlixx: Sir, we were merely worried about you...  Vex: I SAID I WAS FINE.6:18Invader JibJib: LIR? Busy person? AHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHA! Yeah, you have so much breaking into bases and eating people to do? *To LIR*6:18LIRLIRLIR: Yep! *There is a loud boom and more clanking noises*    *


*There is another boom and 'Glory, Glory, Hallelujah' begins to play*

Vex: *walks over and kills the power for the room* LIR: *walks out of the door with the Tinkerod the music* Jib: Um, LIR, I think you should go... Vex: I AGREE. GET OUT! LIR: Fine. I can see when i'm not wanted. *he jumps into the wires and hides* Vex: GET OUT DOES NOT MEAN HIDE IN MY BASE. *picks LIR up and throws him into an escape pod, firing it into space* *The escape pod is grabbed by a Giant spaceship, which flies off) Vex: Hmph! GOOD RIDDANCE. LIR: Uh. YOLIR: Uh, you grabbed the wrong me.6:40Nade801(K. Can I maybe join this. I'm thinking it'd be good to get Moodge really integrated, like Vex. )6:40LIRLIRLIR: *runs off* Jib: *Picks up LIR by the neck* Jib: You know, I've had enough of your whole dimension thing. Jib: *Ties LIR to a table*6:43LIRLIR(Like how cells reproduce but with lasers n stuff)6:43Invader Jib(That's really overpowered..)Jib: *Takes out a knife and starts cutting off the top of LIR's head, in order to break his attachment to the LSD* Vex: AAAAGGGH!!! *jib sees Vex's eyes turn more red, and he runs out of the room to an emergency shower* Jib: *Cuts off the top of LIR's head, cutting his LSD effect for now.*Jib: *Puts the top piece of his head in his PAK* *Vex grabs LIR and throws him in an escape pod* LIR: So, Jib, when did reading become a hobby? Jib: No idea...but I think you'll find yourself COMPLETELY vulnerable now. Plixx: Ummm.... Jib..?Welcome to the Irken Empire Wiki chat 6:55LIRLIRLIR: Well, vulnerable to what? Jib: Anything. You're limbs won't come back now. *LIR realizes that his LSD portal isn't working* Plixx:Jib... The radar indicated a massive wave of nightmare energy from Earth... Graf thinks it is Knox... Should we investigate, or try to help Vex? Plixx:Jib... The radar indicated a massive wave of nightmare energy from Earth... Graf thinks it is Knox... Should we investigate, or try to help Vex?6:57LIRLIRLIR: Jib, from your science know-how, you should know about those laser trashcans. Jib: I think we should investigated, Plixx. I dunno, but, I think with how Vex is right now, some alone-time would help him. LIR: Like a living thing's cells, my Nanobots can repair and reproduce. How else could i make knivey thumbs? Jib: *Shrugs* I just know that your portal is gone. As of now, you're a normal SIR unit. LIR: But i want to kill Knox.6:59INVADER VEXPlixx: Well if we can't take Vex, who knows a lot about this and might help, then we can take Vex. Jib: Um, well-Wait, what? Plixx: Follow me. *starts walking to the barracks*7:02LIRLIRLIR: Knox. I hate that name.7:02Invader JibJib: *Follows Plixx* LIR: *sits on Jib's head somehow*7:02INVADER VEX*Plixx opens a door, and Jib sees a shadow of an Irken's head with antennae that look like Vex's* Jib: Um...What the?! LIR:Whuh???7:04INVADER VEX*the rest of the Irken's shadow is seen, and he has no legs* Jib: Uh..who's that?7:06INVADER VEX Plixx: Vex! Well... He used to be Vex...7:06LIRLIRLIR: Yeah? Plixx: Umm... Hello? Hello, can we speak with... Uh... Vex?Irken: Huh? Oh, that's me! Yes... *hovers to the door, revealing a scarred and pale face, a mechanical arm and eye, twisted antennae, and a hovering platform in place of legs* LIR: *begins to program the Tinkerod* And LIR: There! LIR: *holds it up and it projects a bright orange glow*LIR: Uhh. Hello, person. Irken: *smiles* Hello, little SIR unit. LIR: I like this Vex better! Plixx: *grumbles something about Vex and LIR* Jib: *Whispers to Plixx, evidently having heard what he said* I know, right? LIR: So. We gonna go or what? NT-001: Go where? Where are we going? *gets nervous* LIR;I HAVE NO KDEA! NT-001: So.... Um... What are we in for...? Jib? LIR: GiantMushroomWorms?7:46Invader JibJib: I can't say for sure, though I know it's gonna get pretty crazy. NT-001: oh.... I don't usually do crazy... LIR: I'm crazy, and I get along just fine!7:48Invader JibJib: You're not crazy, you're just dumb, LIR. Jib: Anyway...I'm sure you'll be fine. LIR: Hmph.7:49INVADER VEXNT-001: Hmm... Say, I survived the war of Nark, and I can survive this! Let's do it! LIR: Hooray for thinking cheese!NT-001: Uh... Jib, do you have a ship we can take?7:53Invader JibJib: How do you know my-Eh, anyway, no, sorry. I left mine in my base-It's a long story. LIR: WAIT7:53INVADER VEXNT-001: Well... Uh... What? LIR: I can provide a transport. Plixx: Without the LSD? I doubt it.7:54LIRLIRLIR: No.  LIR: Not thatLIR: Too dangerous. Jib: LIR, you know that your portal is broken at the moment, right? Plixx: I have an old Voot runner... It will only carry two of you, though. LIR: Yep. I have friends, though. *WHAM* NT-001: AAh! *A boarding elevator slams through the ceiling*LIR: I'll pay for ot.*it7:57INVADER VEX*Laser cannons on the ship blow it up immediately*7:57Invader JibJib: AH! AHAHHAHHAHAHHA!7:56LIRLIR*A boarding elevator slams through the ceiling*7:56INVADER VEX *The ceiling starts to repair itself* LIR: WEll, I'M OUT OF IDEAS#  LIR  :S o.. should we head to the boarding ramps?7:59INVADER VEXPlixx: Like I said, I can take two of you.7:59Invader Jib Jib: Only two people, huh? *Makes gestures at LIR implying that he should leave LIR behind*7:59INVADER VEXPlixx: Okaay... Follow me. *walks to the hangar*8:00LIRLIRLIR: Ohhh. Yeah. I'll find my own transport.  LIR: *follows*8:00Invader JibJib: *Follows Plix*8:00INVADER VEX*LIR looks at the rack of escape pods in the wall* Plixx: Oh yeah... You should take one of those. Once in space I can pull your pod behind my ship. LIR: Oooh. Here i go.8:01INVADER VEX*Plixx and NT-001 get in Plixx's Voot Runner* LIR: *gets in and shoots off, and waits in space*8:02Invader JibJib: *Gets in the Voot Runner* *the Voot flies into space and fires a cable at LIR's pod* *The cable clamps onto a ladder rung on the side of the pod, and they leave for earth* LIR: Whoooooooaaaaaa!!!!! *Ten minutes later, they can see Earth* Plixx: Prepare for landing. Where were we going? A city called London, right? Where is that? NT-001: No idea... I've... uh.. never been here before.. Jib: *Points to it, seeming rather uniterested*  *the ship flies there and lands in the bottom of a lake* Plixx: Get ready to go swimming. This is the least obvious place to hide the ship for now. Jib: WAIT! PLIXX! Plixx: What?NT-001: Uh... Swimming? I don't have legs... 8:12Invader JibJib: That water will BURN YOU! IT'S HIGHLY TOXIC, SAME WITH ANY EARTH WATER! Plixx: What? Weird... Plixx: Fine... *moves the ship momentarily to the beach, and they get out* *the ship sinks back into the water* LIR: Plaugh!!! *flies out of the pod and onto the beach*     

LIR: Muaergh. *stands up* 8:48 INVADER VEX NT-001: Uuh...... The signals are coming from... There. *points to an alleyway*

Plixx: Okay. Here we go. Is everyone armed and ready?

Jib: *Nods*

NT-001: I'll just... Leave the fighting to you... *floats over to a manhole*

LIR: *presses the lever on the Tinkerod, and it fires a lightning bolt into the sky*

  • NT-001 lifts the cover up and places it ahead*

LIR: I'm ready.

NT-001: Well... Who wants to jump in first?

Jib: *Shrugs and jumps in*

  • NT-001 floats down, avoiding landing in sewage*

LIR: *Faceplants into the sewage and stands up* 8:53 INVADER VEX Plixx: Well... Here goes nothing. *jumps into the sewage*

Jib: *Falls into sewage and gets up, ignoring the gunk on his uniform*

  • the group follows NT-001 deeper into the sewers*

LIR: Does anyone other than me have a light?

  • a light from NT-001's saucer illuminates the sewer tunnel*

LIR: Oh. Right.

LIR: Oh. Right. 8:58 INVADER VEX Plixx: Eew.... I would've preferred to not have seen the muck we are wallowing in.l.

  • .

Jib: *Shrugs* I dunno, but I think the gunk itself is worse. But, eh, whatever.

LIR: It's not much different than Foodcourtia beverages in appearance.

  • the group hears a humming noise, and NT-001's scanners start showing another energy signature*

Jib: Do you hear that>

Plixx: Yeah... what is that?

Jib: Anyway...are we close to the signal?

NT-001: I... Um... Another weird signal just showed up on the monitor.... Right in front of us,,,

LIR: I have no idea!

Jib: AH! WHAT? *Jumps back and pulls out Trio Gem Sword in a defensive position*

LIR: this place is weird. *points the Tinkerod in front of him*

NT-001: I think... I think it's a rift... Part of Omniversial collapse...

LIR: I don't like the prospect of that..


NT-001: And... I'm picking up a life form... Scratch that, a nightmare, and a cyborg...

NT-001: Well... I could rephrase that... A nightmare cyborg...

LIR: Eww.

Jib: A nightmare? Those guys are messed up...We better be ready for anything.

LIR: All the better to eat those wicked scoundrels..

NT-001: They have never interfered with my dimension... I will leave this to the pros... *floats back a bit*

LIR: Or just kill them..

LIR: *keeps walking*

Jib: See, a lot of the stuff we "know" about Nightmare Irkens is pure bologna. They can be killed with normal methods, they're just more ambitious.

LIR: Ooh, they're still nasty,we all can agree to that..

Plixx: Agreed.

LIR: Sewers. Are. Huge.

Plixx: Uh... Guys...? I think it hears us. *whispers*

Jib: Look..*Points toward a light at the end of the sewer*

LIR:*whispers* Sure, ok. *keeps walking*

NT-001: That light seems to be the rift...

Plixx: Then that's where our little Nightmare Irken will be found...

LIR: Nice..

LIR: *sneaks closer*

NT-001: Three more life forms are coming from the rift! *whispers*

LIR: *returns to the group and wants*

  • They are engulfed by the light, and reach a temple-like room with a large split pillar*

Plixx: Cooolll...

Nightmare Zyl: *Jumps from the ceiling*

Plixx: Not so cool, NOT SO COOL! *moves out of the way*

Nightmare Zyl: I bet you'd like an explanation.

Plixx: Um... Okaay.

LIR: Well, all i need to know is you're a Nightmare Irken and I'd go full force on you. But, let's go your way.

NT-001: Umm.... I, uh... I'll be over here... *floats into a corner*

Nightmare Zyl: Oh? Do you not wonder why I am here, why your master's "friend" has been abducted? And you, SIR unit, do you really think I'm afraid of a pile of outdated technology? Aheh. Oh so conceited, with so little achievement.

LIR: Ooh. Likewise. *grins*

Plixx: Um... Mister? I said I DID want to know...

Nightmare Zyl: Oooh,, whatever. *Projects a chart showing several different times, and lines connecting them*

Plixx: Cool... What is it?

Zag and Jib vs N. Zyl

Nightmare Zyl: This is all of time, from past and present. You see these lines connecting to the current time?

Plixx: Uh huh...

Nightmare Zyl: Travelling to and from another time creates a permanent connection between that time and the one you came from. Each connection creates time residue. Usually in small amounts, but your little friend, Vax, created so many connections, creating enough to RIP EVERY DIMENSION APART!

Plixx: WHAT?!? Why would he do that???

Plixx: That's pretty stupid...

Nightmare Zyl: Now, why do I let his little counterpart do just the same thing? Because, where Nightmare Vax goes, Vax follows, speeding up the process!

Plixx: You want the multiverse to be destroyed? You crazy!

  • all of the sudden, the rift starts to hum and flash*

Nightmare Zyl: No! But..this will set an example to others! To not mess with me and my dimension!

Plixx: Uuh... *looks at the rift*

  • out of the rift flies three Irkens, covered in mud and looking tired*

Nightmare Zyl: You see, Vax and his Nightmare are mere pawns! Pawns in the chessgame of universal doom!

Irken #1: Uugh! That.... Was... Painful...

  • he looks up at Nightmare Zyl, and jumps back a bit*

Plixx: Hey... Who're you?!?

Nightmare Zyl: Ooh, greeat. More visitors.

Zag: Huh? Oh... I'm Irken Elite Zag!

Mie: ...I'm Mie. I don't really understand this..

Zag: *hands Nightmare Zyl a business card* Keep the change!

Nightmare Zyl: Wha...what the?!

  • Through the portal, there is a glimpse of Planet Unnu, but the rift changes back to its normal state soon after*

Plixx: I am so confused right now... Still... I think you might be a... Bad guy! *points at Nightmare Zyl*

Nightmare Zyl: Oh REALLY? Wow, who would guess? Ha.

Zag: I know, right. I mean, metal exoskeleton.. That doesn't look threatening...

Nightmare Zyl: Bleh. The time residue should flow in about..ten minutes. Loads of it, too.

Dandruff: *walks around and sits by LIR*

Zag: So.... *holds a gun up to Nightmare Zyl's head* I better take you in now, then! Mis, help me get him down! *hits him in the back of the head with the gun*


LIR: Do you?

Zag: Naah... Not really... *hits him again, making him fall into the sewage*

Nightmare Zyl: BLEH! *Gets up and wipes garbage off uniform*

Zag: Mis! Help me get him!

Mie: *Pulls out rifle and aims at N. Zyl's head*

LIR: Umm.. I'm just gonna sit here. *sits*

Zag: *aims at N. Zyl's head* Walk slowly over here...

Nightmare Zyl: Hehe...I suppose it's as good a time as any to wipe you all out.

Zag: Any sudden movements and you die... Now... Walk over here...

Nightmare Zyl: *Pulls out two black electric swords*

LIR: Oh? And how so? What about Knox?

Nightmare Zyl: *Abruptly steps to the left, making fun of Zag*

  • Zag shoots three bolts straight at him*

LIR: *senses a presence behind him, and turns to see a grinning Irken's face inches next to his own*

LIR: *senses a presence behind him, and turns to see a grinning Irken's face inches next to his own* LIR: Uhh. Hi?

Nightmare Zyl: See, I have no intention of taking you out myself. *A familar cybernetic Irken steps out of the shadows*

Irken: Hello! Fun battle out there. *Watches and stops talking, so LIR looks back*

Irken: Oooh. Knox. Hello, knoxy knoxy Knox!!!


NT-001: Gaah! Battle! *flies up into an out of reach corner*

Tark: *Comes charging at Jib*

Jib: Huh?! *Tark is trying to pull the Trio Gem Sword out of Jib's hands*

Plixx: AAH! *dives into the sewer to avoid being caught in the crossfire*

Zag: *fires a plasma pistol at Tark, and it hits him in the side*

Tark: *Pulls out a yellow, transparent sword* Tark: ?

LIR: I'm just going to watch..

Zag: *notices that his gun did nothing and pulls out his rifle*

Zag: Stand down, whoever you are!

Tark?: HOSTILE DETECTED. DENY RESITenC *Slams down the yellow sword, shooting fire toward Zag*

  • Zag fires a bolt of searing blue electricity at Tark*

Zag: *flies above the fire*


Zag: *flies over, burning Tark's face with his jet boot* TAKE THAT, YOU BUCKET OF BOLTS!!! 9:16 Invader Jib Tark: FATAL DAMAGE 2 AII CHIIP

Zag: *brings his other foot down, smashing into Tark's head*


Plixx: Umm... Guys? The nightmare Irken... Escaped...


Jib: *Fires a shot directly into Tark's head with laser gun*

Zag: *shoots five shots into the darkness where he things he hears N. Zyl*

N.Zyl:'s coming..

Zag: Make sure he is out for good... I'm going after the nightmare.

Tark: ER000R ERRORR *His head sparks, and he falls to the ground*

  • Zag shoots Tark again in the head, and then flies off towards Nightmare Zyl*

Zag: Get 'im! *starts shooting at N. Zyl, and hits him in the ankle*

LIR: Blargh. Lurk needs me. *flies off*

NT-001: Wha? You can't leave! Agh!


Plixx: Eugh! **moves away from him*

N.Zyl: ...Well, if my little slave is broken, then I'll just crush you myself! I'll crush ALL OF YOU!

Zag: Crush us? Yeah right! *throws a grenade at N. Zyl*

N.Zyl: *Stands on the split pillar, and time residue flows through him. His eyes turn white and some kind of white smoke is coming out of his back. He steps down from it*

N.Zyl: AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA! *Fires a white beam out of his hand toward Zag*

Zag: uuuhhh... WHAT THE- *dives into the sewage to dodge it*

N.Zyl: AAAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! *fires one of the beams at Plixx*

Plixx: AAGGHH!!!!!! *falls over, the beam skims one of his antennae*

Plixx: AAAGGGHHHHHhhh!!! *grasps his antenna

  • The top of the antenna is gone(

Plixx: OWW!!!!

N. Zyl: HA HA HA!

  • There is a huge hole in the part of the wall that the beam hit*

Zag: *fires five bolts of Tesseract at N. Zyl* EAT.. em.... FOURTH DIMENSIONAL LASERS!

N.Zyl: *It his him directly, hurting him*

N.Zyl: GAH! I have the power to rip you to pieces!

  • N. Zyl's chest starts to burn and glow blue soon after the shot hitting him*


Zag: It is YOUR DOOM!!!!!!!

