The Dreamland War
General Information
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Domination of Bryyo

Characters Invovled

Invader Meen, Invader Meep, Invader Mix

Where It Took Place

Pop Star


The Dreamland War is a time period when the Irken Empire turned its attention to the Kirbies' homeland.

Invader Meen, Invader Meep, and Invader Mix were assigned to Pop Star.

Invader Mix analyzed the weaknesses of the area, while Invader Meep and Invader Meen hijacked the Halberd to conquer the area. Kirby was blasted by a combo of Meen's ship's lasers and the Halberd's Combo Cannon's laser attack into space, where he joined The Resisty.

Halberd 2-1-
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