The Fion Queen

The Fion queen is another robotic creation by Nark.


King Nark decided to create ANOTHER last resort robot for his castle. He called it "THe Fion queen". He designed it after "Fionna". It took 2 Irken years to build. It's less advanced then the Nark king,and weaker. Although,this machine is perfectly capable of decimating KIng Nark's enemies. The robot is remotely controlled by King Nark.

The Fion bot is powered by 3 fusion powered generators in it's 3 "head crests". Due to poor engineering,it is the Fion bot's most vunerable weaknesses,however, assuming foes can get past it's weapons.


  • Pretty hands of doom-THe floating hands of the Fion queen are capable of smashing enemies or simply throwing them off the battle field.
  • Suction lips-The "mouth" of the Fion queen will begin to suck in it's enemies. It's teeth will grind them and burn their body parts for fuel.
  • Hypno ears-The circle emitters on the Fion queen's ears will send out frequencys,making the brains of it's enemies confused. Causing their vision and hearing to become disoriented. Also causling it's enemies to become very dizzy.
  • Beautiful golden hair of pain-The Fion bot's hair is made of yellow hard light. The hair can send out nearby projectiles shaped like the Fion bot's hair
  • Sparkly blue eyes-THe Fion bot's "eyes" can flash blinding blue light,temporarily blinding it's foes..

Battle tacticsEdit

The Fion bot doesn't seem to have many battle tactics beside crushing it's enemies with it's gigantic hands.

Boss - Egg Dragoon - Sonic Unleashed Music Extended

Boss - Egg Dragoon - Sonic Unleashed Music Extended

The Fion queen's battle theme

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