Zag: *fires several more bolts at Nightmare Zyl, making him step backwards closer to the time residue*

N. Zyl: Doom? YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT IS! *Fires a beam at him*

Zag: f*lies out of the way, spinning in the air to dodge*


Zag: I don't think it is me who will die today! *fires a stray of shots at him* JIB, NOW! FINISH HIM!

  • some bolts hit N. Zyl in the arms*

Jib: *Charges toward Nightmare Zyl and slices N.Zyl through the chest*

Zyl: *flies through the air, kicking N. Zyl under the chin, sending him flying back, defenseless, into the split pillar*

N. Zyl: AWW C'MON *His body is ripped apart, splattering blood and organs everywhere*

Plixx: Aww... That's nasty....

Jib: Yet somehow, satisfying..

NT-001: *vomits on Jib accidentally*

NT-001: Eew... Sorry, Jib...

Jib: Ugh...that's fine..I mean, it's pretty gross..

Zag: Bah! Good riddance! *kicks an organ into the pillar, making it explode*

  • Jib's Trio Gem Sword, which had stuck in N.Zyl's chest, has turned into the Time Sword after fusing with Time Residue*

Jib: Ooh..*Picks up the sword*

Zyl: *quickly runs over to the sewer and goes to the bathroom, which is loud and takes a few minutes*

Zag: Aah... Finally... *walks back to the group*

  • Tark's metal parts fall off, revealing a burnt face*

Tark: please..*coughs blood* heelp...

NT-001: *starts to barf again, but holds it in*

Zag: What?!? You.. You're irken!

Tark: Wa...was I n-not?

Zag: Uh.. We better get this guy to a medic...

Mie: I'll take him to the space station.

Zag: I can stay here and clean up. *looks at Jib, covered in vomit*

  • Jib also has a bunch of sewage on his uniform*
  • Later, in a station orbiting Irk*

Ark: *on bridge of station* Hey, you! *points to random pilot* Are we still getting those strange readings? The ones we noticed earlier? (Is this okay?)

Mie: *lays Tark on a medical table*

  • Thesh, standing in a nearby hallway, walks into the room and drops his donut on the floor*

Thresh: T-tark???

Tark: *Wakes up* W-what.. 7:00 Invader Ark (PWEEEEEEEZ?) 7:00 INVADER VEX Thresh: That happened to him? We thought he died weeks ago... 7:00 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Walking around the station, humming*.. 7:00 LIRLIR Xisenin: Hi, Mie. *levitates a tongue depressor into Thresh's mouth smugly*

Thresh: *coughs it out*

Tark: Wha-wa? *Waking up* Thresh? Commander>?

Thresh: Tark! What happened to you?

Xisenin: *looks at Menami and gains a very thoughtful look*

Menami: .. *Looks at Xisenin* ... *Has a skeptical look*

Tark: *Cough* Meekrob..grey guy..

Xisenin: O.O *looks back at Tark quickly*

Thresh: Come on, man! Speak up!

Menami: *Looks at Tark*.. *Blinks* 7:02 LIRLIR Xisenin: Well, he got burned. Duh.

Tark: Metal AI chip sold meekrob

Thresh: Not helpful. I need details, Tark.

Thesh: After your parachute failed on Foodcourtia, what happened?

  • they hear static coming through the intercom on the wall in the room*

Tark: A bunch of Meekrob...they dragged me into an old building...and started cutting off some of my face..

Xisenin: *stares at the intercom while thinking of something different*

Thresh: Meekrob... What about this? *takes a bloodied chip off of a table, it is encoded in Irken*

Menami: .... ! .. *Glances at the intercom*..

Thresh: This was in your brain. It is irken tech. Do you know who put this into you?

Tark: I can't..remember anything after...

Strange voice: Thresh*zzzt*Thresh- *zzt* Are you- *zzt* there? *staticky noise* Thresh?

Thresh: *to the doctor* Perhaps his PAK could shed light, and-

Thresh: *on intercom* This is Thresh. I am in the medical ward. Who is this?

Xisenin: *pokes Thresh in the nose with the tongue depressor* It's for you.

Voice: *crackle* Thresh- * zzt* Thresh- *snap* Come in- *zzt*

Thresh: *on intercom* Thresh here. What is this about? 7:08 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Listening, antennae perk up*.. 7:08 Invader Ark Voice: This is- *whine* Invader- *zzt* Ark- *snap*

Thresh: Where are you? What are you calling about?

Xisenin: Ark. Heh. What, is she on a boat? Heh.

Voice: I've- *zzt* well, I'm- *crack* under attack! *static noise*

Thresh: Where, where?

Ark: we're breaking- *snap* up- *crack*

Xisenin: Er. Just wait for whoever that is to get here..

Thresh: Um... Okaay.... *turns back to Tark*

Ark: Thyrax- *static* I'm on- *crackle* Thyrax- *transmission cuts off*

Xisenin: So, what's your story, burned face?

Thresh: Tark, we'll be taking you to the judgementian control brain to try to find your memories. It might be the only way.

Tark: That's fine..

Xisenin: I can't go there without getting in trouble, i think, unless I'm not spotted, which i can easily perform.

Thresh: *Puts Tark on a stretcher and takes him to the docking ring, which has his ship docked to it*

Mie: Should I come too?


Thresh: Well I plan to take a detour to find Ark, so I might need backup. Please do come. Mie: *nods*

  • they get into Thresh's Shuvver*

Xisenin: *walks out of a shadowy chest

Xisenin: I know the passwords to the security cameras in there..

Xisenin: *jumps into a chair with a computer and waits*

Thresh: This is a legal operation... we won't need to disable any security cameras...

Xisenin: No. I wanted to watch from them. DUH!

Mie: ...Let's NOT do that..

Xisenin: I'm kind of a Loony Bin Escapee.. *chuckles*

Thesh: Umm... Do you have a legal release from an officer?

Menami: *Runs up next to Xisenin*.. Well, my duty for the day on the station is almost over.. can I help you guys out anyhow? I'm good at healing and stuff..!

Thresh: I don't see why not.

Xisenin: o.o *stares at Menami*

Menami: Alright! *Looks at Xisenin*... Is there a problem? ._.

Xisenin: Whuh? No.

Menami: .. Then why are you staring at me?

Xisenin: Umm. Uhh.. because... there was a bug or something.. *blushes*

Menami: ... Okaaaay..?

Thresh: *is warming up the ship when he sees an irken elite standing in the doorway*

Tark: *Moans*

  • Thresh sees Darzz*

Menami: *Leaning on the wall*..

Thresh: Who are you?

Darrz:Hello? Sir?

Xisenin: *floats down by Menami and leans on the same wall* 7:29 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:I'm Darrz. I think I'm assigned to you,commander?

Menami: *Looks at Xi*.. Hi.

  • Darrz has a high teenage like voice*

Thresh: Very good. Well, this is a good first mission for you to come on. Get in here. 7:29 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Yes..sir.. Darrz:*trips* Oof. 7:30 LIRLIR Xisenin: ... Hi. *his voice warbles and seems to come not from his mouth* 7:30 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Eh..sorry..

  • Darrz gets back up*

Thresh: *starts warming up the ship's engines, and begins to fly to Judgementia*

Darrz:Where are we going,sirs?

Thresh: Judgementia and then Thyrax.


Menami: ....Are you okay..? o.o

  • Darrz loks at Menami and blinks*
  • Darrz sits next to Menami,he leans his head on the wall*

Xisenin: Me? Yeah, I'm okay..

Thresh: Sit back and relax. We have a nice three hour flight till Judgementia.

Menami: *Looks at Darrz*.. Sup.

Darrz:So... Darrz:*smiles* Hi!

Xisenin: *glares at Darrz* Hi. 7:33 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Name's Menami. *Holds out hand, smiling* 7:33 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Who are you guys?

  • Darrz shakes it* Name's Darrz

Thresh: *walks over to Darrz* Hello, soldier. It seems you've made some friends.

Darrz:Yes sir. *salutes*

Tark: Ugh..*Shakily gets up*

Thresh: Excellent. You remind me of another soldier I once had the pleasure of addressing as a commander...

Thresh: And, unfortunately... A soldier we must journey to save soon after this.


Tark: *Slowly walks over to them* Huh? Who?

Darrz:What happened to the soldier?

Thresh: Tark! You should be resting! Tark: Aww...but it feels like I've been asleep for three weeks already..

Thresh: *to Darrz* He, erm... He was a test subject of the meekrob...

Thresh: Tark, you need to heal. It is for your own good.

Darrz:They won't see me coming! I'll be like POW! *punches Menami on accident* 7:37 LIRLIR Xisenin: *levitates a storage tank over Darrz and drops it on his head*

Darrz:*antennae go down* .-. 7:37 INVADER VEX

  • Thresh walks back to the bridge of the ship*

7:37 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... !

Mie: Hey! Xisenin! Mie: DON'T DO THAT!

Xisenin: *hits Darrz repeatedly with the storage tank*

Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Oops..sorry.. Darrz:OW!

  • Darrz moves out of the way*

7:39 Invader Jib Mie: *Tazers Xisenin* 7:39 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: STOP IT! *Punches Xisenin down* 7:39 Mysteriousjillguy

  • Darrz has a bruise on his head*


  • two and a half hours later, Judgementia comes into view*

Tark: Augh..are we there yet?

Darrz:I'm bored.. 7:40 LIRLIR Xisenin: *wakes up* Gaurgh what tasers darrz pretty girls what??

Thresh: Yes, Tark. Almost there. 7:40 Mysteriousjillguy

  • Darrz plays with his antennae*


  • the ship lands on a landing platform*

Darrz:Wooho! WE're here! Time to get these legs moving!

Xisenin: *flies out and follows* 7:41 INVADER VEX Thresh: Everyone, I expect you to be on best behavior.

Thresh: Everyone, I expect you to be on best behavior.

  • walks out of the ship*

7:41 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Yes sir! *Follows after them* 7:41 Invader Jib Mie: *follows* 7:41 Invader Ark

  • thresh hears another transmission

7:41 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*takes out plasma pistols* I can't wait to blast some meekrob-

  • it's like it's coming from the air around them

Darrz:*antennae go up* Oh yes sir! *puts gun away and follows*

  • a guard escorts the group into a courtroom*

Xisenin: *sits by Menami*

Darrz:A court room? Ughhh

7:43 Invader Jib Tark: Eugh...I'm so bored..

Darrz:WE're not doing a trial are we..?

There's a tiny probe playing the message above Thresh's head*

Mie: Wha?! *Cuts the probe in half with a knife*

  • the control brains come out of the ceiling* Thresh: Oh mighty control brains, we need you to download data from Tark's PAK to solve a case of who tampered with his body and mind.

Control brain: What seems to have happened to him?

Darrz:Control brains?! *spazzes and then quickly salutes* 7:45 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ! .. *Does the same* 7:45 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Good day! Control brains,almighty sirs!

Thresh: We think that he was tampered with by another Irken and some meekrob. We are dealing with treason here.

Control brain 2: Yes... Reveal his PAK...

  • A cord comes out of the ceiling and drops in front of Tark*
  • Darrz pulls out soda out of nowhere,he hands a popcorn bag to Menami*

Mie: *looks at the screen intently

Darrz:*drinks soda through a straw*

Xisenin: *eyes the popcorn bag, and regretfully levitates some popcorn into his mouth and watched*

Menami: *Looks at the bag*.. *Stuffs it in PAK for later, not being hungry*

  • the cord plugs into Tark's PAK, and images start to flash, too fast for the Irkens to see*
  • The screen slows down, and shows several Meekrob carrying Tark into a building on foodcourtia*
  • The meekrob drop Tark onto the table, and being pulling out several sharp tools(
  • there some modified Irken instruments that they are using*
  • the room becomes very dark all of the sudden, and five red lights are seen spinning above Tark*
  • The lights start moving, and all of the sudden the PAK shows that the brain was being tampered with*
  • The screen shows N.Zyl ripping open the top of Tark's head*

7:51 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ...Wow... 7:51 Mysteriousjillguy

  • Darrz closes his mouth*

7:52 Invader Jib Mie: *Gags at the sight of Tark's head being cut*

  • the person belonging to the five lights inserts something into the brain
  • Darrz begins to puke,but swallows it down*
  • Darrz begins to puke,but swallows it down*

7:52 INVADER VEX Thresh: *stands, steel eyed* 7:53 LIRLIR Xisenin: *just watches* 7:53 Invader Ark

  • a small probe identical to the one they saw earlier comes down from... Somewhere


  • The irken uses brass to solder Tark's skull back together*

7:53 Invader Jib

  • N.Zyl is seen shoving an AI chip into Tark's brain*
  • Blood splatters from Tark's head on the screen*

Darrz gags* 7:54 INVADER VEX

  • The Irken plugs it into a computer, and starts uploading files*


  • Tark starts convulsing and spazzing*

Tark starts convulsing and spazzing*

  • On the screen*
  • N.Zyl presses a button, and Tark sits up*
  • Darrz faints from the horror*

7:56 Invader Jib Tark: AWAITING COMMAND.

  • on screen
  • the Irken with the red lights plugs a facemask onto Tark's head, and then the meekrobs start finishing the process*

robots take Darrz away*

  • to get medical help*

7:57 INVADER VEX Control brain 2: We have... your results... 7:57 Mysteriousjillguy ( Don't continue too much without me. 7:57 Invader Jib Mie: Eugh..that was horrible.. 7:57 Mysteriousjillguy ( Bye 7:57 Invader Ark (Bye) 7:58 LIRLIR Xisenin: They're turning him into a servant.

Control Brain 3: The one with the five lights was an Irken named Knox. The nightmare was named Zyl.

Menami: ... o.o.. 7:59 Invader Jib Tark: Ughh...those jerks..

Xisenin: *suddenly notices that Darrz is gone, and whoops for no apparent reason*

it is quiet*

Thersh: I heard that Nightmare Zyl was dead...

Xisenin: *looks around* Ahem. Sorry about that.. ._.

Mie: heard that from me 20 minutes ago..

Xisenin: This was probably before that...

Tark: *Sits up, with visible fury*

Thresh: I know, but it means we have one less enemy.

Tark: KNNOOOOX *Punches his bed*

Xisenin: O__O

Thresh: Calm down. calm down. We will help you get your revenge.

Tark: Hmmph...

Thresh: Now, off to planet thyrax to find Ark.

  • Ark's probe jolts to life for a second* Ark: KNOX- *crack* IS HERE *probe sparks and blows apart*
  • the group leaves the room, saluting on their way out*

Xisenin: *follows back into the ship*

Thresh: Everyone,, get in the ship. 8:11 LIRLIR Xisenin: *gets in* 8:11 Invader Jib Mie: *Gets in*

  • the ship flies to Planet Thyrax*

Tark: Ough...can I get off this bed now? Please?

Menami: *Comes inside* 8:12 INVADER VEX Thresh: *takes it off Tark* Menami: .. *Leans againt a wall again* 8:13 Invader Jib Tark: *Stands up* Ah..Finally..

  • as the ship lands, they look out the windows... And see thousands of insect-like creatures with glowing red eyes trying to attack an exposed Irken base
  • as the ship lands, they look out the windows... And see thousands of insect-like creatures with glowing red eyes trying to attack an exposed Irken base

Thresh: Ready, everyone?

Mie: *nods*

the door opens, and thresh runs out, shooting at Thyraxians* 8:14 LIRLIR Xisenin: I'm ready.

Thresh: ARK! OVER HERE! 8:15 Invader Jib

  • Tark and Mie run out, shooting some Thryraxians*

8:15 Invader Ark Ark: GAAAH! STAY BACK, FILTH! *cuts Thyraxian in half with sword, then sees Thresh* THRESH! 8:15 LIRLIR Xisenin: *creates a hardlight sword and slices a few in half* 8:15 INVADER VEX Thresh: *shoots a thyraxian right behind Ark*

Menami: ! *Shoots a few*

Tark: Gah...these things are gross..

Ark: KNOX IS CONTROLLING THEM! IF WE GET TO HIM, THEY'LL ALL STOP! 8:17 LIRLIR Xisenin: *crushes a few of them* Yup.. 8:17 INVADER VEX Thresh: *sees a brass instrument atop a hill with a figure standing next to it*

Ark: *smashes a Thyraxian's head with a piece of rubble


Xisenin: i have a feeling bugs aren't the only thing that will attack us.. *smashes more*

  • They see a small gold ship flying away from the planet*

mall gold ship flying away from the planet* Thresh: SHOOT THAT SHIP DOWN! 8:20 LIRLIR Xisenin: I-uh.. this is a trap, Thresh. 8:20 Invader Jib

  • Tark and Mie fire at the ship*


  • the shuvver's cannons start to fire at the ship*

8:20 Invader Ark Ark: *ion blaster winds out of her PAK and she shoots at the ship

Menami: *Takes out strongest laser, trying to shoot at the ship*

  • a bolt from the shuvver hits the ship*

Xisenin: I don't want to smash that ship into the ground. That's OP- WHAT THE!!! Xisenin: IT'S A TRAP! 8:21 INVADER VEX

  • it crashes into a cave nearby*
  • the Thyraxians all halt, then turn and sprint to the cave

Xisenin: Uhh. Guys? Freaky robots. Behind you.

Ark: They're gonna try to protect Knox. At all costs.

Xisenin: *follows*

  • AIR flies out of the partially wrecked base and into the cave behind Ark
  • red smoke, much like that that rose from Vex in his station, starts coming from the crash*

Xisenin: Soooo.. you guys gonna go there, or do I have to wait? 8:25 Invader Ark Ark: That's not normal... 8:25 Invader Jib

  • The group starts walking toward the cave*

Thresh: Always so perceptive, huh Ark? *starts running there, shooting more enemies*

Ark: I see you still have the same sense of humor you always did... *slices Thyraxian guards in half*

an explosion is seen where the ship was, and red "snow" starts falling over the whole area* 8:27 Invader Jib Tark: Well, the redsmoke isn't normal, but what IS normal nowaday?

  • nowadays

8:27 INVADER VEX Thresh: Don't let that stuff touch you! Quick, to the cave! 8:27 Invader Ark Ark: Good point, Tark... * runs into cave*

Xisenin: *smushes a Thyraxian right behind Menami* 8:27 INVADER VEX

  • the group reaches the cave*

Xisenin: Okay.. Now what? 8:28 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ! .. *Looks at Xi for a moment*

Menami: .. *Looks back ahead*..

