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"They are here for us... They protect us... They have formed the destiny of the Universe..." -Krenzo

The Four Sages are four VERY powerful immortal beings said to balance the Universe. They are said to have been created by the being which most humans call "God" which may refer to the Elder Gods. The Four Sages can come in the form of anything they want. They can come as Irkens, SIR Units, robots, savage beasts, ANY form they want. Except for the form of Dusq. This is why they are in so many categories.

Known History[]

The only known history of the Four Sages is that they made Krenzo an immortal. They also did this to Almighty Tallest Blue.


They have influence with certain beings such as Krenzo, Frenge, Verigon, Emperor Xeno, and all beings you see.


They are the most powerful creatures in the Universe aside from the Elder Gods. Irkens are yet to discover their powers.