"The Book of Paranormal Spooky Stuff" is a book full of dark magic spells and legends. Sarks used to own it. It is now located in Lurk's ruined base.


"TBPSS" is a black hardcover book with a red title,dusty old yellow pages,and a red binder.


The book contains dark magic spells and legends of mystical realms and creatures. There also seems to be a spell that brings whatever you think to life. Lurk used this spell to try and bring Fionna to the real world. Unfortunately,the spell only lasts a few mintutes,after that whatever has been brought to life will decay into green lifeless slime.

The book has many other spells. However many of the spells can backfire horribly.


  • It is unknown how Sarks became the owner of the book.
  • The author of the book is unknown.
  • The book emits screaming spirits once a spell is cast.
  • The book also contains legends of mythical creatures,such as unicorns or goblins.
  • Many of the spells backfire horribly and can bring death to the user.
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