Xisenin: *sits on the floor of the cave* 8:28 INVADER VEX Thresh: Shh! *points to a white light, much like the one in the sewer on earth*

AIR: *scans room* Hm...

Thresh: *creeps closer to the light, and hears Knox laughing*

Thresh: *whispers* He's over here. He has opened up a portal or something...

Mie: I've never heard of this guy..what exactly are we up against?

Thresh: He's insane, but powerful. Watch out for his tricks.

Knox: Do not linger in the shadows, fools. I KNOW you are there...

Tark: ...Should we attack now?

Thresh: ... It might not be the best course of action, but he knows we're here anyway...

Menami: ... *Worried look*..

Knox: Yess... Come out and FACE ME...

Tark: I say we attack now...I-I can't wait any longer...

Thresh: Be careful, soldier... This is most certainly a trap.

Menami: ..I bet he's got some kind of weapon waiting for us..

  • Thyraxian soldiers start to converge on the mouth of the cave, forcing them to crawl closer to Knox*

Mie: We have to attack now, trap or not..otherwise he's gonna..honestly, I have no idea

Thresh: I agree... He cannot overpower us all... We rush his guns on three. Thresh: One... Two... Thresh: THREE!

  • Tark and Mie fire their laser rifles*
  • A portal is waiting for them, and is sucking rocks and the lasers into it*
  • The portal starts to suck Tark, Mie, and Thresh into it*

Menami: ! *Just came out, was about to shoot* AAAH!

Tark: What the?!

  • The portal sucks them all in and then closes*


Thresh: What the...? *is crammed under a pile of skeletons* Thresh: Aah! *climbs out*

Tark: Ugh...stupid portals...

  • Tark is under a desk, Mie is in a chair, and Menami is on top of a huge work lamp*

Mie: This is..strange..

Menami: .. Aaaaaah.. *Sits up*.. Great.. *Looks down*

Thresh: Where... and when... are we..? *checks PAK, showing that it is three weeks prior to the battle on Thyrax and they are on earth*

Growing Insanity 3
  • Suddenly, a hole is blasted in the door at the end of the room, and metal is flying everywhere*

Thresh: *dives into the pile of skeletons again*

Menami: !! *Hops down and hides behind the lamp*

  • A beam of light is seen in coming through the hole*

Thresh: *crouches behind the pile and aims a gun down the hole*

Tark: *Inches toward the whole*

Menami: *Peeks out*.. 6:58 Invader Jib Mie: *points rifle at the hole*

  • The light has illuminated a gold and grey jar filled with glowing red and orange matter, and it is covered in blood*

Tark: that? It looks stupid..

Menami: ... *Blinks*

  • Two blue eyes can be seen peeking through the hole, and soon a gloved hand grabs the edge of the hole*

Mie: Hello? Identify yourself!

  • An Irken with Blue eyes, a grey uniform, a bloodied and mangled shoulder, and a flashlight is revealed coming through the hole*

Thresh: Vex...? *stands up*

Mie: I will say it again..identify yourself!

Vex: What the heck! How did you guys get in here? This place has been buried for centuries!

Thresh: *taps Mie on the shoulder* He's a friend.

Mie: Hmm..okay...

Thresh: Anyway, Knox was able to suck us here in a portal... Where are we and... Why are you here?

Menami: .... *Just listening to the conversation, not knowing what to say*

Vex: I'm here for that. *points to the container on the ground* And we are underneath London on Earth. This lab was used by Knox centuries ago to collect a substance from the minds of subjects.

Vex: Vax, Jib, and I were here to kill him at that same time, but he took Vax, almost killed Jib, and escaped...

Mie: I don't think..that stuff is safe..

Vex: *is about to pick it up* That is a fair point...

  • The ground shakes, and the container is filled up a bit more*

Vex: I ought to research this before I just go picking it up.... Wow... Imagine what could've happened then...

  • The ground shakes again, and the container is filled up*
  • All of the sudden, Vex's station's interrogation chamber was not and is not broken, LIR is fine and has full LSD control, and Plixx is no longer and never was with Jib, Zag, and Mie in the sewers, but Vex was and will be there instead

???: Ah. The puppets continue to play in the stage of doom...

  • the container is full to bursting with energy, and all of the sudden teleports out of the room*

Thresh: Who's there? *takes out handgun*

Menami: ... ._.

  • An Irken with Cyan eyes is seen hanging from the ceiling*

Thresh: Who are you? *aims gun at hi

Irken:Hi! But it doesn't really matter, so..It's kinda boring to just TELL you who am I. But eh...I kinda have to, er.."throw you away", if you know what I mean. Vex: You want our lives? Come and take them!

Menami: .. Aaah, I'm too young to die, haha! Menami: Just try it, jerk.

Vex: *takes out a handgun and a plasma ssword

Irken: Fine, be boring like that. *The Irken jumps down and is revealed to be Tilex*

enami: *Takes out a plasma cannon*..

Thresh: *fires at Tilex*


Has a bullet in the head from Thresh's gun, but is ignoring it* Tilex: This is fun, but....I'm kiiiiiinda on a tight schedule, so..if you could go ahead and die..

Vex: *tries to dive another one, but hits his bad shoulder and crashed behind it, moaning*

Menami: *Hiding behind a lamp, trying to shoot Tilex with the cannon*

Tark and Mie: *They hide behind the Desk lamp and the Desk, repsectively, aiming their guns at Tilex*

Tilex: *Machine guns runs out of ammo*

Thresh: *shoots

at the gun, making it explode*
  • Tilex's face is now severly burnt, and so is some of his uniform..but he's still ignoring it*

Thresh: *The tank behind him breaks from the explosion, and he gets glass shards in his back*

Thresh: AARGH! *crawls behind the pile of bodies*

Menami: *Goes back to hiding for a moment, trying to avoid all risk of being injured.. extremely afraid*

Tilex: *Walks over to one of the Tanks, and stabs it with a big knife* \

  • A mutated thing falls out, and it seems dead*

Tilex: Mhmhmhm....*Walks to another tank, and stabs it*

  • Another weird thing falls out*

Menami: ..*Peeks out slowly*..\

Tilex: *Stabs yet another tank*

Vex: UUgggh... *turns around to look at the scene and looks surprised*

  • With each tank he breaks, another unconscious mutant creature falls out*
  • Tilex

Tilex: *Reaches the tank Vex is hiding behind*

Tilex: *Stabs the tank*

Vex: *slices at Tilex with his sword*

Vex: Aagh! RRH.... *slices apart Tilex's knife*

Tilex: *uses the weird thing that fell out as a shield*

Vex: *slices the thing apart, shooting green blood everywhere and making the thing screech*

Thresh: Vex! Look out! *sees another thing shambling towards Vex and shoots it down*

Tilex: *Is about to stab Vex with what remains of his knife*

Vex: *kicks Tilex in the arm, sending his knife across the room*

Vex: What, no *cough* clever one liners, Tilex?

Tilex: Mhm.

Vex: *manages to stand up* RRggh! *slices and shoots at Tilex*

Vex: *manages to stand up* RRggh! *slices and shoots at Tilex* Thresh: Cover him! *shoots more mutant things as they begin to awake

Tilex: BLAAGH *Falls to the ground*

Menami: .. *Stands up*.. *Runs out* Sorry f-for uh.. wimping out for a bit.. *Attempts to ward off the mutants with them

Vex: Rgh! *is about to run Tilex through with his sword*

  • a mutant thing runs and tackles Vex, sending him into the pile of bones*

Tilex: *Stands back up with his PAK legs*

Vex: AAGH! *slices the thing in half, but then passes out from blood loss*

Tilex: Well this sucks...oh well. Tilex: *Climbs up a wall and watches the battle*

Thresh: *shoots at more mutant things*

Menami: How many of these things are there?! *Keeps shooting*

  • Tark and Mie shoot at some of them*

All the containers are broken but one, so there aren't many mutants left*

Tark: *Shoots more of them*

Thresh: *kicks one in the head, snapping its neck*

Mie: *Stabs one in the head*

Vex: *wakes up* Uugh... *shoves the dead mutant off of him and then starts shooting at the other ones*

Tark: *Shoots one in the head, killing it*

Menami: *Keeps shooting, shooting one in the chest*

  • A stray shot hits the last tank, a huge one at the back of the lab*
  • The tank bursts, and a huge mutated Irken steps out of the tank*

Mutant: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGhhhhh!!!! *charges at the group*

Tark: AH! *Suddenly tries to fire at it*

Menami: !!!!! *Tries to fire at it too*

Mutant: RAAGH! *takes a hand and hits Tark, sending him flying into a wall on the other side of the room*

Menami: ... *Backs up quickly, trying to shoot it in the chest* WHAT IS THAT?!

Thresh: I have no idea! *shoots at it more*

Mie: *fires rifle at it*


Mie: *Falls to the ground and rolls away, firing at it from the ground*

Mutant: *hits the wall, making the walls crack a lot*

Mie: *Tries to stab the mutant*

Vex: *throws sword at the mutant, cutting its arm off*

Mutant: AAAAAGGGHHH! *charges at Vex enraged*

Vex: *rolls out of the way, making the thing crash into an open electric circut*

Mie: *Throws knife at the mutant*

Thresh: *throws a grenade at the mutant, blowing off some of its skin*

Mutant: RAAAGGHHH!!! *accidentally falls into the pile of glass and bones, stabbing his spine and making him screech in pain

  • Tark manages to walk over to the other side of the room, now really hurt*

Tark: Uurgh...okay, what now?

Vex: Now... *cough* We kill that thing... *throws Tark his sword*

Tark: *Walks over to the mutant, and stabs it in the head*

Menami: ..

Tark: it dead?

Mutant: uuuuggghhh.....

Vex: Kill it...

Tark: *Slices it's head off*

Mutant: AAAAGG-

Thresh: Well... That was... Something... Now, how do we get back to modern times..?

Mie: Wait..I hear something..

Thresh: *listens* Hmm... *inches closer to the sound*

Mie: *Inches closer to the sound, gesturing to follow, and they see two Irkens tied to the wall with ropes*

Menami: !..

Thresh: What the- *takes a knife and slices off the ropes* Who are you? 8:34 LIRLIR Xisenin: *Watches from the shadows*

  • The two Irkens are Jaz and Zyl, and they have ducktape over there mouths*

Thresh: *rips the tape off*

Zyl: AUUGH..THANK YOU..*Deep breath*..I'm Zyl, of course.

Thresh: Zyl? Aren't you a criminal or something?

Menami: *Again, keeping silent... since she doesnt know anyone else here* 8:37 Invader Jib Zyl: I'm a prison invader of sorts, person.I was taken unwillingly.

Xisenin: *walks out* Hi, Commander Thresh.

  • walks in

Thresh: Thanks for helping us fight, Xisenin... Psh... *turns back to Zyl*

Zik: *a portal appears.. and he is thrown in from it, ramming into Menami

Menami: AAA-- 8:39 LIRLIR Xisenin: Oh. Hi, Zik. 8:40 Ametrineskies Zik: *quickly floats up, upsidedown* .. *stares at Xisenin* ..Sup. 8:40 Invader Jib (The girl that came to Sevn's space stations for supplies and ended up coming along on the whole situation) 8:40 INVADER VEX Thresh: *points a gun at Zik* 8:40 Ametrineskies Zik: ..This again. 8:40 INVADER VEX Thresh; Who are YOU? 8:40 YourFavoriteFangirl (Ohh yeah. Sorry, it's kinda hard to remember all the characters..) Menami: HEY, DON'T! 8:40 LIRLIR Xisenin: Thresh, he's a friend. 8:40 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: He's my friend, Thresh.. 8:40 Ametrineskies Zik: Am I really that much of a criminal? ..I'm Zik. Allyperson o-o; 8:40 INVADER VEX Thresh: *holsters gun* Fine. 8:41 LIRLIR Xisenin: *floats up and puts his right arm around Zik's shoulder*

Xisenin: *floats up and puts his right arm around Zik's shoulder* Xisenin: Heez mah pal! 8:41 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*"stands" straight*.. Eheh.. 8:41 INVADER VEX Thresh: Well that's all fine and dandy, but we are time displaced and trapped underground with no way out... If anyone has any ideas, speak now.

Xisenin: *floats away and reclines on an imaginary recliner* Hmmm. 8:42 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Well.. Menami: ..*Looks at Zik* 8:42 Ametrineskies Zik: ..I left my teleport device at home. 8:42 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... Don't you know time travel-- ..Great. 8:43 Invader Jib Jaz: That did we get here in the first place? Gah, I don't even know...

Menami: *looks at Jaz*.. Things just keep happening. 8:43 INVADER VEX Vex: ... I can get you out of the caves, but you'll need to figure out the whole time travel thing. My machine is worlds away.

Xisenin: Well.. I've got these guys.. *an army of small cubes that could fit neatly in Thresh's hand roll out in formation, and begin to form stairs*

Xisenin: Of course, that only helps if we need stairs.  :/

Zik: ..*looks at the cubes* 8:44 INVADER VEX Thresh: Lead on, Vex.

Vex: Yes, of course.. *coughs and seems really lightheaded*

Xisenin: Hm. Follow me, M-Cubes. *follows, and the cubes roll behind him*

Vex: *uses PAK legs to crawl out of the hole and into a room with a chair in it*

Xisenin: *follows* I quite like chairs.

Xisenin: *follows* I quite like chairs. Xisenin: You sit on them. That's neat, innit? 8:47 INVADER VEX Thresh: *follows Vex* Vex: I.. It was up here. *Points to a hole in the ceiling covered with a tarp* 8:48 Invader Jib

  • Mie, Tark, Zyl, and Jaz follow*

Menami: *Follows*.. 8:49 LIRLIR Xisenin: Ooh, someone needs stairs, yes?

  • Vex climbs out of the hole on the ceiling and comes out in an incredibly dilapidated old store*

isenin: Okay, then no. *follows* 8:49 Ametrineskies Zik: *quietly follows, beside her* 8:50 INVADER VEX

  • There is a broken speaker on the wall and a can of pickled pig toes*

Vex: Now.. This is Earth, so hide your face.

Speaker: Argentina! BANANA PHONE. *sparks*

  • Vex's PAK legs go in and he uses a rifle as a crutch*
  • A synthetic skin disguise comes out of Vex's implant and covers him*

Menami: .. I dont have a disguise...

Zik: ..*turns on his holodisguise.. a bit different than usual; his hair fluffier and over his eyes, the light blue barely seen.. fair-palish skin*

Thresh: *puts up a red hood*

  • Tark and Mie put on helmets*

Menami: ... *Looks at Zik for help*

8:53 LIRLIR Xisenin: *finds a nice sombrero and wears it* I could bend light to my will and make me look normal by human standards, but.. a sombrero always works! Heh. 8:53 Ametrineskies Zik: .. *gives Menami an extra small chip, and a remote*

Zik: *smiles* I keep extras, eheh.

Menami: ..*Small smile* .. *Fits it and turns it on*

Xisenin: *slaps a fedora onto Menami's head* For good measure. 8:54 INVADER VEX Vex: Enough pleasantries. We need to get you guys to your own time to stop Knox.

Xisenin: Er. Kay.

Zyl: How do you plan on doing that, exactly?

Menami: .. *Adjusts fedora, giggling softly*.. *Goes back to being quiet, listening*

Thresh: Well... We could always try to find Jib and use his...

Zik: *blushes faintly as he looks at her*.. Long Time has left the chat. 8:56 LIRLIR Xisenin: Yeah? *taps Vex annoyingly with a floating shade hat*

Vex: My time machine is worlds away, like I said...

Xisenin: Hm. Worlds. That's a problem.

Thresh: I think Vax's time distorter is on Earth...

Xisenin: Why don't we just fly th Earth to there?

Jaz: Wait, yeah! The time distorter IS here, in this city!

Xisenin: I'M KIDDING. 8:59 INVADER VEX Thresh: Where Jaz? Where? 8:59 Invadervax Xav: Indeed, it is.

Xav: Indeed, it is.

Xisenin: A flying metal rectangular prism? Right up there *points to the sky*

Xav: *Comes out of a shadow*

Xisenin: Hey! That's MY TRICK! 9:00 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Looks at Xav*.. Hey! Zik: ..So many people appearing with STYLE 9:00 INVADER VEX Thresh: So... Where is it?

Zik: ...*mutters*: I came in like I was slingshotted

Xisenin: Be quiet. *floats a top hat onto Zik's head* 9:01 Invader Jib Jaz: It's next to a temple thing outside..

Xav: Follow Jaz.

Thresh: Let's get going, then.

Menami: ... *Stands up* Alright. 9:01 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*blinks*.. *tosses hat off.. hair bounces back up* 9:01 LIRLIR Xisenin: *follows* 9:02 Invader Jib Jaz: *Walks out of the building toward a parking lot, gesturing to follow* 9:02 INVADER VEX Vex: Good luck. *walks away and gets into his ship, which is disguised as a car* 9:02 Invadervax Xav: *Follows* 9:02 INVADER VEX Thresh: *follows Jaz*

Menami: *Follows after them*

Xisenin: *follows*

Xisenin: *follows*

  • the Time Distorter is seen in a parking lot a few blocks away*
  • A cop is writing a ticket to stick to the Time Distorter*

9:04 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Ah! Over there..

Xisenin: *gasps* I LOVE BOXES! *runs into it and falls over, his sombrero falls off, the cop shrieks and runs away* 9:05 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Smooooth, dude.

Xisenin: UUUURRRGGGG. *stands up*

Menami: .. Ehehe!

Thresh: *walks over to the Time distorter and types in KILL JUSTIN BIEBER!!! in the lock pad*

  • the door opens*

Xav: I can pilot. 9:10 INVADER VEX Thresh: Everyone get in. Not you, Xav. You need to stay on your time.

Xisenin: Ucturaxatick ventoupp faxarrs! *walks in*

Thresh: *climbs in the Time Distorter* 9:11 Invadervax Xav: I'm not from this time... *Gets in* 9:11 Ametrineskies Zik: ..I dont even know what time this is. *climbs in* 9:11 INVADER VEX Thresh: Fair enough. 9:11 Invader Jib

  • Jaz, Zyl, Mie, and Tark get in*
  • the time distorter disappears! and reappears in the same spot three weeks later*

9:12 LIRLIR Xisenin: Heaxa! *sits down*

Menami: *Had climbed in sorrydelayedresponse*

Thresh: We need to find Knox. He's probably still on Thurax.

