The Battle of Entoich
General Information
Previous Event

Operation: Clean Sweep

Next Event

The Secret Gem

Time it happened

Day of Dark Clouds

Characters Invovled

Zim, Tak, Krenzo, Nightmare Tak, Antonio, Nightmare Zara, Zara, Pris, Frenge, Vax, Nex, Xen, and Nightmare Vax.

Where It Took Place

Planet Entoich


"Vax. If I die, I can be revived by you. Don't worry if you fail. Zim and Krenzo will take care of my body." -Invader Pris


The battle began. Dusq's armies wrecked havoc upon Planet Entoich.


After Vax revived Pris using the Secret Gem, they encountered the Masked Man for the last time. Zim flew to Dusq.

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