The Dimensional Sphere was an invention created by Lurk .

What it does.Edit

The Dimensional Sphere temporarily merges two dimensions together,creating a new dimension that is the combination of the two dimensions. It does it temporarily because if the two dimensions were merged together for too long it could destroy both realities. Once it merges two dimensions it creates a new dimension that's the combination of the two,the user and anyone around it gets sent to the merged dimension. Once it merges two dimensions,the original universe and the merged one are connected to the new dimension.

You can type in what dimension you'd like to go to by typing in a keyword Example:Fionna,Mario,Alternate Earth,etc


The Dimensional Sphere(DS) is a hand sized metal shiny sphere with a tiny red button ontop of it,once it is pressed,a holographic touch screen will pop up to select the dimension or type in a keyword.

Merging sequenceEdit

Once the merging sequence begins,the sphere will hum and shake,it will then split in half and an energy orb will come out and then explode in a ball of light,the ball of light will teleport anyone near the user. The user and anyone that was near the user will enter a vortex that Lurk describes as "Intense,noisy,full of bright colors,and you'd better carry several barf bags with you." 


The original (DS) was destroyed during a merge sequence that Lurk and Kill made to test it.

However,Lurk has repaired it and upgraded it,Lurk carries it in his PAK.

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