  • thyrax

9:14 LIRLIR Xisenin: Fine by me. *follows* 9:14 Invader Jib Jaz: *Oddly cheery, not like she usually usually is, and is smiling* How do we get there?

Menami: *Walks out*..

Thresh: Well only Vex and Vax have the tech to lock onto his energy signals, and Vax is captured, so... I guess we find Vex. 9:14 LIRLIR Xisenin: JUCTU BUCTU JEEKA! We will find a way!

hresh: Unfortunately... My ship is on Thyrax...

Xisenin: That's a shame.

Thresh: Yeah... Hmm... *looks at the passed out cop*

Menami: Wait.. Vax was captured? 9:16 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*quietly listening*.. Soooo, wait. What's goin on? What did I get myself into?

Xisenin: I can shadow warp you guys to my home. Well, i could warp you right to Thyrax, but that's not fun. 9:16 Invadervax Xav: Yes... 9:16 INVADER VEX Thresh: *walks over and starts digging through the cop's pockets until he finds his car keys*

Menami: ..oAo

Xisenin: Eh. We'll find another way. 9:17 YourFavoriteFangirl (Menami: ) 9:18 Invader Jib Zyl: That guy is obsessed with time travel..of course he's captured. He's completely reckless. 9:18 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ..Aw, cmon! He's not that reckless! 9:18 INVADER VEX Thresh: *walks over to the cop car and starts trying to make it work* How the heck to you make this thing work! *pushes the clutch and accidentally shifts into drive, starting the engines

Menami: Time travel is cool.. I mean, I've been around him to help him at times.

Xisenin: That's how.. *gets in* 9:18 Ametrineskies Zik: ..I love time travel~

Thresh: There we go... *puts on the cop's glasses* Get in, everyone. We're going for a spin. 9:19 Invadervax Xav: Time travel is addicting, you know... 9:19 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Nods*.. *Hops in* 9:19 LIRLIR Xisenin: I dabble. 9:19 Invader Jib

  • Tark, Jaz, Mie, and Zyl get in*

Xisenin: I like to get ancient Byzantine yogurt... mmmm. 9:20 INVADER VEX

  • the car drives away at full speed with sirens on, and thresh is steering perfectly*

9:20 Invadervax Xav: *Gets in* 9:20 Invader Jib Zyl: Do you know the risk of time travelling? Stepping on a rock could prevent someone from existing. Even doing it is reckless. 9:20 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*blinks*..

Zik: ..*had gotten in, forgot to put it, ah well?* 9:20 INVADER VEX Thresh: Good thing us Irkens have better reflexes than humans, or I might kill you guys on accident! *laughs* 9:20 Ametrineskies

Zik: ...I wanna drive.. *eye sparkle*

Xisenin: I'm alive, weirdo. *pokes Zyl * now be quiet..

Thresh: You can drive later, we need to get to one of those... How do you say... Airport thingies...

Xisenin: Airports.

  • the London airport can be seen in the distance*

Xav: Hmmm...

Thresh: Primitive technology much... 9:22 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Is a bit upset*.. *Blinks*

  • the car pulls to a stop in front of the airport and they get out*

Xisenin: I think they're smart. Using the density of oxygen to achieve flight, that takes some thinking!

Mie: Eh, some of them are, some of them aren't.

Thresh: Hmm... How we acquire a ride might be tricky...

Xisenin: *follows*

Thresh: *puts on police clothes* I'll be right back. Tark, get on a police uniform and come with me,

Tark: *Quickly puts on a police uniform over his uniform and follows Thresh*

Menami: *Walks up to Xisenin*..

  • they enter and see the check in desks*

Xisenin: o.o *just stands*

Man: Err... Can I help you...... Officers..?

Xisenin: I forgot my sombrero. Does anyone have it?

Thresh: Yes, you can. We need to perform routine inspection of your aircraft. There have been some inquiries lately, and we need to be safe.

Man: Oh, Okaay, oh... Follow me.

  • thresh and Tark follow the man*

Man: *leads them to an empty jet plane on the runway*

Thresh: Thank you civilian, we can take it from here.

thresh walks into the ship's cockpit and takes off his police uniform* 9:33 Invader Jib Tark: *follows*

Thresh: I have no idea how to fly this thing, but I'll give it a shot.

Thresh: *after twenty minutes manages to get the plane turned on and begins taxiing*

Thresh: Tark, call the others and tell them to meet us on the runway as soon as they can.

Xav: I know someone who could help us with some stuff, but you REALLY wouldn't like it... 9:37 Invader Jib Tark: *pulls out an Irken phone and sends the others messages to come to the run way* 9:37 INVADER VEX Thresh: *gets to the runway and puts the ramp down*

Xav: Menami knows... Long Time has left the chat. 9:37 LIRLIR Xisenin: *goes there, and gets into the plane* 9:37 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. Hm? *Looks at her*.. Invader Ark has left the chat. 9:38 INVADER VEX

  • everyone gets in the jet plane, which is a very nice on

Xav: You don't remember how many British queens we and Vax have allied during our travels? 9:38 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*runs in the jet plane*.. OoooooOOOOOoooh! >w< 9:38 LIRLIR Xisenin: *lounges in a chair*

Xav: *Goes to the runway* 9:39 INVADER VEX

  • the plane takes off very shakily*

Menami: *Goes to the runway as well and inside the plane*.. I don't think you ever told me, Xav. 9:39 LIRLIR Xisenin: Some humans do know some luxury..

Zyl: Oh's not gonna be one of his weird..time dudes or whatever, is it? 9:40 INVADER VEX

Thresh: *on intercom* Hello folks, and thank you for choosing Air Irken for all your Traveling needs! We know you had no choice whatsoever!

Xav: ... 9:40 LIRLIR Xisenin: *laughs and eats pretzels*

Menami: .. :I

Zik: ..Eheh! 9:41 INVADER VEX Thresh: *turns off intercom*

  • eight hours later...*

Xisenin: PRETZELS!! WOOOHHOO HEE HEE PRETZELS OMNOMNOM *grabs more pretzel bags and munches on them* 9:41 Invadervax Xav: Actually, Zyl, you might find it even worse.

Zyl: Greeat..

Thresh: We have reached the continental US, folks. There are three hours remaining on our flight.

Zik: ...*fallen asleep*

Xav: Oh, great...The bad part of Earth... 9:43 LIRLIR Xisenin: *sits next to Menami* 9:43 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Has been on laptop for a while*.. 9:43 Invader Jib Jaz: *Is tinkering with her rifle with a couple of tools, bored* 9:43 INVADER VEX

Thresh: You will find parachutes under your seats. Please put these on within the next three hours. 9:44 LIRLIR Xisenin: *stares at the screen* Whatchya doin'?

Menami: Chatting. *On the Irken version of OmegleXD*

of Xisen: T_T

  • two hours and fifty minutes later*

Thresh: Everyone, put on your parachutes now.

Zik: ..*wakes up*.. Hrm? 9:46 Invadervax Xav: *Puts on parachute* 9:46 INVADER VEX Thresh: I repeat, put on your parachutes and line up at the door. 9:46 Invader Jib

  • Tark, Mie, Zyl, and Jaz put on parachutes*

9:46 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*slowly grabs parachute* Alright..? 9:46 LIRLIR Xisenin: AH DONT NEED ONE CUZ. I CAN FLY!

Xisenin: AH DONT NEED ONE CUZ. I CAN FLY! 9:46 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Does the same, blinking*.. 9:47 LIRLIR Xisenin: *goes to the door* 9:47 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ARE WE GOING SKYDIVING? Menami: *Runs over to the door*.. 9:47 INVADER VEX Thresh: Yeah... Yes.

Xav: *Follows* 9:47 Ametrineskies Zik: ...I love skydiving..:D *runs*

Thresh: *gets out of the pilot chair and gets on a parachute* Thresh: *goes back and opens the door! which sucks everyone out of the plane into open air* 9:48 LIRLIR Xisenin: HUBBA. JUBBA. LOLLYWASH!!! *jumps out and rockets at a 45° angle* 9:48 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: WOOOOOOO! 9:48 INVADER VEX Thresh: ACTIVATE PARACHUTES ON MY MARK! 9:48 Ametrineskies Zik: WEEEE~! :3 9:48 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Grabs Zik's hand* >w<! 9:48 Invader Jib Jaz: WOO! *Does a flip in the air for no apparent reason* 9:48 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: THIS IS SO COOOOOL-- 9:48 INVADER VEX Thresh: *dives and spins through the air*

Thresh: *dives and spins through the air* 9:49 Ametrineskies Zik: Idn' it? *smiles at her* 9:49 Invadervax Xav: *Dives* 9:49 LIRLIR Xisenin: WHEE HEE HEEE *is flying everywhere without a parachute* 9:49 INVADER VEX Thresh: ALRIGHT EVERYONE!!! Pull your parachutes NOW!

Xav: *Pulls parachute* 9:49 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Pulls hers*.. ! .. *Floats*.. 9:49 Invader Jib

  • everyone pulls their parachutes*

9:49 Ametrineskies Zik: ..I WAS gonna say dont pull yours. *rolls eyes and groans, pulls his*

Xisenin: *Flies down and lands* 9:50 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... Why not? D: 9:50 INVADER VEX

  • they see a huge silver and white house with a huge lawn below them*

9:50 Ametrineskies Zik: Because, I'd like to do OTHER things.

  • they notice that the house has several Irken stylings to it*

9:50 Ametrineskies Zik: Guess not. Forget what I said *floats away from her, acting as if hes mad XD* 9:51 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. Then if you plan on getting me down without me getting killed, then cut the ropes-- .. Jerk.

Xisenin: *grabs Menami*

Menami: !

Zik: *smacks Xi's hand when he floats back* 9:51 LIRLIR Xisenin: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 9:51 Ametrineskies Zik: ...getthefruckoff.

Thresh: Land over there! *points at the house*

Xisenin: MY HANDS ARE LIKE JELLY! *giggles and lands*

Xav: *Prepares to land*

  • Thresh lands*

9:52 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*snirks*.. I'll make him jealous. 9:52 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: So, you don't wanna be a man and do what you wanted to? *Smirks* Whatever, then~ 9:52 Invadervax Xav: *Lands* 9:52 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*shoots parachute* Zik: Sure :3 9:52 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Aaah, we're gonna land soon! Hurry up! 9:53 INVADER VEX Thresh: *goes up and knocks on the door three times and then kicks it five times* 9:53 Ametrineskies Zik: *shoots his own*.. No reaction to falling, Menni? Invader Ark has left the chat. 9:53 Ametrineskies Zik: *catches and flies down quickly* Seriously 9:53 LIRLIR Xisenin: No, i don't want her, Ickle Zikky… I want her to be safe. Someday you'll kill her. *walks in* 9:53 Invader Jib

9:53 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Not really. -w-;;; 9:53 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*glares at Xisenin* Zik: ..I will not.

Menami: ... 9:54 INVADER VEX

  • the door of the house opens and an Irken with purple eyes and a white tunic answers*

9:54 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. XISENIN! >.> 9:54 LIRLIR Xisenin: Eh. Whatever you say 9:54 Ametrineskies Zik: ...The only person I'll kill is you c: 9:54 INVADER VEX Thresh: Graf, is Vex home?

Xisenin: Nerp. *rams a bag of pretzels into Zik's face and laughs* 9:55 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*throws bag off*

Xisenin: *walks in*

Zik: ...*irritated GLARE*... Zik: ...he is going down.

Zik: ..*lands and walks in*

Graf: *holds him back*

Graf: Whoa, buddy. No one gave you permission to enter.

Xisenin: Whee! *floats in*

Zik: ...*stares at Graf*

Menami: ...... -.-;;; 9:56 INVADER VEX Thresh: Indeed. Graf, may we speak with Vex? 9:57 Invadervax Xav: ... 9:57 LIRLIR Xisenin: B ye, Icky Zikky! *walks in*

Zik: ...*GROWLS at Xi*

Graf: Vex is not here. He is in the station. Come in, though. Have a drink. *leads thresh, jaz, Zyl, and Xav into the house*

Zik: ...Everyone says something around those lines. Invader Ark has joined the chat. 9:59 INVADER VEX Graf: Hmm... Thresh, is this one a friend of foe? 9:59 Invadervax Xav: Hmmm...

Zik: ..Its not like Im some sort of criminal. 9:59 INVADER VEX Thresh: A friend. Let him in. 9:59 Ametrineskies Zik: ..I hate how everyone views me.

  • graf let's him in*
  • Mie and Tark and..whoever else come in as well*

Graf: Can I get you fellows anything, or should I take you right to Vex? 10:00 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Irritated glare at everyone* 10:00 Ametrineskies Zik: *bullet SPAMS toward Xisenin, then keeps walking*

Thresh: Right to Vex if you please. 10:00 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Is NOT in the best mood because of how she's been treated lately, what she's been going through, and how people are treating Zik*

Xisenin: *shrugs unaffected and follows* Cokey Soda, please. 10:00 INVADER VEX

  • they go down an elevator to a teleport*

10:00 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. im so ignored 10:00 Ametrineskies Zik: does not simply. get unnafected. by danmaku.

ik: ..*TWITCH* .. ono

  • the teleport energizes, leading to Vex's space station*

10:01 Ametrineskies Zik: ..HOW am I chemically unstable? HUH? HUH!?

Xisenin: Menami, do you want to know why i watch you? It's to make sure you're OK. That you're safe. 10:02 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Go AWAY, Xisenin. You arent the crusher boy, and she is SAFE around me. 10:02 Invader Jib Zyl: Dude..she doesn't like you that way..get over it.. 10:02 INVADER VEX Graf: I'm afraid you may not come into the station, um... Zik. You are reckless. 10:02 Invader Jib

  • To Xi

10:02 Ametrineskies Zik: ..I ain't RECKLESS. 10:02 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .... 10:02 Ametrineskies Zik: You dont even KNOW me 10:02 LIRLIR Xisenin: I don't like her that way either! *laughs* 10:02 Invader Jib Jaz: Just let the guy into the station. 10:02 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... *Ignores everyone and everything, screaming* I'M SO DONE HERE. 10:03 INVADER VEX Graf: Hmm... Alright, vex can deal with him if need be. 10:03 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: LET HIM IN. DO IT. DO IT. STOP MAKING LIFE SO HARD FOR ME PEOPLE. Menami: *Antennae twitch rapidly* 10:03 LIRLIR

Xisenin: I just think she needs more protection.

Zik: ..I hate pretty much almost all of you, except for Menami of course. I dont like how Im viewed as.. *YELLS*: SOME SORT OF RECKLESS CRIMINAL 10:03 LIRLIR Xisenin: *flies around happily*

  • they are all sucked into the teleport, and in eight minutes they arrive at Vex's station*

Xisenin: Hello?

Xisenin: *flies about)

Xisenin: Whee! *flies around*

Menami: ... Xi, I'm fine. Don't worry about me.. *Refraining from snapping*

Graf: Vex! You have some visitors! 10:11 Ametrineskies Zik: *grabs her hand.. rather tightly*

Vex: What? Who is it?

  • Vex walks in with a metal brace on his shoulder*

Xisenin: o.o I know you're in the greatest care possible with Zik. I'm just messing with him. *smiles*

Zik: ...*slowly glares at him.. coldly* 10:12 INVADER VEX Thresh: Vex, we need your help finding Knox.

Vex: Ok. I think I can help you there,

Xav: Okay.

Xisenin: Zik, I'm from the Loony Bin. What do you expect?! *laughs maniacally*

vex walks over to a computer and starts working, locking all the radar onto the time residue* 10:13 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Dont act like you know everything, then.

Zik: Because I will go to extreme measures with you.

Vex: That should do it... Mhm... Yep, he's on planet Thyrax.

Zik: I have the capability to destroy, yes. Many know that already. ... But Im not afraid to use it, especially on YOU. 10:14 LIRLIR Xisenin: Heh. I'm not, that's the thing. I have cameras everywhere. The eye in the sky.. 10:14 Ametrineskies Zik: Bug off.

Menami: ... *Sigh*

INVADER VEX (Umm... Why would they need to go there?) 10:14 Invader Jib ( I dunno..what happened to Jib, Zag, NT-001 and whoever else was there?) 10:15 Invader Ark (THYRAX! That way I can use Ark, maybe.) 10:15 INVADER VEX (They're flying back, or something... 10:15 LIRLIR Xisenin: Zik. I'm not a threat to Menami. I'm just helping ya. *pats Zik on the back and floats off* 10:15 INVADER VEX (I dunno... I'm tired... 10:15 Ametrineskies Zik: Dont touch me. 10:15 Invader Jib Mie: Erm, you two..I advise that you two, erm..stay about 10 inches away from each other. Just an idea.. 10:15 LIRLIR Xisenin: Hmph. *waves* 10:16 Invader Jib Mie: Err, I mean feet... 10:16 INVADER VEX (I think I am gonna go now... 10:16 Ametrineskies Zik: ..I'd rather not that thing be in SIGHT RANGE. 10:16 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... You guys should just.. stop the tension..

Graf: Forgive me, it seems I forgot that Vex is not here... He is on Planet Thyrax hunting Knox.

Zik: ... *crosses arms, staring at the floor quietly*

Graf: If you need transportation to Vex's location, we have teleports. Thresh: That would work.

Menami: .. *Nods*... *Looks away for a moment*

Xisenin: *floats around*

Graf: So.. If you would... Follow me.

Xisenin: I'll meet you guys there. *walks into a shadow and disappears*

Graf: So the teleports are right down here. Follow me. 2:51 Nade801 Moodge: *walks down halls of space station and notices group* 2:51 INVADER VEX Graf: *starts walking down a hall into an elevator*

Moodge: *follows him* 2:51 LIRLIR

  • Xisenin has shadow warped instead*

2:51 Invadervax Xav: *Follows* 2:51 INVADER VEX Graf: Ah, hello Moodge. Which floor for you?

