Under no circumstances is anyone ever allowed to go to the Doom Planet. Located deep within the Galaxy of Nightmares, the Doom Planet is the doomedest planet in history. Every single species that ever lived there has died a terrible terrible death. It is the one planet in the entire universe the Irkens would never invade, even if the Tallest were about to die, and it was their final wish.


The Doom Planet


The Doom Planet has no intelligent life whatsoever. These are the species that once lived there, but now are dead.

- Doom-icans.

- Doomoids.



They all died horrible deaths from a deady disease unique to the Doom Planet. The Doom Virus. They evolved, and then, after only a millenia of being intelligent life-forms, the sleeping bacteria came back, and infected them all.




The Doom VirusEdit

The Doom Virus causes the skelatal structure of the body to radiply expand, and the skin to shrink simultaneously. The organism's bones explode out of the body, and the organs implode because of the oxygen suffocation. The victim walks around for exactly one month, healthier than ever, giving them lots of time to spread the illness to other people before their immenient explosion.

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