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The Giganitor is a flagship designed to serve as the leading ship of a new Amarda to keep control of the Robloxian invasion while the Massive is busy in the normal universe. 

The Giganitor is almost the size of the massive.

The Giganitor(I do not own this picture,credits to the owner)

Currently located[]

The Giganitor is currently locked deep underground somewhere on planet Vertec. The ship was near completion,but construction on it was haulted,due to 99eesi's destruction. It was locked there with other unfinished weapons and projects,to prevent enemies from stealing,damaging,or copying it's design. It remains untouched. 


  • It's weapon systems and exact blueprints are unknown. Any surviving accurate blueprints were most likely destroyed to prevent enemies from finding it.
  • It is presumed to match the Massive's firepower and strength.
  • Along with this ship,an entirely new Irken Amarda for the Robloxia Invasion was in production,left unfinished. Blueprints of these new ships are hidden with the Giganitor.