Menami: *Follows* 2:52 INVADER VEX (But he could do what Nade suggested earlier.) 2:52 Nade801 Moodge: I don't know. I was just sort of here and I noticed your group. 2:52 Ametrineskies Zik: ... *quietly follows*

Graf: Ok. Come on everyone, get in. *everyone gets in* *hits a button, and the elevator goes down* 2:53 Nade801

  • Tallest

Moodge: So where are we going?

Graf: To the teleports, and then to Planet Thyrax.

  • The door opens, and a huge teleport is seen in the room

Moodge: That sounds inter- *notices Xav* 2:56 INVADER VEX Graf: *goes over and starts setting the coordinates* Long Time has joined the chat. 2:56 Nade801 Moodge: You. Moodge: You. 2:56 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Looks at Moodge suspiciously*

Moodge: Why are you staring at me like that? 2:57 Long Time (My chat was offline for like an hour .-.) 2:57 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*stares at Moodge.. Has a rather hostile tone to him* 2:57 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... You just seem to resent her.

Moodge: Yes..... 2:57 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. Why is that so? *Frowns* 2:57 Invader Jib Zyl: Well, she IS obsessed with Vax...and vice versa. 2:58 INVADER VEX

  • the teleport activates, and at the end of the portal is Planet Thyrax*

2:58 Invadervax Xav: *Sigh* Moodge, do we have to just linger in the past, or can we look to the future? 2:58 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. You talking about ME? *Looks at Zyl* 2:58 Invader Jib Zyl: No, I was talking about Xav. 2:58 INVADER VEX Graf: Alright, in you go! 2:58 Nade801 Moodge: Very well. Thresh: *walks into the teleport* 2:58 Invadervax Xav: *Walks into the teleporter* 2:58 Invader Jib

  • Everyone walks into it*
  • They are sucked into the middle of a battle, and Thresh's Shuvver can be seen on top of a hill*

Moodge: What is going on here?!

Zik: ...*antennae perk up as he looks around*

Thresh: This is Thyrax. Knox, a criminal, has made the inhabitants into an army.

  • They see Jib, Zag, NT-001, Vex, and LIR are on a hill, about to be overrun*

Menami: ! 3:01 Nade801 Moodge: Knox? Ther one with a golden tooth?

Thresh: That's him. Xisenin: *walks up with a whole legion of M-Cubes*

Thresh: We need to get to that group! Vex knows where Knox is!

Thresh: *starts running and shooting at them*

Mie: *Shoots some with rifle*

Xisenin: If this Knox idiot has robots, then SO DO I! M-cubes-chinka- unuzu uz! 3:03 Nade801 Moodge: *PAK transforms into jetpack*

Xav: *Takes out plasma sword and starts slashing enemies* 3:03 LIRLIR

  • The cube army advances and forms a wave, which knocks over some*

3:03 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Takes out a plasma cannon and starts shooting some of them* 3:04 INVADER VEX Thresh: *shoots a Thyraxian in the face and begins climbing the hill*

Zik: .. *grabs scythe, swinging and slashing as he runs*

Xisenin: I'll keep them down here, Thresh. 3:04 Nade801 Moodge: *blasts to top of hill and pulls out a sniper rifle*

Thresh: *reaches the top and starts throwing grenades* 3:04 Nade801 Moodge: *starts sniping Thyraxians* 3:05 INVADER VEX Thresh: Vex, do you know where Knox is? 3:05 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Running to to the top of the hill, continuing to shoot the Thyraxians* 3:05 Invader Jib Zyl: *Runs up the hill, slashing Thyraxians with swords*

Vex: Yeah, he is atop that mountain! *looks up at a really tall mountain*

Thresh: We need to get to him!

Moodge: *puts sniper rifle back and begins to blast upwrd toward the mountain* 3:06 INVADER VEX Zag: What's the oxygen content of this air? Vex: Next to nothing.

Jaz: *Climbs up the moutain and stabs some Thryaxians with PAK legs*

IRLIR Xisenin: Ixi zrr zerr-chinka- vivavoxxis!! 3:09 INVADER VEX Thresh: Yeah... *begins to climb with PAK legs* 3:09 Invader Ark (Sorry... My dad wanted me to vacuum my room... T_T... So, what'd I miss?) 3:09 Nade801 Mooodge: *finally reaches top of mountian and sees Knox* 3:09 Invadervax Xav: *Climbs the mountain* 3:09 INVADER VEX

  • The mountain is huge, and will take a long time to climb*

3:10 Nade801 (Moodge used a Jetpack) 3:10 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Starts climbing*.. Geez, this is huge.. 3:10 Ametrineskies Zik: *starts climbing the mountain*.. *looks at how huge it is*.. *groans*. 3:10 LIRLIR

  • The cubes form turrets and roll over more of them*

3:10 Invader Jib

Thresh: Knox chose a good place to camp out.. This thing is huge... 3:10 Invader Ark (WHAT... DID... I... MISS?!!?!?!) 3:10 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Hey, Thresh? *Continuing to climb* 3:10 INVADER V

EX Zag: *flies up until the air is too thin to fly any higher*

Thresh: What? *shoots a Thyraxian* 3:11 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*picks up Menami and starts floating up.. not too fast, so she can still talk* 3:11 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: So this Knox.. what type of power does he hold that he's so dangerous?

Thresh: He can control time and space in small amounts with that time residue stuff.

Zag: *climbs to the top of the mountain after his jetpack will not provide any more lift* 3:12 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Small smile at Zik.. then looks back at Thresh* Geez.. 3:12 Nade801 Moodge: *jetpack deacitvates as an oxygen mask is put on.* *Moodge activates his PAK legs, and begins to scurry up the wall

Zag: *activates bubble helmet for lack of air*

Moodge: *reaches top of mountain first* 3:12 INVADER VEX Zag: Hmm.... *is looking for Knox, but doesn't see him* 3:12 Invader Ark

  • they hear a weird hiss float across the mountainside* Hiss: Veyanox... Veyanox akrier... (Translation: Kill... Kill the intruders...)

Xav: *Puts on helmet* 3:12 LIRLIR Xisenin: I'll stay at the base.. 3:13 INVADER VEX Thresh: *Gets to the top and activates helmet* 3:13 Nade801 Moodge: He's probably using some sort of invisibility device. 3:13 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Zik, you can go faster now.. 3:13 INVADER VEX Thresh: Perhaps... 3:13 Invader Jib Jib: Or he's, uh..not here.. 3:13 Invadervax Xav: *Gets to the top* 3:13 LIRLIR Xisenin: *views the cube army fighting against the Thyraxians* 3:13 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*nods* Alright. *flies up quicker.. activates bubble helmet after a moment* Moodge: *Hears something* What does "Veyanox akrier" mean? 3:14 INVADER VEX Thresh: *scans for life forms, and sees that there ara catacombs winding throughout the mountain with thousands of Thyraxians in them* Crap... Guys..? Thresh: This mountain is a nest... 3:14 Ametrineskies Zik: ....Oh. How niiiice. 3:14 INVADER VEX Vex: *reaches it a lot later because of his injured shoulder* 3:14 Nade801 Moodge: Oh shi-*thousads of creatures burst out* 3:14 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Activating bubble helmet as well*.... ...We're screwed. Menami: ..WE'RE SCREWED 3:14 INVADER VEX NT-001: floats up next to Vex* 3:14 LIRLIR Xisenin: *calls up* OH, THAT'S JUST GREAT! 3:15 Invader Jib Zyl: That means we went the wrong way...OK, EVERYBODY JUMP OFF THE MOUTAIN 3:15 Ametrineskies Zik: !! *quickly flies up to avoid*.. 3:15 Invader Ark Liryxians: VEYANOX AKRIER! REI TREN SAAL!!!! (translation: KILL THE INTRUDERS! DRINK THEIR BLOOD!!!!) 3:15 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ARE YOU INSANE?! WE CAN'T JUMP! 3:15 Ametrineskies Zik: ..JUMP OFF? 3:15 Invader Jib Zyl:...Pak legs 3:15 Invadervax Xav: JUST GREAT. 3:15 INVADER VEX Thresh: We would die anyway! 3:15 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Those could BREAK 3:15 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: They could get damaged easily, you moron! 3:15 INVADER VEX Thresh: *throws a grenade into the hole where the bugs are coming out* 3:15 Invader Ark Liryxians: *wings fold out of their backs and they fly at the group*

Zik: *sets Menami on his back* *grasps scythe, then swings it, shooting a barrage of bullets from the blade as he swings* 3:16 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *PAK legs come out and shoots lasers at the bugs* 3:16 INVADER VEX Thresh: Watch out! *takes out a machine gun and fires at them* 3:16 Nade801 Moodge: AHAHAHAHAHHA! DIE INSECTS! * begins firing plasma misiles and machine gun from his back at the attackers*

  • pack

3:17 Invadervax Xav: *Slashes at them* 3:17 Invader Jib Jaz: *Fires rifle at the Thyraxians* 3:17 LIRLIR Xisenin: Ixi zrr zerr-chinka- BZZZZZZ!! *the army begins to whirr and buzz angrily, and fight more Thyraxians

Vex: *takes a black grenade out, throws it into the hole, and the insects get vaporized, along with a lot of the mountain's structural supports* 3:17 Invader Ark Liryxian: *looks up* HSSSSS! AKRA TRA! (Translation: SHIP ABOVE!)

Moodge: *leaps onto a Liryxian*

Menami: *Puts PAK legs away*.. My weapons aren't good enough to work.. d-does magic work on them, Zik? *Looks at him*

Zik: ..No clue, Im hoping they get affected by danmaku at least 3:18 INVADER VEX (Some words doesn't make a language.) (*dont 3:19 Nade801 Moodge: *stabs Liryxian in the head* 3:19 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: I'm tempted to use my powers right now.... I always leave all my good weapons at home, I'm so stupid ono 3:19 Invader Ark

  • an Irken ship appears above the Liryxians

3:19 Invader Jib Jib: It probably does work...They're not exactly the strongest...things.. s Thresh: We need to kill the queen to kill them all! Jump into the hole! 3:19 Ametrineskies (Brb) 3:19 LIRLIR Xisenin: HEHEHE!! KNOX!! YOU WANT ROBOTS? I'LL GIVE YOU ROBOTS! BZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! 3:19 YourFavoriteFangirl (Pause for Misty?) 3:19 Invader Ark

  • a voice is heard coming from the ship* Voice: Hey, need some help down there?

3:19 Nade801 Moodge: AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA! *jumps into hole* 3:19 INVADER VEX NT-001: are you... Are you sure about that, thresh..?

Thresh: *jumps down the hole*

  • Everyone jumps into the hole*

Xisenin: *marches through with the cube army* 3:26 Ametrineskies (You jump down a hole, I jump down a hole, WE ALL JUMP DOWN HOLES-) 3:26 Nade801 Moodge: *lands* 3:26 Invadervax Xav: *Jumps in* 3:26 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: This seems kinda dangerous in here... 3:26 INVADER VEX Vex: *jumps in, shooting at Thyraxians passing by*

Liryxian: *in terrible, hissy english* Foolssssssss... Foolish Irkensssssss... You will NEVER dessssssstroy Knoxxxx... 3:26 INVADER VEX

  • They land on a squishy floor*

Zik: ..*gets cocky attitude back* *smirks*... Danger is my middle name

Menami: .. Pff. *Looks down at the flor* ._.

  • floor

3:27 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Are we standing on guts? 3:27 Invader Jib Zyl: Probably

3:27 INVADER VEX Thresh: Would you two shut up? We are in deep enemy territory! *Whispers* 3:27 Invader Ark ( FYI- the Queen... Fine there is a Queen... Is being kept in a state that's sort of like a coma by Knox.) 3:27 INVADER VEX (Ok.) 3:27 Nade801 Moodge: What if we're inside the queen? 3:28 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*loud whisper*: Okaaay 3:28 LIRLIR Xisenin: Hehe. BZZZZZZ. *The cubes go wild, attacking Thyraxians everywhere* 3:28 Invader Ark (So that's how he controls them.) (By the way, they are LIRYXIANS, not THYRAXIANS...) 3:28 LIRLIR

(Got it.) 3:28 Invader Ark (I'm picky with my names.) 3:28 Nade801 Moodge: I mean, if the floor is soft and squishy like guts.....

Menami: .. Gross. 3:29 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Cool. 3:29 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. You're so weird. *Looks at him* 3:29 Nade801 Moodge: So which direction do we go? 3:29 INVADER VEX Vex: Hmm... *starts scanning, indicating a huge life form in the deep recesses of the cave* Vex: We go down. 3:29 Invader Jib Jaz: Inside the-th EWW 3:29 Ametrineskies Zik: "I aaam." :3 (DARN 3:29 Invader Ark

  • vex gets a call on his comlink thing

3:29 YourFavoriteFangirl (LOL) 3:29 Ametrineskies (Ignore the " owo (..IM SO STUPID |D 3:29 Invadervax Xav: ...

Menami: ... Again, gross. e-e 3:30 INVADER VEX Vex: *turns off comlink because it is making too much noise* 3:30 Ametrineskies (*erases history* It didnt happen) 3:30 Invader Ark

  • it mysteriously turns back on again

3:30 YourFavoriteFangirl (dont be a keine) 3:30 Ametrineskies (:'D) 3:30 Nade801 Moodge: Down? Fair enough. *pulls out laser drill and begins cutting through the floor* 3:30 LIRLIR Xisenin: Umm. Should i put my cubes away? I think i will. *does this* 3:30 YourFavoriteFangirl (DONT BE A KEINE YOU JERKXD) 3:30 INVADER VEX Vex: *uses PAK legs to crawl down into the next chamber*

Xisenin: *forms a hardlight bat* Let's do this!

Thresh: Yeah... Get ready, everyone. 3:33 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Sighs, starting to travel downward* Menami: Alrighty. 3:33 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Im totally ready! Eheh 3:33 INVADER VEX Vex: *crawls farther down*

Zik: ..Is there a BOSS BATTLE? *gaaasp* I LOVE bosses 3:33 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Same here! *Grin*.. *Trying to be like ZikXD* 3:33 INVADER VEX Thresh: *starts jumping from chamber to chamber*

Xav: I'm ready. 3:33 Ametrineskies Zik: *notices that.. antennae twitches, stares at her XD*

Menami: -w- *Small troll grin*.. *Follows them* 3:34 LIRLIR (Yeah!  :) ) 3:34 Invader Ark (Well, they're not interesting to use because all they do IS GET KILLED...) 3:34 Invader Jib (IThis is getting a

bit too fast for me...would you mind recording instead, Vex?)

3:34 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*quiet laugh*.. *nuzzles and stays by her side* 3:34 Nade801 Moodge: This is taking too long. *leaps into hole with the others and follows Thresh* This is considerably wet and slimy. We may be traveling though the intestines.... 3:34 INVADER VEX

  • they hear a rustle from overhead

Xisenin: *looks at Zik and Menami* Awww! You two are perfect for each other! *mockingly cooing voice* Zik: ... *glares at Xi*

Menami: .. *Rolls eyes* Xi, stop it. 3:36 Invader Ark (Then what are we gonna do with Knox?) 3:36 Nade801 (What if Knox uses a mind-control device to control the Queen, and when she is defeated, they have to fight him?) 3:37 INVADER VEX (Yeah.) 3:37 Invader Jib Mie: Knock it off, Xisenin. This is no time for that.

Thresh: Agreed. Keep moving.

  • they emerge in a gigantic chamber*

3:37 Invadervax Xav: *Follows Thresh.

3:37 LIRLIR Xisenin: I know! *twirls bat* 3:37 INVADER VEX Vex: I think this is the place... 3:37 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*looks around as he enters the chamber* 3:37 Invader Ark

  • as they look around! they see hundreds of large eggs

3:37 Ametrineskies Zik: ....Woah. 3:38 LIRLIR Xisenin: Whoooa.

Moodge: *stabs an egg* 3:38 Ametrineskies Zik: ..This is SO COOOL!! 3:38 INVADER VEX Vex: yeah, this is the place... 3:38 Invader Ark

  • six enormous glowing red eyes open up and stare at them*

3:38 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: This is AMAZ-- .. o_o 3:38 Invader Ark Voice: Welcome, young tresssssspasssersssssssss... 3:38 LIRLIR Xisenin: O.O 3:38 INVADER VEX Thresh: Aagh! *shoots at one eye* Zik: ...Imma slash it 3:42 LIRLIR Xisenin: Erm.

Menami: .. How're we gonna.. kill that thing? 3:43 INVADER VEX Vex: Yeah.. That's the queen... So I guess we should probably kill it now. Zik: ...KILL IT BEFORE IT REPRODUCES .. MORE 3:43 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. You don't say? 3:43 Nade801 Moodge: *blasts it in the face with an RPG* 3:43 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Zik, got any weapons I could borrow? 3:43 INVADER VEX Thresh: If someone dives through one of its eyes, we can punch it in the brain!

Queen: No... I am not the massssssster... *it seems almost unaffected by the rpg* 3:44 LIRLIR Xisenin: Hm. Let's just kill her babies. 3:44 Invader Jib Zyl: *Raises hand as if asking to be the one to dive into the eye* 3:44 LIRLIR Xisenin: HEHEHE

Queen: besidessssssss... It isssss not eassssy to kill ANYTHING'SSSSSSSSSS Queen, filth... 3:44 INVADER VEX Thresh: Go ahead, Zyl... Good luck.

Menami: SHUT UP AND DIE, BUG! Menami: >.> 3:45 Invader Jib Zyl: *Charges toward it's eye* 3:45 Invader Ark

  • transparent lenses flick over the queen's eyes*

3:45 Ametrineskies Zik: ..But it has to die before it shuts up

Vex: Mhm... *Takes out a handgun and shoots the queen in the eye, weakening it so Zyl might break through* 3:45 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*gives Menami a LARGE hammer* Will this do? 3:45 Invader Jib Zyl: *Smashes into the eye* 3:45 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... Probably. Menami: Eheh. 3:45 Invader Ark Queen: not ssssssso fasssssst... *swipes Zyl out of the air before he gets there with her claw* 3:46 Invadervax Xav: ... 3:46 Ametrineskies Zik: *as she grabs it, a quick pulse of energy runs from it to her hands* ..I use it for some of my special attacks

(Ark, if it is already in the transcript, you can't undo it. You have to react.) (*your characters) 3:46 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Feels the energy*.. !... Woah.. 3:46 Invader Ark (Like other people haven't done that...) 3:46 LIRLIR (Eeyup.) 3:46 INVADER VEX (Well if it is illogical or OP, that's different.) (But what Jib put is neither.) 3:47 Invader Ark (THIS IS NO FUN...) 3:47 Ametrineskies (...) 3:47 YourFavoriteFangirl (Baww.) 3:47 LIRLIR Xisenin: that's pretty.. 3:47 YourFavoriteFangirl (:I) 3:47 Ametrineskies BAwww)) 3:47 INVADER VEX (You could just say *he bounces off*) (But you cannot undo stuff..) 3:47 Invader Ark (Fine.) 3:47 LIRLIR (Yeah.) 3:47 Invader Ark (REDO TIME) (PLEASE DISREGARD THE EARLIER COMMENT. THANK YOU, AND ENJOY THE RP.)

  • he hits the eye, but bounces off

3:48 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: We'll have to wait until he gets into the eye to attack it.. Menami: Can we try and weaken it? 3:48 Invader Ark Queen: *starts attacking them* 3:48 Invader Jib Zyl: *Trys stabbing the eye with sword*

Menami: .. NEVERMIND. *Runs back and swings the hammer, wondering if anything will come out* 3:48 Invadervax Xav: *Slashes at it* 3:48 INVADER VEX Vex: Look out! *dives behind an egg* 3:48 Ametrineskies Zik: *the blade from his weapon illuminates*.. *flies up, starting a large non-spell pattern of quick stars and orbs* 3:49 Nade801 Moodge: *crawls all over the queen like a spider, confusing her. He then jumps into her eye while she is confused*

Thresh: *Throws a grenade at one of her legs* 3:49 Ametrineskies Zik: *the hammer glows, and a few large, fast, curved lazers speed from it* 3:49 Invader Ark Queen: *swipes at Vex, but hits the egg instead* AAAAAAAGH! MY EGG!

  • grenade explodes*
  • The lasers quickly head toward the queen, specifically aiming for the eye*

3:50 INVADER VEX Vex: *throws another one of the black grenades at a huge group of eggs, making them all be destroyed*

Xisenin: Dumb mom, if you ask me. Heh. 3:50 Nade801 Moodge: *enters eye*

Queen: AAAGH! * the armor on her leg is blown off! revealing her skin* NOOOOOOOO, MY EGGSSSSSSS... 3:50 INVADER VEX Vex: Destroy the eggs! It enrages her and makes her clumsy!

Menami: What a horrible mother, she is.. Xisenin is right. Haha. 3:50 Invader Ark Queen: *stumbles and falls, landing on Thresh's leg* 3:50 Invader Jib Zyl: *Stabs holes in some of the eggs* 3:51 Ametrineskies Zik: *as he shoots more, the bullets aim for both the eggs and the Queen, as well as almost anything else surrounding*

Thresh: AAGH!!! 3:51 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Runs over to the eggs, smashing some of them with the hammer* 3:51 INVADER VEX Thresh: *crawls out from under the leg*

Xav: *Sashes at some eggs* Slahes*

Menami: AAAA! 3:51 Nade801 Moodge: *get's to brain and sticks a grenade in it* 3:51 Ametrineskies Zik: MENAMI! *quickly flies over to and catches* 3:52 LIRLIR Xisenin: *smashes an egg with his bat* 3:52 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Hits a wall, sliding down*.

Queen: *nearly stabs a hole through Zik, but misses barely * 3:52 INVADER VEX Vex: *throws another grenade at the bottom of the Queen where there is less armor* 3:52 Invader Ark Queen: * wings fold out! and she flies up 3:52 INVADER VEX Thresh: Say... Where is... Ugh... Moodge?

Zik: ..*eyes widen*.. *glares at it* 3:52 Invader Ark Queen: *her legs fold up to protect her stomach 3:52 Nade801 Moodge: *activates grenade and jumps out eye* IT'S GONNA BLOW! 3:53 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Nngh.. *Weakened a bit*.. *Eyes glow for a moment, trying to use PSI*.. *Tries to shoot fire at her exposed area* 3:53 INVADER VEX Vex: No idea, but we need to kill that thing first!

  • grenade explodes*

3:53 Ametrineskies Zik: *gently puts her down*.. 3:53 Invader Ark Queen: * shoots a poison sting at menami

Thresh: *Crawls behind an egg, injured* 3:53 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ! *Quickly leaps out of the way*

  • she was too far away to be impacted by the explosion

3:53 Ametrineskies Zik: *scythe quickly swings and reflects the poison.. or slightly, the blade has a burn mark*

Xisenin: *forms a hardlight shield and advances* 3:54 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Barrel rolls*.. Geez.. I'm so lucky I haven't been hurt already.

Menami: *Stands back up quickly*.. 3:54 Invader Ark (Oh, thought you meant the one thresh threw beneath her) 3:54 INVADER VEX (Literally inside her head... Literally...) 3:54 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Because I've been saving you *smirks at her*

Menami: I can take care of myself!

Zik: Okaaay, Menni~ Zik: *flies off*

Vex: *notices that there is pink goop leaking out of the queen's eye* 3:55 LIRLIR Xisenin: Exactly why i like you, Zik! *smashes five more eggs*

Vex: What the... That thing should be dead...!

Zik: *flies to Xi and kicks his head*.. Shut up, bro. 3:55 Invader Ark Queen: *staggers, and falls*

ex: Wait... It's an insectiod. That means it can live for.. Three more hours! 3:55 Ametrineskies Zik: I know she can take care of herself, not like Im abandoning he

Vex: Look out everyone! It isn't dead yet!

Queen: *shakes her head* What? What jusssst... Happened?

enami: .. *Frowns*.. .. 3:56 INVADER VEX Vex: *runs over and starts strapping grenades to the dazed queen* 3:56 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Why won't it die?! 3:56 INVADER VEX Vex: *runs away* Moodge: *walks over to the exposed brain and sticks a bunch of grenades in* 3:56 LIRLIR Xisenin: What? It was a compliment! *angrily smashes more eggs* 3:56 Invader Ark Queen: *eyes widen* The probe.... You hit the probe... Thank you, sssssssmall onessss...

Moodge: *runs away* Vex... I think we did it.... Long Time has left the chat. 3:56 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*stares at the queen* What the. :I

Xisenin: Uhhh. 3:57 INVADER VEX Vex: Wait... What are you talking about...?

you talking about...?
  • walks up to the queen*

3:57 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... Probe? 3:57 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Didnt see a probe. 3:57 Invader Ark Queen: If I die.... The Liryxianssssss die... Ssssssave the one... *she points to an undamaged egg that is much bigger than the other ones* 3:57 LIRLIR (Moodge has too many grenades  :/ ) 3:57 Nade801 Moodge: Wait *deactivates grenades* KNOX! He's controlling the queen! Vex, take out the gremades! 3:57 Invader Jib Zyl: Who. Cares. She's not hostile anymore, so we can continue.

Vex: The egg... It is the next queen! 3:58 Invader Ark Queen: I am going to die... Sssssave that one... She will rule... 3:58 LIRLIR Xisenin: Yay. 3:58 Nade801 Moodge: *grabs the egg and puts it in his PAK*

Xav: Makes sense. 3:59 INVADER VEX Vex: And... Erm... Final requests?

Zik: ...*flies back to Menami* 3:59 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. Huh.. never expected this... this is kind of sad. 3:59 LIRLIR Xisenin: What now? 3:59 Invader Ark Queen: What are you called, sssssssmall oness?

VexWe are Irkens.

3:59 Ametrineskies Zik: ..People call me an unstable mutant *shrugs*

Menami: ....I have no nicknames :I

Queen: Irkensssssss... Let there forever be peace between the Irkenssss and ussssss... If you complete one tassssssssk...

Xisenin: Zik. I don't call you that. I call you a friend. *smiles*

Vex: This task has something to do with killing Knox, doesn't it?

Zik: ..You may have given me an AWESOME sword.. But I still dont like you

Queen: Hunt down the one with golden eyesssssssss... And you shall have your freedom from thissss world... Keep the next ssssssafe... 4:01 LIRLIR Xisenin: Whhuut-ever.

Vex: Okay. Shall I end your misery, or do you wish to wait three hours to die?

Queen: I wish to wait, Irken... *sort of half-hisses, half-screeches, and four smallish Liryxians fly out of a tunnel

Menami: .. *Huggles Zik*

Queen: Take thessssse... They will watch you, and offer their livessss to sssssave you... 4:03 INVADER VEX Vex: Alright. Let's leave. *Salutes to the queen and grabs Thresh*

Xisenin: *thumbs up Menami and follows* 4:03 INVADER VEX Vex: *starts walking out of the catacombs*

  • the liryxians fly towards a tunnel, then pause at the entrance

4:04 Nade801 Moodge: Don't worry, Queen, I've got the next one in my PAK. 4:04 Invader Ark Liryxians: Coming, Irkensssssssss? 4:04 INVADER VEX Vex: Now to get Knox... 4:04 Invader Jib

  • EVeryone else follows Vex*

4:04 Nade801 Moodge: *follows others* 4:04 Invadervax Xav: *Follows* 4:04 INVADER VEX Vex: *follows the Liryxians* 4:04 LIRLIR Xisenin: *follows* 4:04 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*sighs and smiles at Menami* .. *follows* 4:04 Invader Ark Queen: Thank you, Irkenssssss... Let your quessssst be sssssssuccesssssful...

Zik: ..Okay, missssssssssss :U

Menami: .. *Follows, letting go of Zik*.. uwu 4:05 INVADER VEX Vex: And let me tell you, your death is not in vain. We will defeat Knox. 4:05 Nade801 Moodge: Okay, so where is Knox? 4:05 INVADER VEX Vex: *walks out of the room* 4:05 LIRLIR Xisenin: Moopa doopa la la wheeeeee *babbles*

Xisenin: Moopa doopa la la wheeeeee *babbles* 4:05 INVADER VEX Vex: He left the planet...

Xisenin: So. Why are we here, then? 4:06 Invader Ark

  • the liryxians stop and start talking to each other! making weird click noises

4:06 Invader Jib Jib: Whaaat a waste of time..

Vex: He is on... Hmm... Scanners show he is going to Irk!

Xisenin: Uh oh. 4:06 INVADER VEX Vex: Great... We need to stop him! Hurry!

Zik: ..And here we go, baack to Irk.

  • They reach the mouth of the cave*

4:07 LIRLIR Xisenin: I'll be there. *shadow warps* 4:07 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... Ugh.

Zik: ..But of course 4:07 INVADER VEX NT-001: *is waiting for the group outside the catacombs* 4:08 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Least he aint here right now to be annoying 4:08 Invader Jib

  • Nightmare Irkens surround the mouth of the cave, but they are shooting each other

Vex: We need to get to my ship and get to Irk, and- What the heck! 4:08 Invader Ark Liryxian: We will take our queen now... * to Moodge

Zik: ...*stares at the Nightmares* ..This is random. 4:08 Invader Ark Liryxian: Indeed... 4:09 INVADER VEX Vex: *notices that there are two groups that have different insignia and colors on their armor* 4:09 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... ._. Um..

Liryxian: Now, the next... Give it to ussssss...

Vex: Give it to them, Moodge.

Jib: *Looks at the Nightmare Irkens* looks like...some kind of rebellion..

Vex: Yeah.. We had better avoid them...

iryxian: Yessssss, I would advisssssse giving the next to ussss... Or would you rather take it back to your homeworld and ssssssssstart an interplanetary war? 4:11 INVADER VEX Vex: *creeps to the other side of the mountain unseen by the Nightmares*

Xav: *Follows*

Vex: *takes the egg out of Moodge's PAK and hands it to the Liryxian*

Liryxian: Hsssssss... *they fly away*

Zyl: Well, come on! The gold tooth dude is gonna get away!

Vex: Now... the Plague Runner is right down this hill. Just don't get seenQ

Vex: *starts climbing down the mountain with Thresh over his shoulder* Zag: *begins flying down to the ship* 4:14 Invadervax Xav: *Starts silently climbing down

Moodge: *flies down on his jetpack* 4:14 INVADER VEX Zag: Veex... The ship isn't here...

Zyl: What?!

Menami: *Climbing down*..

Vex: There is more to the Plague Runner than meets the eye, Zag. *hits a button on his implant, and the cloaking device turns off, revealing the ship*

4:15 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*picks her up and flies down* .. 4:15 INVADER VEX Vex: Now, get in. 4:16 Nade801 Moodge: *gets in* 4:16 INVADER VEX

  • Vex, Thresh, and Zag get in*

4:16 Invader Jib

  • Everyone gets in*

Vex: *turns on the ship's engines and begins to prep for take off*

  • The ship begins to fly, and cloaks again*

Moodge: So where is Knox?

Zik: ..*sits down and sets her next to him* 4:17 Invader Ark

  • suddenly, the ship gets a call on it's com system* (this okay?)

Menami: .. *Leans back*..

Vex: Who is it?

Moodge: I'll bet it's ARk.


Vex: As I see it, the Thyraxians are importand for future slave labor... 4:20 Invader Ark Ark: YOU JUST BLEW ALL CHANCES OF MY MISSION SUCCEEDING!

Vex: Without a queen, they would all be dead. All you need is a report for Organic sweeping and you'll be good.


Vex: You're an invader. Figure it out. That is your job. Only one nest knows about you anyway.

Xav: That DOES sound like the Tallest...


Zik: ...Woaaahh brooo, take a chill pill.

Vex: Withdrawl and submit a report of war. The armada will come for an early organic sweep.

Ark: Sick of it, that's what I am... Sick of YOUR random crap always messing up my job! I'M SICK OF IT!

Vex: Excuse me, but my random crap might very well save the universe!

Vex: believe me, you would have died much sooner if the whole planet was controlled by knox! 4:24 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Trying to block out everything* 4:24 Invader Ark Ark: And you know what? I don't want to have this place destroyed and turned into another useless junk planet for Irkens to pamper themselves on! Think about the loss to SCIENCE!

Vex: believe me, you would have died much sooner if the whole planet was controlled by knox! 4:24 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Trying to block out everything* 4:24 Invader Ark Ark: And you know what? I don't want to have this place destroyed and turned into another useless junk planet for Irkens to pamper themselves on! Think about the loss to SCIENCE!

Vex: You have knox to thank for that too! 4:25 Nade801 Moodge: Yep. 4:25 Invader Jib Mie: Enough! You two can argue over the intercom later! Now is not the time.

Zag: Yeah! *shoots the intercom* 4:26 Invader Ark Ark: We have killed so many foreign plants and creatures... they could have helped us build an epic empire, and NOT the kind WE have in mind! We could have all been wealthy, instead of just the TALLEST!

  • transmission cuts off*

Vex: Are you kidding me! Rrgh! *shoves Zag into another room and locks it*

Zik: ..*mutters*: This is another reason why I left~

They see a small black and gold ship in the distance* Vex: That's him! That's Knox!

Menami: *Uncovers antennae*.. Done fighting? Good. :I

Vex: We have to board his ship! I have to pilot the ship here, so who wants to be part of a boarding party? 4:27 LIRLIR

  • despite this, the Plague Runner receives a hailing request*

Zag: *muffled* Me!

Jib: I guess..I'll go..

Vex: *checks to see who is hailing them* 4:28 Invader Jib Zyl: OOH! MEMEMMEMEMEMMEMEMEMEME

  • it says The Phage*

4:29 Nade801 Moodge: The

Phage? Vex: *presses the "IGNORE" button* I dunno... We have more pressing matters, though... 4:29 Invader Jib (BRB FOR A SEC) Invadervax has left the chat. 4:29 INVADER VEX Vex: Suit up and prepare to board!

Vex: *sees the hailing signal and realizes that it is Xisenin*

Vex: *answers the call*

Vex: Hello Xisenin.

  • Xisenin's pops up on the left*

4:34 Invader Ark (And then you sit there... Watxhing 4:34 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*stares at the screen*.. Peh. 4:34 Invader Ark (*watching) 4:34 Invader Jib (Ark, must you complaing every RP?)

  • complain

4:34 LIRLIR Xisenin: Hello! I figured i could help..

Menami: :I 4:35 Invader Jib (You complain EVERY RP your in, Ark...if you don't like RPing wiht us, then don't.) 4:35 INVADER VEX Vex: You can, I suppose... Just help us get into Knox's ship by opening a boarding air lock

  • behind them, the Phage is following, it's a huge rust-orange ship much bigger than the Plague Runner*

Xisenin: Hmm. I could just ram into it.

Xisenin: I don't know what else i could provide..

Vex: No, you might cause time residue to spill or a jar of it to escape... We need you to board using the shadows and let us in.

Xisenin: Ah. Okay. AIC, take the wheel. Er. Throttle thing.. . Uhhh. THAT! *shadow warps inside* Xisenin: *looks around* (describe the ship to me)

Xisenin: *walks toward the rear*

  • The plague runner, still cloaked, inches toward the ship*

Xisenin: *finds the airlock and begins to hack into it*

Xisenin: *finds the airlock and begins to hack into it* 4:44 INVADER VEX

  • The Plague Runner lines up so the airlock will meet with the docking clamp*

  • The Plague Runner clamps on, making a loud noise*

4:45 LIRLIR Xisenin: And. Done! *it swings open* 4:45 INVADER VEX Knox: What was that?!?

  • Zag bursts out of the door and into Knox's ship*

isenin: Oh, croc batteries. Hello there. 4:45 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Sooo.. We're gonna kill a guy? Or imprison him? Either way sounds cool, Im totally ready.. *antennae rise, excited* 4:46 Invader Jib

  • Jib navigates into the ship*
  • Zyl goes into the ship, and Jaz follows behind him*

4:46 INVADER VEX Knox: Intruders?!? HOW CAN THIS BE?!? *all of the sudden, the shelves with the Time Residue jars are covered by metal blast plates*

  • The Airlock goes down, crushing the leg of Jaz*

4:46 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: I guess I am, too.. hehe. 4:47 Invadervax Xav: *Simply walks in* 4:47 LIRLIR Xisenin: *forms a hardlight bat* 4:47 Invader Jib ' Zik: ..Aww.. We're too late.. *was about to fly in*

Xisenin: Wait. Where's the rest? 4:48 Ametrineskies (Oh waah) 4:48 Invader Jib Jaz: H-HELP!

Zik: ..H-hey.. She looks hurt

Xisenin: *sopens the airlock* 4:49 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: !! I think she is!

So what? She's being whiney and we don't have to care. THIS is why she will never hold a position of power on the Irken empire wiki. >.<) 4:49 YourFavoriteFangirl (Yep..) 4:49 Invader Jib Jaz: *Maganages to get back up* 4:49 Ametrineskies Zik: *flies to her as the airlock opens, picks Jaz up* Are ya okay? *quickly flies in before it closes* 4:49 Invader Jib (BRB) 4:50 LIRLIR Xisenin: there ya go. 4:50 Invadervax Xav: *Gets in* 4:50 INVADER VEX

  • After the airlock opens for Jaz's leg, Zik, Xav, and Menami, it closes again

4:50 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Runs inside before it closes* 4:50 Invader Jib (Back) 4:50 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Runs over to Jaz as well*.. ..She may need some medical help there... 4:50 INVADER VEX Knox: *opens the door to the cockpit, and steps out* 4:51 Invader Jib Jaz: I..I'm okay for now.. 4:51 INVADER VEX Knox: *takes a gun and shoots at the group* Knox: FOOLS! YOU DARE BOARD MY SHIP! Knox: *shoots at them some more*

Xav: *Take out plasma sword and dodges* 4:51 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: PFFT! *Tries to dodge the blasts* JERK! 4:51 LIRLIR Xisenin: WHAAAAAAGH *deflects some blasts* 4:51 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*puts her down and holds out the blade of his weapon, reflecting the blasts* 4:52 Invader Jib Jib: *Charges at Knox with Time sword* 4:52 LIRLIR Xisenin: Hah.

Xisenin: Hah. 4:52 INVADER VEX Knox: *pushes his hand into the air, making time reverse a bit so that Jib is really charging into a wall* Menami: *Waves hand, letting out a blast of fire towards Knox* 4:52 Invader Jib Jib: *Slams into a wall* ._. 4:52 LIRLIR Xisenin: O.O whoa.

Knox: AHAHAHAHAAA!!! YOU CANNOT DEFEAT ME!!! *one of the tanks of time residue seems to lower in volume*

Xisenin: Hm.

ik: .. Thats what they all say! 4:53 INVADER VEX Knox: *shoots some more bolts at them* Zag: *dodges barely* 4:53 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. DID HE JUST IGNORE MY BLASTS

Xav: *Dodges* 4:54 LIRLIR Xisenin: TreeTEeyup 4:54 INVADER VEX Knox: *points at Zag, reversing time so he gets shot in the face* 4:54 Invader Jib Jaz: *Limps and fires rifle at Knox*

Zag; AAAAAGGHH! *flies back and slumps over*

Knox: moves out of the way, and the rifle shot hits a wall*

Knox: AhAHAHA!!!! Menami: UGH, YOU WIMP! Can't fight us without using time, huh?!

Knox: Ah reverse psychology, huh? Well I can, but I WON'T!

Menami: You're still a wimp! >.> 4:55 Ametrineskies Zik: *grabs a spellcard*.. *the card illuminates* He is a wimp! 4:56 LIRLIR Xisenin: He's a smarty pants.. 4:56 INVADER VEX Knox: I FIGHT TO WIN, AND I DON'T CARE IF I DO IT HONORABLY OR NOT!!! *shoots a huge ball of plasma at Zik and Menami* 4:56 Invader Jib Jaz: Gah! Ow..*Limps in pain from her leg, but throws a knife at Knox* 4:56 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: !!!! *Puts up a PSI Shield that BARELY holds back the ball* 4:56 INVADER VEX Knox: *steps out of the way of theknife* 4:56 Ametrineskies Zik: *card stops glowing* ..HRM! *flies back*

Xisenin: YAAAH *uses hardlight to protect them* 4:56 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: We're stronger than we look.. nngh!

Knox: I can anticipate your every move, fools! I know your strengths and weaknesses!

Xav: *Charges at Knox* 4:57 LIRLIR Xisenin: Hmmm. Well, tell us!

Menami: Oh, yeah?! Prove it!

Zik: ..Oh really. *card glows again, then tosses it in the air, and it evaporates* *four large orbs surround him* ( Mind to watch this to get an idea what he's gonna do? 4:57 INVADER VEX Knox: *in no time at all, literally, steps out of the way of Xav, making her charge into the cockpit, which locks behind her*

Xisenin: *tele-punches Knox* 4:58 INVADER VEX Knox: *uses more Time Residue energy to go back in time and burn the card* 4:58 Invader Jib Zyl: Hmph...*Fires PAK lasers at Knox*

Menami: ..Z-Zik, your spellcard..!

Knox: *dives below the laser and manages to dodge* Knox: WHAT DID I TELL YOU, FOOL!

Xav: *Cut through the door* Cuts* 4:59 Ametrineskies Zik: ..My card..!

Xisenin: Uh. *Hits Knox with a volley of telekinetic punches*

Knox: *turns and uppercuts Xav, sending her flying back into the cockpit, hitting her head on the top of the hole she cut* 4:59 YourFavoriteFangirl Meanmi: RRGH! JUST DIE! *Runs toward Knox, trying to freeze him*

Zik: ...He looks over powered. *glares*.. 5:00 INVADER VEX Knox: *is hurt by the punches, but then uses a fire blast to cancel out Menami*

Knox: HAhAHAHAAAAA!! 5:00 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: GHK! *Getting burnt by some of the fire* AAA! 5:00 LIRLIR Xisenin: Talk about a cheater! Xav: What the...? What's that noise...? 5:00 INVADER VEX

  • one of the ten time residue boxes runs out of energy and explodes*

  • Xav hears a muffled screaming sound in the cockpit*

5:01 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Freezes the part of her arm that was on fire*.. Ugh.. 5:01 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*GROWLS*.. Fine. Take THIS! *grabs another card* 5:01 Invadervax

  • A strange figure walks in and stands in front of Knox*\

5:01 INVADER VEX Knox: Ah, you have more... Well... *all of the sudden, Knox is holding the card* 5:01 Invader Jib ...Vex) 5:01 Ametrineskies Zik: *gasps*..

  • another container runs out from the difficult time shift*

5:02 Ametrineskies Zik: ....You dont even know how to activate it. 5:02 LIRLIR (How can time changing do that?) 5:02 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Exactly! 5:02 INVADER VEX Knox: Uh oh... *looks at the eight remaining container*

Menami: ..Running out of mana, are you? *Grins* 5:02 INVADER VEX

  • containers

Figure: *Has a dark look at the group* 5:02 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Give that back, though. 5:02 LIRLIR Xisenin: Uh. You just throw it in the air.. *frowns*

Zik: ..It doesnt work like that. 5:03 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. It really doesn't work that way. 5:03 Ametrineskies Zik: If you do it, it'll just fall like a normal card. 5:03 LIRLIR Xisenin: Oh. Kay'. 5:03 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Yeah.

Knox: Don't worry, I have a secret weapon that doesn't need it... *pushes a button on the wall, and Vax walks in, a metal exoskeleton over his face* 5:03 Invadervax Xav: *Cuts back out, and sees the figure* 5:03 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. I know because Zik's teaching me, so.. 5:03 Invadervax (Vex, the figure was Vax...) 5:03 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5:03 INVADER VEX (Oh, okay.) 5:03 LIRLIR Xisenin: O.O What the? Menami: .. IS.. THAT.. 5:04 Ametrineskies Zik: ..?!

Jib: That's...THAT IS VAX! 5:04 INVADER VEX Knox: AHAHAHA!!!!! *goes into the cockpit and starts working on something*

Vax: *Uses PK Thunder on the group, not making a single vocal noise*

Knox: *comes back out to observe* Yesss.... YEEESSS........ 5:05 Ametrineskies Zik: ..A-ah! *jumps back* 5:05 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .... VAX! *Jumps ontop of Zik, shielding him again* 5:05 LIRLIR Xisenin: Hm. I have robots, too. 5:05 Invader Jib

  • The Time Sword Reflects the PK Thunder, saving Jib*

Knox: Kill them! 5:05 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Is that..

Xisenin: *blocks the thunder* 5:05 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Teary eyed*.. It's Vax..

ZIk: ..This looks familiar*.

Xisenin: Hmmmm. This isn't good. 5:06 INVADER VEX

  • There is a small apparatus on Vax's head that links to his PAK like a small version of one seen on Tark earlier*

5:06 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .... *ENRAGED now at Knox, truly snapped with anger* 5:07 Invader Jib Jib: *Slices Vax with the Time Sword* 5:07 Invadervax Xav: Wait, Jib. 5:07 YourFavoriteFangirl ( this is menami right now bewareithascussingbut:U) 5:07 Invader Jib Jib: Hm? 5:07 LIRLIR Xisenin: Hm 5:07 INVADER VEX Knox: Yes.... Yess........ AHAH!!! DESTROY EACH OTHER! IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO WIN!

Xav: There's only one way to beat a brainwashed puppet...That's to fight with words.

Jib: What?! Jib: What?!

Invader Jib





Long Time


5:08 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. V-Vax doesn't deserve this.. we're gonna save him somehow.. 5:09 Invader Jib Jib: FORGET THAT! PK FIRE! *A blast a fire comes out of Jib, hitting Vax* 5:09 Invadervax Xav: Remember when you met Menami? 5:09 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: NO! DON'T HURT HIM, JIB! 5:09 Ametrineskies Zik: ..We will, Menni-- Zik: JIB! 5:09 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Screams* STOP IT! 5:09 Invadervax Vax: *Uses a PSI Sheild* Shield* 5:09 INVADER VEX Knox: *manages use minor amounts of time travel to slip past the group and gather five containers of Time Residue and escaping into the cockpit again*

Xisenin: *looks at Menami, then Vax, then Menami and Zik, and smiles thoughtfully* 5:10 Invader Jib (Continue) 5:10 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Runs up to Vax, not fearing him at all*.. You're like my mentor! I'm Menami? Don't you remember my name! Menami! Your friend!

5:10 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Runs up to Vax, not fearing him at all*.. You're like my mentor! I'm Menami? Don't you remember my name! Menami! Your friend! 5:10 Long Time (I've been watching this whole time  :P better then T.V) 5:10 INVADER VEX Knox: NO!! KILL HER, MINION! 5:10 Invadervax

  • The words of memory start to fight the machine on Vax*

5:10 Invader Jib Jib: What?! Don't you see?! He's a mindless puppet now! He's not coming back! He's DEAD! 5:11 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: SHUT UP JIB! 5:11 LIRLIR Xisenin: *whispers to Zik* Possibly something MORE.. 5:11 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*stares at Xi* 5:11 INVADER VEX Knox: Crap.... *locks himself with the time residue in the cockpit, and aims the ship at Irk* 5:11 Invader Jib Jib: That guy...He's put himself before me more times than I can count! I'm not going to risk my life to save him! 5:11 Invadervax Xav: Vax, remember when we found the Time Orb? 5:11 LIRLIR Xisenin: *shrugs* Eh. 5:11 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Gently lies hands on Vax's shoulders*.. We travelled through time together! You helped me out alot! You showed me my powers!

Zik: ..*runs to Vax* I dont know you, but umm.. I heard you're a pretty awesome dude? 5:12 Invadervax Vax: *Starts to have flashbacks of what they are talking about* 5:12 Invader Jib

  • Jib is sweating, and is holding his sword toward Vax, furious*

Xisenin: Jib, don't attack him.

Jib: WHY?!

Xav: Remember when we thwarted Nightmare Vax for the first time?

Xisenin: You can see Vax in that metal shell. 5:13 INVADER VEX Knox: Yes... They will destroy each other... This is not a complete failure... *A light suddenly turns on above the cockpit door, and the cockpit module is about to fire off as an escape pod* 5:14 Invader Jib Jib: BESIDES, THIS GUY IS A MENACE! HIS CONSTANT TIME TRAVELLING IS SCREWING UP THE TIME CONTIUM, WHICH CAN AND WILL BE THE DOOM OF US ALL IF HE DOESN'T STOP!

Menami: .. Please look into your heart, Vax.. we're there somewhere.. you're not a cyborg.. 5:14 INVADER VEX

  • All of the sudden, Vex steers so that the ships move off their mark, and Knox is fired into oblivion, completely missing Irk, but breaking the seal between the two ships*

5:14 LIRLIR Xisenin: Calm down, man!

Xav: Remember.

Zik: *smacks Jib* >.>


  • The thrusters of Knox's ship are dead, but the gravity from Irk's second mood is pulling them into it*

5:15 LIRLIR Xisenin: Thank you, Zik.. 5:15 INVADER VEX

  • moon

Jib: *Uses PK FIRE A on Vax* 5:16 Invadervax

  • The machine controlling Vax starts to malfunction, and it eventually breaks, freeing Vax*

Jib: . . .

Zik: ..Niiice, Jib. *stares*

Zik: ..Niiice, Jib. *stares* 5:17 INVADER VEX

  • The outside of the ship begins to glow red hot upon entry of the moon's gravity

5:17 LIRLIR Xisenin: Aaaah*jumps into the fire and gets badly burnt* 5:17 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... *Stares at Jib, glaring* 5:17 Invader Jib (BRB) 5:17 INVADER VEX (Ok) 5:17 Invadervax Vax: *Gazes at them* 5:18 LIRLIR (Xisenin jumped into the fire before it hit Vax) 5:18 INVADER VEX

  • they see the moon growing in the windows*

5:18 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Hugs Vax tightly* 5:18 Ametrineskies Zik: *stares at the moon* ..Ooo. 5:18 Invadervax

  • A tear falls from Vax's eye*

Vax: I'm sorry... 5:18 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: W-We forgive you, man.. it's okay.. 5:19 Ametrineskies Zik: ..As long as you dont DIE randomly. 5:19 INVADER VEX

  • Vax sees the almost dead Zag in the corner, who for some reason no one has cared to take notice of as of yet.)

5:19 LIRLIR Xisenin: BLAURRGHFF *rolls until the fires are gone and stands up* 5:19 INVADER VEX (Perhaps we should pause for Jib?) 5:19 LIRLIR (Yeah ) 5:19 Invadervax (Yeah.) 5:20 INVADER VEX (-_- Sorry guys... I GTG to dinner... Can you wait for me to continue please?) 5:21 YourFavoriteFangirl (Sure thing.) 5:21 LIRLIR (Aww. Ok) 5:21 Invadervax (Okay.)\ 5:21 INVADER VEX (Thanks. See ya.) INVADER VEX has left the chat. 5:23 Invadervax (I'm so glad we're almost down with TGI.) 5:23 YourFavoriteFangirl (Mhm. It's a good roleplay.) 5:23 Ametrineskies (well dont end it with a deathD: 5:23 YourFavoriteFangirl (vax you give so much feels) ( ) 5:23 Invadervax (Yeah.) 5:24 Ametrineskies (Dont steal mah gif (XDD) 5:24 YourFavoriteFangirl (:'D) 5:24 Invadervax (Vax won't die, he'll just go Earth and hide in an apartment in London until the Christmas special.) 5:24 LIRLIR (Lol XD ) 5:24 YourFavoriteFangirl (Naww~ Menami will probably visit him every dayXD) 5:25 LIRLIR ( XD ) 5:25 Invadervax (Yeah.) 5:25 YourFavoriteFangirl ("CAN'T HIDE FROM ME VAX YOURE GETTING HUGS NO MATTER WHAT")

  • A final jar of time residue flys from the shelves, and it come flying toward Vax*
  • It crashes into Vax, and the time residue spills all over him. The time residue is absorbed into Vax, and he gains it's power..for now

Zik: ..!? 6:24 LIRLIR Xisenin: Eh. I'm okay. 6:24 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Lets go of him*.. ?! 6:24 Invadervax Vax: NO...IT CAN'T...*Is completely rid of his memory* 6:24 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. VAX?! 6:25 Ametrineskies Zik: Duuude! What's going on? Zag: uuugh... *rolls over, grabbing onto Menami in a desperate attempt to have someone notice him so he doesn't die* 6:25 Invadervax Vax: *Slowly starts to walk to Jib* 6:25 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ..! *Looks at Zag*.

Menami: H-Hey, are you okay..? *Trying to pay attention to Zag for a moment, not noticing Vax walked off*.. 6:26 INVADER VEX

  • the ship begins to light on fire as they enter closer orbit to the moon, and it gets really hot*

6:26 Invader Jib Jib: *holds Time sword n front of him defensively*

Menami: H-Hey, are you okay..? *Trying to pay attention to Zag for a moment, not noticing Vax walked off*.. 6:26 INVADER VEX

  • the ship begins to light on fire as they enter closer orbit to the moon, and it gets really hot*

6:26 Invader Jib Jib: *holds Time sword n front of him defensively*

Menami: H-Hey, are you okay..? *Trying to pay attention to Zag for a moment, not noticing Vax walked off*.. 6:26 INVADER VEX

  • the ship begins to light on fire as they enter closer orbit to the moon, and it gets really hot*

6:26 Invader Jib Jib: *holds Time sword n front of him defensively* Menami: .. Z-Zik..! 6:27 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*quickly floats up* Is it me.. Or are we falling into an orbit of the moon so fast that the ship is getting really hot and we're gonna crash? *blinks casually* 6:27 Invadervax Vax: *Grabs the blade and bends it* 6:27 LIRLIR Xisenin: *puts a hardlight shield around him* It seems so. 6:28 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ...You're right. ... Can you pilot us out of it, please? *Taking out medical supplies to help Zag*.. *Does all she can, then noticing Vax, runs over* Zik: ...Okay:D *runs off* (*flies off? 6:28 Invader Jib Jib: Wh-wha?! 6:28 INVADER VEX Zag: O_O *takes a handgun and tries to shoot Vax, but is injured and has terrible aim* 6:28 Ametrineskies (...*blinks at my own logic* No, it doesnt even.. *shotXD*) 6:28 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: VAX! WHAT'RE YOU DOING?! 6:29 Invadervax Vax: *Looks at her, then looks back at Jib* 6:29 INVADER VEX Zag: Uugh.. *a shot glances off of Vax's PAK, damaging the logic processors and making him more irrational* 6:30 Invadervax Xav: This is the exact thing he always feared! 6:30 INVADER VEX Zag: *breathes heavily and slumps back over, dropping the gun* 6:30 Invader Jib Jib: *Backs away from Vax* 6:31 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Vax... * Vax: *Slowly walks towards Jib*' Jib: S-shouldI attack him now..? Jib: S-should I?

Menami: ..N-No! Vax, stop..! *Grabs his arm*.. Xisenin: Eh. Zik: ..*reaches the pilots seat* ..Alright.. Lets do this without killing anything. Or the moon. Zik: *flies back* HEY GUYS... Zik: ..There's no pilot seat thingy Menami: .. *Looks at Zik*.. DUDE 7:16 Ametrineskies Zik: WAT? I didnt destroy it 7:16 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. WE'RE SCREWED 7:16 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Hmm. I think so.

Zik: ..*flies to the other side of the ship*.. *does an extremely girly scream, then comes back* 7:17 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... Look for any escape pods! Hurry!

  • there are no more, as it is a small ship*

7:17 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Parachutes are fun, lets do parachutes o_o 7:18 Invadervax Vax's consciousness: Is there a way to stop it...? 7:18 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. We're in SPACE. 7:18 Ametrineskies Zik: EXACTLY my point, Menni 7:18 Invader Jib

  • Vax's consious is still in him*
  • He's just blinded by crazy power*


  • the artificial gravity gives out, as well as the power*

7:18 Invadervax Voice: Yes... 7:18 INVADER VEX

  • red lights come on*

7:18 Ametrineskies Zik: ..WELL THEN 7:18 LIRLIR Xisenin: *flies around* ourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. GUYS Menami: SOMEONE SEND AN SOS SIGNAL TO ANY NEARBY SHIPS Menami: DO IT! 7:19 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Is screaming enough? I can scream. 7:19 Invadervax Vax: How? 7:19 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*crosses arms* Theres no way to send a signal! 7:19 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Stomps foot* 7:20 INVADER VEX

  • All of the sudden, a tractor beam rocks the ship, but the gravitational pull is too strong*

7:20 Ametrineskies Zik: ! Woa?! 7:20 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ?! 7:20 Invadervax

Vax: *Grabs Jib.* 7:22 LIRLIR Xisenin: Huh. 7:22 Invader Jib

  • The ship is completley dark. Smoke is coming from the engines*

7:22 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-- 7:23 Invader Jib

  • Vax's consius is still in his body PLease, Vax?*

7:23 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*grabs ahold of Menami, holding her*.. We'll make it through this.. Though I REALLY have no clue how.. 7:23 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Whimpers, antennae drooping*.. 7:23 Invadervax Vax: Prepares to use PK Love on him* 7:23 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... VAX NO! 7:23 Invader Jib Zyl: Gah..this SUCKS *Slams head on wall, angrily* Jib: PK FIRE! 7:24 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Breaks away from Zik and tackles Vax* 7:24 Ametrineskies Zik: ..! 7:24 Invader Jib

  • The P Fire activates, and fire is swirling towardsVax*

Menami: *Uses a PSI Shield to deflect the fire* NO, NO, NO! *Screaming loudly* Vax: *Is completely confused now* Menami: *Hugs Vax tightly*.. No.. don't attack.. Vax: *Uses PK Thunder on Jib* 7:35 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*rubs face*.. How are we going to get through this ..... I gotta do something before we die at least. .. *thinking for a moment* Jib: *it hits Jib* GAH!

  • Jib falls to the ground*

Zik: ...Be a hero! *bounces* I gotta be a HERO!-- ..But how? Jib: *crawls toward Vax, noticeably angry* Menami: >.<! Vax: *Shakes Menami off* Jib: PK FIRE! *A swirl of fire comes flying at Vax* 7:38 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Grabs onto him again* Menami: .. STOP FIGHTING! YOU GUYS, STOP IT! Menami: ! VAX! Xisenin: *sleeps* 7:38 Invader Jib Jib: I HAVE NO CHOICE! HE'S GONNA KILL ME! Zik: ..*grabs onto Xisenin and SHAKES him* HEY! Help a bro out! Wake UP! 7:39 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: I'LL KEEP HIM FROM HURTING YOU! 7:39 Ametrineskies Zik: I HATE you but you have to help me

  • the other ship, while it cannot be seen because of the fire, starts to try to capture them again, but fails*

Xisenin: Wgag! PIZZA! WHAT'S GOING ON?! Jib: W-what's wrong with him? Menami: .. Vax, stop.. hear me out, again.. Menami: please... 7:45 Ametrineskies Zik: ...The ship is about to crash into a moon, and you have to use your spooky dark powers to get into one of the ships, and ask for help

  • They enter the atmosphere and parts start to fly off of the ship*
  • While Jaz is limping away, the deflected fire hits her*

Xisenin: WHERE AM ?' Zik: *gasps, watching the parts fly off*.. Just HELP US! Menami: *Seeing the parts*.. !! 7:48 Invadervax Vax: *Crawls towards Jib* Zyl: H-HEY! YOU JUST BURNT HER! 7:49 INVADER VEX Zag: *takes some extra bandages off of his head and wraps them around Jaz's wound* Zag: *falls over again from exhaustion* 7:50 LIRLIR Xisenin: Uhh. Uhhhh. I'm still clueless as t what i should do. 7:50 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE IF YOU ALL DON'T STOP FIGHTING! WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE THE SHIP FALLS APART! 7:50 LIRLIR Xisenin: uhh. 7:51 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Get into a ship, if you can TELEPORT or whatever, Im sure you CAN.. And ASK. For. HELP. *SMACKS* 7:51 Invader Jib Zyl: COME ON! THE GUY HAS LOST HIS MIND! 7:51 INVADER VEX Zag: Just... Kill him! 7:51 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: I DON'T CARE! Menami: NO! NO! Menami: *Pulls out plasma cannon*.. I WILL MURDER ALL OF YOU MYSELF IF YOU DON'T STOP FIGHTING. 7:52 LIRLIR Xisenin: *shadow warps to the Phage, which catches the ship and docks it* 7:52 Invader Jib Zyl: YOU...YOU LITTLE! 7:52 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Spare me- o-o 7:52 Invader Jib Zyl: *fires PAK legs at Menami* 7:52 Invadervax

  • The fire starts to burn off the Time Residue*

7:52 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*slowly looks out a window, staring at the ship* 7:52 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Dodges quickly*.. *Shoots at Zyl* 7:53 INVADER VEX (LIR, there is no chance that he could dock with the ship while it's falling at 500 MPH!) 7:53 Invader Jib Zyl: Falls to the ground* 7:53 LIRLIR (Oh. Nvm then XD) 7:53 INVADER VEX (Ok.) 7:53 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*worried look*.. *stares at the battle* 7:53 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Obviously so desperate to survive she'll do anything for it*.. 7:53 Invader Jib Jib: MENAMI..HE'S NOT VAX ANYMORE! 7:53 INVADER VEX Zag: We're all going to die, arent we...? 7:54 LIRLIR Xisenin: Auugh. What do i do, AIC? WHAT DO I DO? 7:54 Invadervax Vax: Jib...Thank you... 7:54 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ..B-But we can.. WE CAN GET HIM BACK TO NORMAL! 7:54 Invader Jib Jaz: *passes out from the burns* 7:54 LIRLIR Xisenin: *paces around* 7:55 Invader Jib Zyl: DID YOU SEE WHAT YOU DID? S-SHE'S PROBABLY DEAD! 7:55 LIRLIR Xisenin: AUUUUG WHAT DO I DO? 7:55 Invader Jib Zyl: I WASN'T..TALKING TO YOU! 7:55 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! YOU GUYS WOULD'VE BEEN TAKING INNOCENT LIFE! 7:55 Invader Jib

  • Typo, Xyl, not JA

z 7:56 Invadervax Vax: So much death...Tell me, is this the end...? 7:56 INVADER VEX Zag: We're all going to die... 7:56 Invadervax

  • A tear drops from Vax's eye*

7:56 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*activates bubble helmet and space gear* .. I'll just do it myself and probably die trying. 7:56 INVADER VEX

  • The ship starts breaking apart*

7:57 LIRLIR Xisenin: Nerp! *uses a hardlight shield to block the flames* Zik: ..wait.. *eyes widen, thinking of a plan* Xisenin: HERE WE GOOO *the ship advances toward the ground, the shield stays steady* Zik: ..*deactivates the gear*.. *shuts eyes*..

  • it hits the ground with a dull PHUMP*

Vax: ...Take me to Earth... Xisenin: *drops the shield and walks outside* Vax: *Gets up* Zik: *sadly, gets distracted from the landing.. then opens eyes*.. *the aura he formed disappears* 8:01 Invader Jib Jib: W-what's happening? Vax: We're alive... 8:01 LIRLIR Xisenin: Erm. No idea. Zik: ...*disappointed* I was going to try something 8:01 Invadervax Vax: We didn't die. 8:01 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... W-We're.. ...we survived.. 8:01 INVADER VEX

  • The ship settles on the ground, making them fall over or stumble*

Zag: Uugh.. Are we... Dead...? 8:01 LIRLIR Xisenin: I SAVED EVERYONE! YAYY! 8:01 Invadervax Vax: Xisenin didn't accidentally kill us. Heh. 8:01 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*weak smile* 8:02 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Slowly calms down* 8:02 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*slumps down* Menami: ... *HUGGING Vax tightly*.. *Calming down slowly* Xisenin: That would have been more fun. But not nice one bit. Ametrineskies Zik: ...*Sighs* 8:03 Invadervax Vax: ...Take me to Earth please... 8:03 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*I* didnt save them, *I* wasnt the hero. *kicks a random part away* 8:03 INVADER VEX

  • The plague runner lands on the side of the dead ship, and Vex comes running out*

8:03 Invader Jib Jib: So, um..the fire..I didn't know I could do thaat.. 8:03 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. *Softly speaks, looking at Jib, and Zyl*.. I'm sorry for.. attacking you guys.. Mysteriousjiillguy has left the chat. 8:03 Ametrineskies Zik: I couldve saved my reputation but all I did was NOTHING 8:03 INVADER VEX Vex: EVERYONE GET AWAY FROM THAT SHIP! 8:03 Ametrineskies Zik: *stomps out of the ship..'s remains* 8:04 Invader Jib Jib: That's fine.. 8:04 INVADER VEX Zag: *begins crawling away from the ship* 8:04 LIRLIR Xisenin: VEXXX *hugs Vex tightly and randomly* 8:04 Invader Jib (LOL) 8:04 INVADER VEX Vex: EVERYONE OUT OF THE SHIP! GET AWAY FROM IT! 8:04 Ametrineskies Zik: I shouldnt of sent that jerk to do it, I couldve done it MYSELF 8:04 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... So, you're a .. psychic, huh..?-- *Looks at Vex*.. Huh? 8:05 Invadervax Vax: Zik, all because you weren't the one who saved the day makes no difference... *Gets out of the ship* Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger has joined the chat. 8:05 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Runs out of the ship*.. 8:05 LIRLIR Xisenin: *walks around outside* 8:05 INVADER VEX Vex: *points to some acid eating away at the fuel tank coating* GET AWAY, FOOLS! 8:05 Ametrineskies Zik: I never get to save the day, Im the hero though! IM the hero. 8:05 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: I aint no fool! *Outside* :I 8:05 Ametrineskies Zik: Everyyone ELSE DOES IT 8:05 Invadervax Vax: You don't need to save the day to be a hero... 8:05 Invader Jib

  • Jib, Jaz, and Zyl leave the ship, Zyl carrying Jaz*

8:05 INVADER VEX Zag: *gets behind a rock* 8:06 LIRLIR Xisenin: Zik, you woke me up. Thanks. 8:06 INVADER VEX

  • All of the sudden, the ship explodes*

8:06 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Yea you do. A hero saves people.. *lowers head and crosses arms, ignoring the explosion* 8:06 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... Zik.

  • Time residue is blasted everywhere, making the landscape change as it has and will do*

8:07 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... Without you waking up Xisenin, we would've died. You ARE a hero. Welcome to the Irken Empire Wiki chat 8:07 LIRLIR Xisenin: Oh, you saved me, Zikky! THANK YOU SO MUCH *hugs so hard he nearly suffocates him* Zik: ..But I didnt do anything MYS-- *hugged* 8:08 INVADER VEX

  • Menami notices that Zik didn't get out of the ship*

8:08 Ametrineskies Zik: FGHJKDJ 8:08 Invadervax Vax: Indeed. Vax: You're just having a mid-life crisis. k: ...Im only 13 how do those happen 8:09 LIRLIR Xisenin: *releases hug and walks off* 8:09 YourFavoriteFangirl (LOL WIKI)\ 8:09 Invadervax Vax: An early one, perhaps? 8:09 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*shakes head* 8:09 YourFavoriteFangirl (It trolled you MarioXD) 8:09 Ametrineskies Zik: I wasnt the hero. 8:09 Invader Jib Zyl: H-hey wait *Still carrying Jaz* w-what about 8:09 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger (>.<) 8:09 Ametrineskies Zik: I was gonna do something REALLY cool too. 8:09 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: .. Ziiiiik. 8:09 INVADER VEX Vex: Hmp... *gets into Plague Runner* Anyone else want help getting off of this rock? 8:09 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: can you kindly shut up 8:10 LIRLIR Xisenin: *yells* YOU DID! 8:10 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*stares at* Zik: ..*glances at Xisenin* 8:10 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: Youre a hero. End of story. Menami: NOW SHUT UP ABOUT IT. 8:10 Invadervax Vax: I need you to take me to Earth. 8:10 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*antennae droop* 8:10 INVADER VEX Vex: Get in. 8:10 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger (I was easing my bordem by making accounts, no there's nothing else to do .-. dang...) 8:10 Invader Jib Zyl: w-wait..J-jaz

  • Jib and Zyl come as well, having no ships at the time*

8:11 INVADER VEX Zag: *drags himself into the Plague Runner* 8:11 LIRLIR Xisenin: If you save one person, you're still a hero. 8:11 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: *Walks in*.. 8:11 Invadervax Vax: *Goes into the Plague Runner* 8:11 LIRLIR Xisenin: *flies in* 8:12 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*sighs* All I did was wake you up. *walks inside* Zik: So YOURE the hero, not me 8:12 INVADER VEX Vex: *turns the engines and cloaking devices on and leaves the planet*

  • moon

8:12 LIRLIR Xisenin: i would have died. You're my hero! 8:13 Ametrineskies Zik: I guess so. 8:13 INVADER VEX Vex: *flies into space, heading to Earth* 8:13 Ametrineskies Zik: But I dont even like you. 8:13 Invader Jib Jib: Well..what's the diffrence? Jib: See, it'd be easier if you DID like him.. 8:14 INVADER VEX Vex: Not everyone has to be a hero, Zik. Learn to be content with what you can do that best fits the situation. 8:14 LIRLIR Xisenin: Do i care? You saved me! I owe you one. 8:14 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*stares at everyone* Zik: Well.. Most of you see me as a reckless criminal.. So I wanted to save my reputation 8:15 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... I don't see you that way.. 8:15 Invadervax Vax: Neither do I... 8:15 Invader Jib Zyl: Well, you didn't screw anything up..I think that's good enough. 8:15 Invadervax Vax: I barely know you. 8:15 LIRLIR Xisenin: You did by waking me up! And i don't. 8:15 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger (Wow.. lurk went online for about two minutes just to update his roblox status to "I don't deserve to live" ..  :/ ) 8:15 Ametrineskies Zik: Most of the people the people I met recently wanted to shoot me.

Zik: ..Woopy -.- 8:15 YourFavoriteFangirl (... what) 8:16 Ametrineskies (Okay) 8:16 YourFavoriteFangirl (UGGGHGHG i need to talk to him soon -.-) 8:16 LIRLIR Xisenin: Meep! 8:16 INVADER VEX Vex: We may have won the battle today, but the great cloud of war is drifting ever closer... We will soon face enemies we cannot overpower... 8:16 Invader Jib Zyl: H-hey, I..J-Jaz..burnt.. Zik: ..WHich includes Xisenin >> 8:17 LIRLIR Xisenin: Why don't we just encase them in molten gold? 8:17 Cheesy Cheese Filled Cheeseburger (Man I wish there was someway for me to rp with you guys, I literally have nothing else fun to do right now..) 8:17 INVADER VEX (I think it' almost over.)

  • it's

8:18 Invader Jib Zyl: Is there, uh..a m-medical thing..nearby or something? Vex: Take her and Zag into the infirmary. Zik: ..*scratches head*.. I'll do something one day that you all will see me as a REAL hero instead of just some obnoxious, lazy kid Menami: ... *Stares at Zik with a sincere stare, he should know*... Xisenin: AND I- I WILL EAT CHEESE! 8:20 Invadervax Vax: Zik, I see you as someone who just walked through a door into my life. I want to get to know you better, but I don't think I'll be able to. Zik: *looks at Vax*... Zik: I guess you can get to know me.. Im a pretty awesome guy~ 8:20 Invader Jib Zyl: *Takes Zag and Jaz to the infirmary* 8:21 LIRLIR Xisenin: Well, we shall see. What do you think, Vex? 8:21 Invadervax Vax: I believe you are, but you seem to doubt your abilities. Zik: ..Whadya mean doubt my abilities? 8:21 YourFavoriteFangirl Menami: ... *Listens*.. Vex: What do I think? I think that you need not worry what you might be able to do, but what you will do. Vax: Well, you're just doubting yourself. Xisenin: GUAARGH I'M BORED *sits in Zik's lap* 8:23 Invader Jib Jib: So, uh..the fire..the PK fire.. I didn't.. Zik: ..*looks at Xi*.. Xisenin: Like i said, i will eat cheese. Menami: .. *Looks at Jib* 8:24 INVADER VEX Vex: We will soon face more than we can overcome, so we need to know what we will do when and if that time comes. There will be death and fear, but with a strong resolve, we can overcome any evil. War is coming. Are you all ready? 8:25 Ametrineskies Zik: ..So um ... Bros? *holds out his fist* Xisenin: Bros.

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